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The Trio


I wanted to tell everyone about one entity in particular that has been a source of constant torment for me for some time now in the hopes of getting some feedback from others. I'm very interested to hear what everyone has to say about her/them. I should note that this will probably make more sense to read if everyone knows that I am pretty sensitive. This is kind of a long story, but I'll keep everything as short as I can.

This entity began as a girl in her mid to late teens (17 is what I think), and she wore clothing like what you'd expect a pilgrim to be wearing with the long brown dress with white cuffs on the sleeves and a white collar, white apron, black shoes and white bonnet over her head. Her name is Amanda.

I remember becoming aware of Amanda very suddenly one day. Generally I pick up on spirits quick if they come near, but with Amanda I want to say it was a sudden jolt. She was like "I'm here!" She wasn't active in the physical world at the time, but I had a constant awareness of her in the apartment. Normally spirits will come forward for me to really notice them or I have to reach out and look for them, but with Amanda she kept me on alert 24/7 for several weeks before vanishing.

Spirits come and go from my apartment all the time and I was surprised she hung out so long, but I didn't miss her much. A week or two after Amanda disappeared I was getting back into my normal grind where the spirits are around me, but I'm not paying too much attention and no one is complaining that I'm not giving them attention. This is when Emily appeared.

When I first encountered her I noticed a few things about her: A) Emily wore very similar clothing to Amanda. Normally this isn't such a surprise, but this pilgrim style of dress is not common in the spirits I see, and to have two girls of similar ages in similar clothing so close to together is not common either. And B) I knew immediately I had trouble.

I was concerned at first that I had Amanda and Emily confused, after all I don't actually see them very often in the physical world and so really how much of what happens in my head is real or just my imagination? I wanted to call Emily by Amanda just because it made sense; the two girls were so close in age and appearance I was sure I was confused, but every time I said Amanda, I just knew that was such the wrong name. Amanda WAS NOT her name, and as if to prove the difference Emily displayed a much more hostile attitude towards me than Amanda ever had. Amanda had been annoying and maybe mischievous for sure, but never hostile. Emily is very dark. To the point I actually had a cleansing of my apartment done, but it didn't work. We weren't able to cleanse the other apartment in the building so she hid upstairs and became angry even retaliating at myself and my sister to the point of where we had to sleep in the same bed that night for our own safety. But once Emily had her drama show she calmed a great deal; enough that I was able to forget about her for periods of time.

This is where the story gets a little weird (if it isn't already lol).

Months passed and Emily was a common guest in my apartment, and we seemed to work something out in regards to the cleansings vs. Her attitude. One day though, I went to say hey to Emily (as I knew she was stalker-watching me from her spot and it made me feel better to show her that she wasn't fooling anyone by hiding in the corner) but when I went to say hey a different name popped into my head. I wanted to say Emily, but someone was telling me Amanda. But Emily was still there. I knew she was. Her energy was very distinct. But no, I was to address Amanda, not Emily. I thought this was very strange, but what was more, I couldn't visualize either girl in my head. I knew someone (or now something) was there, but it wasn't letting me see a face.

I felt as though both girls became like one. They were both there and I could sense that (more strongly at certain times than others), but they were together now, and this confused me. I became more concerned though with the addition of a third girl named Rebecca. When Amanda and Emily became one, it was only a few days later when the third pilgrim girl joined them.

After the trio became like one entity, for the first time in my dealings with any of the girls I saw something that was undeniably 100% in the physical world that I knew (and know still) to be them. It's a black mass. I want to say that it's a person in all black clothing; a black dress, black gloves, black veil covering the face. And there is hair; a lot of long black hair very unkempt. But the fact of the matter is that whenever I have seen her in the physical world, I've only been able to distinguish the shape of the head and her black silhouette. She is like a shadow that has come away from the wall and been given 3-dimensional proportions, but is lacking in the details such as a face or arms, hands, anything like that.

I have been living with this entity in my apartment for a few months now and it is strange because I really can't get a fix on it even though I have tried. I don't know what it wants or what it's doing here. All that I know about it is that the girls each have a very distinct and different personality from the other two and only one is displayed at a time anymore, and I have seen this entity in the physical world enough times to make me highly concerned about its motives.

I wouldn't call myself any kind of expert or professional at all, but I do have a lot of experience with these sorts of things, and I have learned a thing or two about ghosts and such. Out of the dozens of spirits I've met, I've never encountered something like this before where one claims to be three. I do not believe it is a demon; I have had my experience with that sort of creature before and this is nowhere near that intensity, however it is no ordinary spirit either. I am hesitant to perform any sort of cleansing because I cannot cleanse the entire building and Emily was able to retreat to another apartment until she could re-enter my area and she came back with a vengeance which is something I am very afraid the trio of doing, and I don't feel at all good or secure about provoking this one. So, I would like to know what everyone thinks about her/them. Does anyone know what it is or has anyone encountered this sort of thing before? And any helpful tips for handling this thing? (I should mention though that my concern has been growing with the addition of tons of noises and other mischief around the apartment. Her activity is increasing, and I'm afraid I will have to try cleansing her out)

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