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My First Encounter With Spirits


As a child I knew I was different, I knew my great grandmother was going to be my guardian angel before she had passed away, Not long after she passed away and came to me the first time my step sister and I started seeing strange things that would freak the two of us out.

Then when I was in the 7th grade away at a camp with the school I went to my best friend and I had an experience that we can't explain everyone was sitting around the camp fire and the guide was telling a story about the camp, It was about children that has died there back in the war days, Then that night we both woke each other up talking to the ghosts.

In our teens my sister and I were home alone, watching a movie I had gone into the kitchen to make some popcorn and on my way back to where we were sitting I thought I saw a small child sitting on the steps at the bottom of the stair case, So it would of been sitting right in front of me, The child then said shh and ran upstairs. So I shock it off and went back to watch the movie, My sister then went green looking at my dad's bar, I looked where she was looking and there was the child again. By now I was like okay and sister turned to me and said did you just see that too? I said to her see what, She looked again and said to me there's a little girl sitting by dad bar. I told her I knew that I'd seen her when I was coming back from the kitchen.

A few years ago so I was about 20 I'd gone to a Psychic reader and she said to me, you and your best friend are a animal healer and a animal reader, Myself being the reader and my best friend being the healer, It all made sense right then, When I was 17 at thanks giving we had gone to my aunts and there was this adorable black and white kitten and I said to myself I've got to have him so after a 20 minute argument with my mother I was bringing him home and to this day still have him.

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ZiShu (129 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-26)
Sorry, when a past relative visits you, it doesn't make them your guardian Angel. There are many other possible reasons for why that occurred. She may be given visitation rights from God because you requested it in your heart.
Angels are different beings. They do not look entirely human. Some look... Monstrous.
It is a common mistaken belief that when people die, they all become Angels. However most definitely your great grandmother is a Saint.
Besides human spirits, can you also see white/blue orbs?

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