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Harrased And Supernaturally Stalked


This story is relation to a spiritual issue that I have been dealing with for the last 20 years. It is something that has caused me a great deal of trouble in my life and I have searched just about everywhere for an answer and am now reaching out to you all for help.

Before I explain, I would like you to know that I am a highly educated and successful person in what I do. I hold a Master's of Business and several other Federal industry certifications. I work in Regulatory Risk and Compliance and have been in the finance industry for the last 26 years. I say this because my story is somewhat fantastic and I want you to know that I am of a level mind.

I will try to keep this letter directly to the point as there is 20 years' worth of information that I could include. I will address from a high level and try to give as much detail as possible without taking up your time unnecessarily.

20 years ago, I made the mistake of going to see a psychic here in the states. My then roommate was seeing her and one day she came home and told me that the lady had a lot to say about me. Specifically, about the relationship that she saw that was going to happen for me that year. I was curious so, I agreed to go and see her.

I went back to see this "psychic" several times over the next few years (in hindsight - even though she was never right). She introduced me to meditation and building my light and the like. She claimed to have the "dragonfly" as her guide and where she got her information intuitions.

During one of my meditations, during year 4, I started hearing what she called, the "spirits". I am here to tell you, that is where my life started to go off track. These things have been here ever sense. They never stop talking and they always give just enough information on things that happen in the future to make it impossible to dismiss them out of hand. That was bad enough but, as time progressed and I tried to shut them out or "ask them to leave" as the psychic said I should do, they just became vehement and very, very evil in the things they have to say. They also claim to have been responsible for many of the troubles I've experienced. I stopped seeing any type of Psychic until last year. I reached out to an organization that claimed they could help and they provided a "shaman". This was just another con-man.

As of today, they are still here. They are just as deceptive as they were when this began and sir, I have had so many truly bizarre things happen in my life during this time that it still confounds me. Trouble that makes no sense and should in no way have been connected to me. Issues with work, and especially, issues in my personal life.

Over the years, I have researched and researched the issue and had reached out to one other psychic and last year, the supposed Shaman. The truth of these people is they only wanted my money but, have never given me ANY true solutions for how to close this off. The best explanation I have gotten is that I am dealing with "psychic vampires" or as these beings call themselves, "wamphir". I have been to my church and they were absolutely NO help; I'm certain that they think I am crazy but, I'm hoping that my personal credentials and the regard that I have built for myself in my industry and community will convince you that I am a sane person and truly, desperately need your help. Also, in year 8 and in year 12, I went to a phycologist to get myself evaluated to make sure my reasoning wasn't compromised. I did not tell them about these issues but, said that I just wanted an opinion on my reasoning capabilities. Both times, I was told I was a bit lonely but, my reasoning was fine and was evidenced as such with my ongoing accomplishments.

I decided to submit this story more than two weeks ago and started writing my letter to you. I realized that I had to much detail in the letter and have tried to just include the over-reaching themes. However, I do have a ton of detail that I can provide to anyone that can point me to someone that can help.

I really need someone's help that understands this to tell me how to get out of it. These things have ruined my life; they've made me afraid to reach out to people and afraid to have close relationships other than my direct family. This is not who I have ever been. I have always walked in the light.

Any insights you can point me to or any resources that will help would be greatly appreciated.


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LingaSharira (3 posts)
4 years ago (2018-07-03)
I would start by contacting your local paranormal groups to see if they can help. I endured a terrifying haunting at my old house, to the point where I couldn't even live at home anymore. We contacted a paranormal group, they came over and gathered tons of evidence while we were there. They were supposed to come back and cleanse the house the following week, but never made it back because it snowed or stormed badly every time they tried. So they finally gave up, and we moved out a month later. And it didn't follow me.

But that wasn't normal for a paranormal group to not follow through with what they started. They generally have members of their group who can cleanse the house after they're done gathering evidence. They also will spend the night doing so, with or without you there, and will follow up to make sure things are still okay. And if the entities are especially bad, they know religious figures and other psychics who can help them cleanse the house.

Another thing about paranormal groups, they are heavily involved in the paranormal community. So they should know who to send you to so you can start learning how to work on yourself. Contacting your local paranormal group could open a good door for a change.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
4 years ago (2018-06-11)
Hello and good evening. I was compelled to come on this site tonight. Many people on this site should be able to give usable advice. I believe I can help with some of your issues and I won't charge you anything. I use my gifts to help people that really need it. I can only help as much as you will let me or you feel you need. I am a different kind of psychic and deal with a lot of the more negative stuff that people are plagued with. I am also a Christian and have dealt with the supernatural since I was about 4 years old. I also have dealt with what you are describing. You can go to my profile page and read older posts and find my email address. I am very busy this time of the year but I will help when I can. 😉

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