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Psychic Experiences? Any Guidance If They Are?


I am new to this website, and I need some guidance as I am a beginner to the psychic world. My family will not help me at all as they are all either nonbelievers and skeptics. One word about a psychic moment, and I will be considered mentally ill in the family. I am a very shy person, that even while writing this, I'm shaking all over the place. I will start things off by what happened somewhere about 8:45 in the mourning of November 24. By the way, I apologize if this may get very long as it is a habit for writing fictional stories as a hobby.

After waking up, I fell back into a short dream. In fact, this dream was only a second long. It was blurry, and not as vivid as my other dreams. What I saw was myself lying in bed. I could clearly see my dark hair sprawled all over the white pillow, and my face was facing towards the right. I seemed to be hovering around where my feet are aka near the edge of the bed. I woke right back up in the same position. One major note to add: I never had an OBE before. Could this be one?

Nearly everyday, I seem to disturb electronics. Lights would sort of flicker shortly, and I can never get my alarm clock on time. I always force it one or two minutes ahead. The next day, the clock is either one or two minutes behind. That had stopped now. I can never seem to use my laptop, or my phone easily. They usually seem...slow. The TV would have some signal disturbances for a short time as well.

Dreams have always been my biggest strength. They are vivid almost all the time. Even blurry ones are vivid. I already experienced about five lucid dreams. One of them was when I was in like first grade. Not until sixth grade (I began to become interested in the psychic world in fourth grade), I began my prophetic dreams. One of them was that some random person said I needed money. It turns out that I actually DID need money for my lunch. Somewhere before the week of Thanksgiving, I had a dream that my PreAp math teacher was going to give us sheets of math to work on (I had a whole week off from school). It turns out that came true. One of the biggest dreams ever is this one. My dream started in my fifth grade year and up to who knows where in high school. All of my history teachers were amazing in there! So far, my history teachers are kind, fun, and they have at least some humor. Another one was short. There was a soft dark blue tinge to the outside dreamscape. I could see Jupiter glowing high in the eastern sky. Among the sky was a blue moon and the mother of pearl weather phenomenon. On those very nights of January 13, 2014, Jupiter was shining in the sky. I didn't even know at that time!

Guessing is not my strongest skill, but my intuition is rather fair. I do remember some moments that when my parents are about to come home from work, I would get this gut feeling. I would head out to the living room, and there comes the car riding up the lightly cracked driveway. One sad moment was that a classmate of mine had died. Before that, I had a terrible gut feeling throughout the days prior to his death. No need to grieve about him though. I'm pretty sure he is roaming the halls and going from class to class with his friends trying to finish school.

After these skills, there would be visions (clairvoyance) of sorts as well as clairaudience (psychic hearing). One night terrified me to cold sweat. I was just laying down flat on my bed. It was possibly a few minutes past 10:30 and through my closed eyelids, there was a flash of this periwinkle blue. What scared me the most was a woman's scream. Everyone else was asleep, and my neighborhood is quiet in the dead of night. My sister was fast asleep right next to me. I do not know who or what this was, but even to this day, I am shaken up by this scream. That screamed echoed in my mind, yet it sounded outside of my head. A few months earlier from that, I had a flash of a young boy, and that came about a few minutes after 10:30. He was clearly young as he had some chubby little cheeks. His clothes seemed out of date, but not too far from this century. He wore a striped long sleeve shirt, and had suspenders on with tan pants. Could they be connected somehow? I do not know. Just so you know, my health is excellent as I haven't been seriously ill since second grade. I don't have any disorders at all, and I am not allergic to anything that I know of.

I can actually see auras, but not the full aura. I can see the etheric body or aura constantly without any relaxation. Adding on with the dreams, I have always wondered what my aura was. I had a dream that a strange man said that my aura was extraordinary. I wonder what that means.

I'm not going to list anymore as this is already a very long story. Any help or advice would edify me greatly. This website is my only chance to communicate to others like myself, so I would feel grateful. As again, I apologize greatly to those who don't like to read long things.

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Jiyami (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-29)
The last time (that I can still remember) I had an OBE, was way back when I was around 6-8 years old, I think?
I would have lucid dreams, but its like there were only 3 times
I don't have precognition, since I only get visions when I'm awake.
I also have claircognizance," I can see the etheric body or aura constantly without any relaxation.", too.
Hope you post more of your experiences 😁
Enceladus (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-28)
It's alright. There is the whole internet out there loaded with information. I just have to be careful for certain websites, but I'm sure I will be fine. 😊
west3174 (1 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-28)
Sorry I meant I'm not saying crystals don't have magical properties and I don't know much of anything about that.
west3174 (1 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-27)
By protecting yourself I mean don't do anything to upset volatile spirits. Try to be nice overall and if you see a hostile one from far way try and avoid it. It's up to you how much meditating you can do. The best things you can is practice over time and make sure to have a way to vent any hostile feelings. Also be careful of what you may say. For instance my wife is a medium and has accidentally trapped scores of ghosts in the house by saying "bring them to me" referring to our kids but this somehow caused spirits to be drawn in and trapped in our house. If something like this happens what worked for us is to say "I want you to be free" trapping spirits isn't going to make them happy. I'm not saying ghosts don't have properties but I'm just not familiar with them.
Enceladus (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-27)
Thanks for the information! I have heard about demons impersonating as an innocent child hundreds of times. Earlier today, I heard a little giggling of a girl and no one seemed to hear the voice at all. I do have some questions such as:
How long should I meditate with a busy schedule? Any methods to protect yourself?
I also carry around some crystals in a little pouch as I read that they have some metaphysical properties. Right now, I'm wearing a quartz crystal point around my neck with a small piece of pyrite. Any recommendations would help as I find that crystals actually help me out greatly.
west3174 (1 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-27)
I think some of the things happening around you like electrical issues and possibly dreams as well are not caused by you but instead by spirits trying to communicate with you. Many times spirits can communicate through dreams better that than they can with someone while they're awake. From what you're telling me your probably past being a psychic sensitive at this point and are actually an underdeveloped psychic medium. As such it's important that you vent and talk about things that frustrate you. If you bottle them it can create a poltergiest which would explain the electrical issues. Things like meditation and yoga are highly recommended to balance and stabalize your abilities and prevent bad things from happening. In time with practice you could see your powers enhance and possibly be able to both see and communicate with spirits. Just be careful doing so. Some aren't so friendly and others appearing friendly aren't at all what they say they are. For instance they could be a demon impersonating a child to gain your trust and to get to do something foolish that will allow them power over you.

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