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The Warning Of Impending Danger


I went to bed last night and when I closed my eyes I saw a man that scared me at first, I thought it was a demon. But calmed within seconds due to his appearance changed to this older man with a beard and mustache with fluffy hair. Kinda like the old man you can see in the clouds blowing the wind, from the old "Jack Frost" animated Christmas show. Only thing he said was "the warning is coming, take heed to the message."

When I slept I dreamed of my cousin, the one that lost her son this past May, and her best friend, Shell. They both were in the river swimming with their older daughters. They were laid back floating all together. My youngest son and I were on the river bank, and we spotted 6 huge alligators, one on top of the other. The ladies were floating straight towards them. My son and I started screaming at them hysterically, "THERE'S GATORS IN THE WATER! GET OUT! YA'LL ARE HEADING STRAIGHT FOR THEM! GET OUT!" After a few seconds they all realized and started swimming towards the other side. At the same time the gators done the same. Like both my family and the gators went under water, swimming in the same direction. When I looked over to where they all were headed I saw my cousin's youngest daughter and her best friend's grand daughter standing on these rocks. Both the little girls were in about a foot of water. Suddenly the huge gator came up first and bit both of the girls, then released them and took off down river. The grand daughter, (youngest of all her grand kids) was bleeding in her midsection and my cousin's daughter had lost her legs it seemed. My son and I were then suddenly taking the girls up the river bank to safety and he said mom there's too much blood she's going... I then woke.

I feel the need to warn my cousin and her loved ones around her. I feel like she has been warned about something over and over and has not acknowledged it. And if she doesn't do something soon that the youngest of the families will suffer and someone will lose a arm or leg from it. I need immediate advice before it's too late.

The last time I only worried over my kids because my dream was showing my son's death. Due to my relationship with BJN, my cousin's only son that passed in May, he was like a son to me. So my misunderstanding of the dream directed me to the wrong people. However, the man that came to me before I slept last night has never happened to me before. I feel as if the path was made clearer due to his presents before hand and the words he spoke to me. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated but also needed as quickly as this is posted. Thanks to all in advance for any help you may provide. Blessings to all.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-11)
this dream is a warning so listen to the dream and warn other about it. The warning may save their lives. Or even your sons life.
dandk (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-18)
At the very least, you need to tell them this story. Let them take it from there. You've passed along the information.

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