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Dreams Of Ghosts


I have had many of precognitive dreams over the past year. I wanted to mention my second precognitive dream that involved a landscaper... (Except it was my yard being landscaped, which of course didn't happen.) The dreams would go on for days sometimes just of one subject, little by little piecing together an event. The first dream was when I met him. The second dream was when he was landscaping the yard, the third day, and dream, he returned to finish up the yard. His arm got caught and was completely pulled off, We called the ambulance, he left.

The next day my boyfriend and I went to Walmart, I saw the same man from my dream. I pulled my boyfriends arm and stunned I said that's the man from my dream!

I didn't yell ofourse just whispered. I looked completely shocked when our eyes met. He looked at me as if I was odd, in a way. A few days later, I had another dream of the same man, his arm off, bleeding and he was screaming at me, there was no background in my dream, just black, darkness. He's yelling, "Why didn't you tell me?!?"

Two weeks later, in the news paper, was the story of a landscaper who lost his arm, was taken to the hospital and died a couple days later. The dreams continued, some were cute and innocent, like the dream I had of a black bear falling through the roof of a house and licking cupcakes. Which 3 months later was in the news in Juneau. I predicted Robin Williams Death. I saw the belt, I saw him in the chair, mutilating his own arm. Except there was something else there, a darkness I sensed. Everything then went downhill... Everything I was seeing was bad, house fires, rapes, murders, deaths. After the incident occurred, there was this ghost of a man, appearing to the scene saying that the scenario happened because I wanted it to. Then things took a turn for the worst. I had actually been raped, 3 times since I was 17. I then had dreams of my past childhood, and everything was just like in my childhood, except a ghost was there, and he was bad. He made my clothes invisible and made men see my underwear. He told other adults around that "someone hurt her" referring to me, which no one ever did. I think he meant sexually molested or abused, now that I look back. Later on, he would try to tell me certain adults were bad, basically conditioning me. I was about 7 there was an elder lady from my village, who's house I went to, to visit some friends. She automatically disliked me, which many adults did, and it made me sad. Very very sad, my friends were all being taken away it seemed. I thought this ghost was good, remember, I was severely conditioned by him. He asked me if I wanted him to make her go away so I can play with my friends, I said yes. Not very long afterwards, she died. The ghost then returned and told people of her family that the woman died because I wanted her to. The same thing happened with another lady who lived down the street from me. The ghost approached her husband and told her it was my fault and the man called me to him and said it was not my fault, I was just a kid. This is a small village of about 700 people then. Other people from the village have seen him also, very few. He would come to me and tell me they died because of me. I grew scared not wanting other people to get hurt and withdrew. These were like flashbacks that came back and it's like I had blocked them out unintentionally as a way to protect myself. I was raped when I was 17 by two men who slipped something in my drink. I never reported it, because I in a way felt like it was my fault because I was drinking. I'm 26 now and just recently had these dreams, the flash backs keep coming not just in sleep anymore, and in the dream I had of when I was raped (which I really was, like I said all of a sudden these dreams came back and were of the past) the same ghost told them that They would be paid 20,000$ if they raped me. Literally not just in dreams in real life he would tell male friends around that I wanted to be raped. He told the school guidance counselor that I was making bad things happen to my best friend, and that my family was poor and I was jealous of her. And that I had mental health problems and what not. Which I didn't, I was the sweetest most innocent girl ever. So godly. So kind. So loving towards the world. A week later her mom fell down in the laundry room on a bottle of bleach and couldn't get up and was there for days. The ghost returned and told her it happened because I wanted it to. She left and never came back. I have been having more flash backs and the claircognizance started when I was just a young child. The ghost or this entity has been around me for years, I don't know what to do. I've had nightmares of my daughters eye coming out in a horrific accident, our house burning down. The scary part about that is that I was scared that a shed was going to catch fire for months and it happened. I have finally came to the conclusion that I really am psychic and that this entity doesn't like me. They gave me dreams of me being impregnated by the antichrist, and I mean THEY this male ghost has attracted more ghosts trying to convince these other ghosts that I'm a bad person. Which is ridiculous. What scares me the most is I've had dreams of the past with my daughter. I paid my sister to babysit years ago and she fell asleep my baby was 4. My daughter got dressed. And walked down the road looking for me, a cab driver stopped and picked her up by the grace of god called the police he told the police officer that there was a man walking with her and he looked bad. I had dreams of that scenario and that Same perverted ghost was there, telling her to follow him and he would take her to me. But he was taking her to a bad man. I'm terrified. He made me very confused and often dazed. Literally trying to make me lose my sanity. I've had dreams of other ghosts and I mean many. Shape shifters demons angels even a man pretending to be god...

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-23)
There's a lot I would like to say to help you, but you can read my other posts and my prophile for advice. You can email me too. God bless you!

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