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Weird Connection With My Best Friend?


here is the story. A few years ago I used to be best friends with my oldest friend. We grew up together and we have a big story together even though we never dated because we were more like brother/sisters. We were very close and to be honest there were some moments when I felt like there was a really weird connection between me and her.

First example: Her boyfriend moved to the US for a year so she often felt sad about it. Once at school (we are in different schools) , I knew she was thinking of him because I felt something inside of me like something warm in my stomach during a lecture so I texted her as a joke "please stop thinking of him, I can't focus during my lecture!" and she was like "how did you know I was thinking of him?""

Second example: During a party at her house, I was downstairs with some friends and I felt something in my stomach and something was telling me that she was upset. I ran upstairs into her bedroom (not even knowing she would be in there) and there she was, crying (and nobody told me anything!)

And there was other times where I could feel in my stomach that she was sad while I was there and other things similar...

Now since I moved away, we are not really close anymore and when we see each other we try to avoid the topic as the connection is now gone...

But I keep wondering what the hell was that? Is it some kind of weird psychic connection? The link has been now long gone but I can't forget those moments as I never had something like that before!

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KaseyLyndal (3 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-17)
I'm sometimes like that with my best friend although I've only known her for 2 years. In some scenarios we can tell what the other ones thinking with a glance. I just figured it was because we are close but now you have me rethinking that.
hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2013-10-30)
I also had this with my oldest, and closest friend. I always assumed it was due to the fact that we were so close, we just knew everything about one another. We actually were able to know what the other person was thinking about and liked to joke about how we were fraternal twins separated at birth! It seems to me that you are definitely a sensitive or an empath, just from reading how in tune you are with her emotions.

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