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Ever since I was able to remember, I've always had dreams about the future, precognition, rarely would I have visions, although I was more sensitive to sensing when something was about to happen, or who would say something before they even said it. There was always someone in my dream though, always far but observing, shrouded in darkness. This isn't really the main problem, it's the fact that there's this other friend that has almost similar qualities, except he had post cognition, he didn't mention about a figure either, but he does have more visions.

This wouldn't really be interesting if not for the fact that we we're born the same day, month, and year, he was born at night and I was born in the morning. We've also had extremely similar accidents and situations occur to us, families not being related but coming from the same places, you get the gist.

Recently, we've both been cut off from those particular areas, instead having increased nightmares, paranoia, irritation, insomnia, and the dark figure in my dreams isn't there anymore. His dreams consist of the devil or someone probably closely related torturing him with all sorts of things, he's been able to see his surroundings, describing them as a cold numb weather but it's filled with fire and lava, twisted trees unnatural trees and the sky being black. Mine has been about some small creature up close, then when I try looking more around, something throws me to the wall, and I get physical aches in the morning, and all the time I'm there, I feel this raw terror gripping at me, sometimes it's so much all at once, and I'm waiting for something that I know is coming, and the terror and all negativity just increases the closer they get.

What I really need is for my visions and sensitivity to come back, it's the only thing that's been there for me since I was small. It's kind of like my blankie. I also want to know more about what's been occurring to the both of us and if it relates to both of us? As well as who that figure is in the background of my dreams? Thank you:)

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ProfKelly (38 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-21)
"What I really need is for my visions and sensitivity to come back"

You may be able to find the reason why they stopped here: (

Hope this helps!

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