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Archangel Dreams And Feeling Watched



A while back I had a dream a while after I left boarding school. Where I was standing looking at Sarah Williams a character from the labyrinth movie. Then a 10 foot tall guy. Really tall with short black hair. He appeared in between me and Sarah, walking in between us. And he stared at her for a moment then looked at me and said "you've changed." And then I woke up.

No idea who this was, it felt like an archangel, cause when I woke up I felt a really intense energy in my room. So I dove under my covers, because I knew someone was there and their energy was just too intense. Like I said it didn't feel like it wanted to harm me, it was just observing me.

- ---- ---- --- -

Two night ago, I was laying on my moms couch, she had gone to bed, I was staying the night. I was to tired to head home.

And I was really sad, I couldn't understand why people are mean to each other. And I cried a little bit quietly so as to not wake my mom, and I felt this intense powerful presence, watching me, the presence felt really tall, and I was really overwhelmed by his energy. It didn't feel negative, you know kind of intense.

Well anyway I fell asleep shortly after I felt the presence and I dream't of an inhuman feeling male guy without wings with long blond hair and he gave me a hug. And I woke up. It felt like the same guy who was watching me. I don't know who he was either.

--- --- -- --

I had this dream last night where I was sleeping in a condo that was supposedly mine and I was upstairs and my window was open and I heard and saw a giant male figure playing with a tree shaking it. This figure was ten feet tall.

Then I got out of the bed in my dream and walked down stairs, the curtain was open so I shut it, I turned around to go do something and I heard the curtain go up ad the glass break from the I window, I turned around to face the window and their was a giant hand reaching through the window. Suddenly a male voice from out side said, "can you get me some corn flakes, I want to make something." so I went and looked for some cornflakes, but there weren't any. Plus corn flakes are gross.

So I walked back toward the window, the hand was gone and I shut the curtain to the broken window, and I heard, "can I come in" and I was like, "fine..." and I walked over to the door and opened the window, and there giant inhuman guy started shrinking to fit in my condo but he still reached to the ceiling and was very muscular. I mean ewwww... Muscles... Anyway he walked around for a minute, and I sat onto my red couch, and he walked toward me and sat there really close I could feel his side pressed against me. He was smiling playfully at me.

I was like "who and what are you?" and he responded, "i'm one of six" and I was like "which one?" he he did not respond. He wasn't scary he seemed to be joking with me.

He looked similar to the archangel from my last post with short black hair, ten feet tall, and acne on parts of his face. Like in his mid thirties a little older looking then the archangel in my dream last time that had very close similar features. Could be the same one. He didn't have wings in my dream. The wings would of probably whacked me in the face or squashed me like a pancake if he had portrayed himself in that way.

And then I woke up and felt a similar intense feeling like someone was watching by the side of my bed. I went down stairs to let the dog out and eat breakfast and the intense presence stays for a a bit then the feeling left.

Now i'm trying to figure out if it is archangels visiting me at night, which ones. I'm just saying the presences I felt were not human nor were they my guardian angels, and they were not threatening or negative at all.

I might be wrong, but it's just a feeling I get.

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