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Sibling Telepathy


After smoking marijuana, I like to test out my psychic abilities...

So on this saturday after I smoked, I was listening to music sitting on my couch, DJ, my younger brother, was on his laptop across the room and Alan, my baby sister was playing on the floor. I then remembered that I knew how to telepathically communicate with both of them... So I tried it, I then was enlightened by the fact that DJ was growing up and remembering how I was when I was 11, I realized I had to let somethings slide. Then Alan fell asleep on my chest and I felt her body grow more dense into my chest, I was feeling this great amount of magnetic energy flowing between me and her, it was like whatever she was feeling, so was I...then I noticed DJ started to get closer because I was drawing both of their energy towards me, before I knew it he was as close to me as Alan was, then when Alan... Then I started thinking of how the first time I communicated with my grandmother after she died, then I started remembering things from that moment that I previously forgot, like moments when we were in the limo after leaving her funeral, and times that I was talking to a higher being to help out my grandma so she could stay alive, those are the times I felt her highest presence was with me, after a while my body energy started to get real high, then Alan woke up crying, and when DJ picked her up, I could feel the energy that we both had literally being ripped apart, and my body started feeling a lot of friction and I know she was feeling the same friction, then when DJ put Alan back on the couch, she instantly came back to me and slept back on my chest... This energy I felt that was connecting us was coming from my chest area and all around my lower torso area, that was where I felt the most energy between us, then when Alan woke up she could not move anywhere, it was like she was grounded to my body... But she could only move around where I was because she was still in my field of energy and whenever she tried to get off the couch it was like the energy from my torso was keeping her from going, because I could make that energy more vibrant where it was like a magnet, this whole experience showed me that everything merely acted as energy and I was seeing how that energy worked, I think this is what I meant when I said, I feel like something would happen the 22nd of November, I just felt it

Has anyone else had similar experiences with feeling this type of energy?

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