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Below are some things presently happening to me after I meditate. I keep having different experiences like speaking a different language in my sleep as per my wife. I get flashes of light when I close my eyes, colors, swifts of air across my body, head arms and face. I have seen beings at the end of my bed, I have been woken up to a being of light that was very small, looked like a merkaba light body (spinning) then it faded.

Extreme heat in my hands, top of my head and center of my chest, I also have dreams of flying and having wings. When I talk in my sleep in another tongue which my wife thinks it's Egyptian. Lots of deja vu's and able to remember dreams and know and feel that dream coming true at the present moment.

I decided to speak with holistic healer, she confirmed everything for me and told me that more things are going to start to open up for me. That my energy is not from this planet that I am using this body to get around that, I am going to have a bigger change happen very soon, that I have to control my energy and my thoughts as I can manifest things just by thinking of them. Small things happen instantly and larger things around max 30 days.

She told me that my energy is from the planet Sirius that I have incarnated here before that I have a connection to the emerald tablet? NO Clue of what she is talking about... lol! She then channeled ancient beings who told me that I come from another planet, that I am an intergalactic traveler. I am a light being who is old as dirty. Once again no Clue of what she is talking about... She gave me information on books to read, nothing I have heard of before. I was told that I am a walk-in and that I will be able to levitate objects, and my body. The reason I am a walk-in is that I almost drowned when I was 3 years old. Once again no clue of what she is talking about.

She told me I should meditate to the sound of dolphins and whales, that they are my teachers. No one on this planet can help me and that I have no reference point as nothing like this has happen yet but that I choose this time and place to present this information. She told me I am a teacher, she kept repeating it over and over that I have ancient knowledge on how to travel through portal holes. That I have to teach this and get it out, that I am a great healer.

I have no idea of what this all means other than a couple of dreams and I see the numbers 11:11 a lot. So I googled the information of what was told to me which has lead me to a lot of different sites. Sounds far out until I went to another medium for a second opinion who told me I am from another planet that I am an Angel incarnated and that I have a counsel of 12 around me that it's the Ashtar Command as well a Sirian counsel.

One night I had this deep feeling of energy come out of my forehead, I looked up to see a blue orb. When I experienced it, I felt a deep knowing as well I felt it come out of my forehead or third eye as a force of energy. I felt I could breath through it. Now just to inform you that I am very skeptical about any reading from any channeler that I don't take anything from the reading unless it rings true to me.

I am trying to do my homework on all of this but I can't dismiss the experiences that I am having. Smallest things are like electronic equipment, my computer, DVD and TV volume going up and down, just weird stuff shutting off and on without any help.

As for why I am contacting you, I am looking for help or guidance? More on what to expect or just relax and enjoy the ride...

Is all this possible any suggestions would be great.

Just looking for help

jasontroydoherty [at] yahoo [dot] ca

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-19)
New agers say: 'open yourself up to the universe and let it take you where it will'... Well, the universe is a mysterious place, full of spirits, some evil some good. BEWARE! Would you say to a stranger: hop in my car and drive me to where you want to? I wouldn't! It's the same thing, when you channel/comunicate with unspecified 'spirit guides' through a psychic medium! How can you trust your body and soul to be guided by these unknown spirits? That's why God prohibits us to visit psychic mediums, tarot card readers etc... It's DANGEROUS! Don't open yourself up to demons, you might not live to regret it... But your family and friends sadly will! You are confused enough as it is! If you find yourself in a hole, LEARN TO STOP DIGGING!...Open your life up instead to Jesus and His holy angels. You'll be powerfully protected, and find peace, in this life, and eternally! Trust in the love and power of Jesus! It's FREE! Pray and fast whenever you can, read and DO the bible, psalms. A great best selling book, translated into many languages, is written by a friend of mine, who was a mixed up new age kid, talks about his amazing experiences, while trying to find the ultimate spiritual truth in himself, and in the amazing universe that surrounds us... He even got posessed by a demon! But in the end, HE FOUND TRUTH! Read the book my brother! To me, it is second only to the bible, and has helped many of my confused friends find peace and security. It's called: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS', by Dionysios Farasiotis. At You can also visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. Good luck! Timfaraos [at]
jem (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-28)
For certain I believe that aliens exist. Heck, there are infinite galaxies, anything is possible. Please be wary of con artists. There are a lot of quacks out there who tell you anything to get your money.

Seek out people with reliable credibility and do a background check on them just in case. What is important is that you keep yourself relaxed and happy in your journey. Good luck!
buddhabear247 (2 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-27)
I think you are on the right track too. Your gut is a great friend "listen". If you have gone to different medium and someone else seperate and they both confirmed it is pretty damn good. It is good for you. You now start to heal and work towards getting grounded and finding the goal for you.

Remember do what feels right to you always... Good luck and I feel good feelings on this.
Martin and Aramasamara (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-20)
Thank you both for your reply and I agree as well with both of you. Nice to see someone reads the postings.

Thank you once again
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-19)
Emm that's weird I have too had dreams where I have spoken in different tounges one being russian... A story I have posted on here as well as some other. I also had a dream that I was in Egypt... But it was weird so I never posted the whole thing on here, any who your not the only one who can make things shut off... I am noticing more and more can. I too have been to a holistic healer... A few months ago... But it was to cure me... But she was right dead on about some things... But still working on getting cured... From both western and the regular medicine... But I think Martin is right, stay in this world. Fiction is dangerous, it can kill you. In fact humans in general might be endangered soon as a species by fiction. Sounds crazy, but not really when you look at socities and "lost" civilizations. We were all created for a reason, and not to live in a fictional world we all try to live in. Our bodies weren't made for it, that's when our egos take over. All I am saying is keep yourself grounded, take it to notice, but don't get rapped up in others beliefs, find your own. Live your own culture and remember no one can force you into something else. As for the colors, well I think you have to intepret that on your own, remember take away your ego... And then information you never thought possible to find, hits you head on ha-ha.
Martin (129 posts) mod
15 years ago (2007-06-19)
I think you're on the right track to trust what rings to be true for you. I mean, how does knowing you're an intergalactic being with a counsel of angels by your side actually improve your life concretely right now? Stay focus on your real life and personal experiences and don't lose yourself too much over this "new age" speculation. You could read about it for a lifetime.

Now saying it isn't true, or that it is. These are beliefs and they are good to the point that they help you, not in themselves. If some beliefs do not make you a better human being, drop them. If others help you relate to others and bring balance to your life, keep them. You're here for a reason and you're special, as we all are. If you came here to "forget" and realize a greater truth, there's no point in spending your lifetime to remember it all and get back to square one. You have to stay focused on the reasons that brought you here.

As for the psychic experiences, I'm no psychic myself so I let others comment on that. But as always, use them for the benefit of all, not petty stuff, or you'll regress and lose them, if not now, maybe in the other life.

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