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My Most Recent Psychic Experience


I was wondering if anyone out there has had any similar experiences to this one. 

This has a bit of a back story, so please bear with me.

In august 2009, I had a near death experience. It's an extremely long story, but basically I suffered from an illness that nearly killed me. And it changed my life. ever Since I was younger, I had always been in tune with spirits and premonitions and things like that. But that incident, without a doubt, made my abilities even stronger.

Around Christmas time that same year, my mom and I went Christmas shopping one day at this little strip mall in a neighboring town. When we walked into one of the stores, something began to pull me towards the back of the store. As I was walking around back there, I suddenly felt a presence. And it was a male presence, a young man about my age. He began following me. I wasn't scared, but I did want to know why he had suddenly attached himself to me. I had heard somewhere that spirits are, in fact, drawn to people with psychic abilities, and they know who and who doesn't possess them.

This spirit ended up following me home. And not only did he, but another male spirit about the same age did as well. I had no idea who they were or what they wanted from me, but I was curious to find out. They stayed there with me for the rest of the day, literally just sticking to me, like they were trying to tell me something, almost as if they were reaching out for help. Eventually the two spirits left, coming back to occasionally "check up" on me, or whatever you want to call it. They never came off to me as malicious or harmful, just curious. And for some strange reason, since 2009, they always seem to visit me most frequently around Christmas time, every year.

Through my research I discovered that a number of years ago (I won't go into too much detail about it because this is an actual case and I want to protect the privacy of the people involved), two young men were murdered in that little strip mall where those spirits followed me home from. The murders to this day are still unsolved, and I am almost one-hundred percent sure that those spirits were the ones of those two young men. Which leads me to my story about my most recent psychic experience.

I recently had an experience with these two spirits that was a bit unsettling. It happened about a week ago, in the middle of the night. They were in my room; I felt their presence. And never before until then did I feel they were so desperate to tell me something. They kept me awake for about three and a half hours, despite me asking them three times to please leave because I had work the next morning and had to be up early. It was as if they were pleading with me to let them tell me their story--what really happened to them the night they were murdered. Every time I began to doze off, they lifted my arms up gently to keep me awake. I know this may sound crazy to some, but they showed me things that night that were so clear and vivid. I saw who their killer was- what he looked like, what he was wearing, the color of his hair. They even gave me his first name. Now I know there's no way of me proving any of this to anyone, since law enforcement rarely uses psychics to crack cold cases, and you need hard evidence to prove beyond all doubt that someone committed a murder. But I feel awful for these two boys. I wish there was some way someone could help. I wish there was a way something would break this case back open, as it has pretty much seemingly been forgotten by most people in the area. The saddest part about it is the fact that these boys must feel like they cannot rest until their killer is brought to justice.

Is there anyone out there who has had an experience like this, where a spirit or spirits have reached out to you for help? Please let me know what you think about this.

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PeachRing (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-14)
Thank you to all who gave me feedback on this. It's a strange thing to have something like this happen though it's good to know I'm not alone. It's frustrating when you want to help the spirits but you don't know how to yet. But I will continue to ask questions, and try working on finding out more from these spirits, as I am the type of person who always wants to help others. 😳
Fivemillion (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-09)
OMG! I have had several images come in my mind of a woman with black hair lying on a kitchen floor. Shes dead and staring straight ahead. Shes in a light negligee. There is blood on her face and some coming from her mouth. As I look up, there is a man walking around the kitchen, in boxer shorts. He doesn't seem to notice her or is unconcerned. I don't know what this means. I just ignored it. And the man looks like someone I know. I guess if I am supposed to get more info. About this, I will.
LeStrange (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-07)
I also had an NDE (17 years ago) and have also noticed that that my intuition etc, has increased exponentially. I actually was quite afraid of the "Contact" I was receiving and blocked it off for years. I have recently "Opened up" to this and it pretty much scares me, as I now have been compelled towards a particular aviation disaster and "They" won't let me rest! I actually saw the accident in question in a dream a few years ago, (No, I didn't know about it before hand). I know I am being asked to help, but I have no idea how I can!
Anonymous92692 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-07)
I have been on this site for a numerous amount of months now, never actually signing up with a username to post comments or anything. But your story made me decide to sign up just to post this comment... There is something someone can do about this, and that person is you. There's a reason that these spirits came to you for help. If they honestly felt as though you wouldn't be able to help them, they wouldn't have came in contact with you to begin with. It's up to you to help them. Ask them more questions. Ask them how to go about bringing back awareness of their murders. I know it can be a lot to take on, but you can't just sit there feeling sad for them. Try your best to assist 😳 Good luck to you.

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