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My Life Experiences Not All But Most


I would like to tell you some experiences of mine (USA Michigan).

First when I was the age of 4 the first and only memory I've had was when me and my mom were living in west Richland Washington we shared a room and two beds. I had the strangest nightmare of a hand coming over the edge of my bed. Green and blue with weird energy coming off of it before I could see any more I covered myself with my blanket after I couldn't get my mom to wake up on the other side of the room (before this I also had the experience of playing with a camera my mom had given me 1 minute she walks into the next room the second she comes back and I've somehow took apart the camera with the screws out and all the pieces set up nice and orderly without any tools and without damaging it (I was the age of 1 and a half when this happened).

Second When I was about 13 I was upstairs sleeping in my bed during a bad storm. At some point during the night after 3 something came out of my the corner of my room where the closest was some hooded figure came out and swiftly and attacked me with some sort of red and black gem med sword and the figured looked like soothing off of the lord of the rings wraith anyway at that exact moment I remember setting up and in my right hand was a dagger or something smaller than the sword and had a blue and green gems in the metal with gold filigree on the hilt and I deflected the attack in that seconded everything went back to normal and I was sitting there in a cold sweat and my right arm up in the position I deflected the sword and I could still hear the ringing sound of that deflection.

When I was 15 me and some friends went to this party and things turned bad and one of my friends got into a fight well anyway that got carried away and we got into my friends truck to get a way well these others people got into their truck and tried to run us off the road at some point we had to stop because the girl we were with had to puke so the trucks got up to us and stopped next thing I know these drunken red necks take out a shotgun and start pointing it at the door anyway we get away and they chased us all the way to the next city where I lived so I had them drop me off at the movies and I walked home so this is where it gets interesting I get home and I'm all pumped with anger and energy I go inside and then I start to notice the lights started to turn on and off and I turn around to where the stairs is and I see discharges of lighting or blue sparks coming out of the power outlets and then I heard a girl scream in my head and a flash of what might have been if we didn't get a way.

When I was 16 me and a few friends were upstairs on the back roof porch smoking cigs around 3 something in the morning (this was in august) anyway at some point we see these lights coming at us and they hovered over us there were about 9 or more rings glowing in the sky and as they hovered over us things started to slow down. That not moving effect. Anyway after they left now (7 something in the morning) I look up into the sky and see the whole galaxy and more and it looked like a giant road map like something I've always knew it just all rushed to me and caused me to start break down or collapse.

1. After a few months the year after around February (age 17) I started to go down to the basement for some reason and I had this gold filgrie pin lighter so I go into this room in the basement and the first thing I see is these snakes on the ground that go past me like they were scared or something they were big and shadowed and see through kind of and I would see these doorways or openings through the wall and door way well I stood there looking at them one was a bedroom with a purple light like a night light or something and other was a stair way leading up what appeared to be a castle or something the it reminded me of a the spiral stair steps of some castle.

2. Anyway I decided to not inter. Wish I went through. Though shortly after that people or shadows of people almost like holograms people I haven't met before stood around me looking at me next thing I knew my left part of my hair started to turn blue and glow and in my hand where the pin was shot a Golden light straight up and and for some reason I felt compelled to point at 4 out of the 13 people there and then when it hit them they laid on the grown like they were dead. A couple of days after that I had this weird experience of going up to this old mirror that we had and putting my left hand on it and next thing I heard were like stones or something drop I looked down and to pick them up with my left hand and they were 3 crystal looking rocks that pulsated and kind of just went into my hand in the shape of a triangle which (months previous e were weird spots on my hand in the triangle shape all kind of indented the same size each in depth.

3. A couple days after that experience I was in the shower and got out of it all of a sudden I went into some type of trance and a golden light appeared and on the top of my head so I go to reach and find this weird seed that was golden in the shape of a dew drop and I felt like I had to eat and I did. A week later I ended up breaking down and going berserk or something and was sent to the hospital and they had to strap me down and the cops were called when they showed up I apparent scared the hell out of them (what I found out later is that well my mother said that I looked like a demon or something the best thing to describe it I looked dangerous real dangerous but at the time I somehow got out of my restraints and then the cops tried to stop me and I was about to lash out but I controlled my impulse and kind of summer salted into the air and fell on my fist into my left eye. So they strapped me up and took me to pine rest Michigan where I stayed for about 10 days.

1. During my time there was weird at some point I was in c section or the c block of the place anyway I was by this dry erase bored I started to write out weird writing or something and made a pentagram and words and my name written into it and this really complex formula of some kind just came to me and at that same time I figured out how the languages worked all of them in a really simple way of or pattern next thing I know this guy comes like laughing looks at me and then asks if I can read Latin to and then I did and he looked at me surprised and walked away picked up the phone talked for a second and left.

2. Later on a couple days later I collapse as they were showing me around I could feel anything I couldn't talk but I was conscious or I could hear and tell what everyone was doing and they gave me a sternum rub I couldn't feel it after that a day later I started to go into these groups with other children my age later I started to feel I could hear their thoughts and then I hear a thing called I m ing or what I thought was instant messaging. I felt like I heard someone say he's learned I'ming. Well while I was in c block I was sitting on a table and this girl a blond comes up to me and starts petting my hair and then says you have a lot of product in your hair and then I say I don't have any product in my hair there's no shampoo and she says again you have a lot of product in your hair in a softer knowing tone.

After I got out of their I started to experience these lights which I now know of something of a guide to my thoughts. Or processing a white light means truth a red light means danger or anger a black light or orb means doubt or lie a blue light means information a yellow light means slow or coming to a decision a green light means some things happening and still not sure about what the purple light means. Now also the weird things started to happen some electronic devices would come on when I'm around them without them being on or me turning them on physically once my friends psp was around and just started to play music out of nowhere a song and the psp should have been dead. And the same thing with my computer it just started up on its own and started playing music. After I looked at it and thought of a good song and well that song just came up. And started playing. Here's and interesting thing once I had this knife which I put in a safe in my basement well once I was going to bed and about to fall asleep and then out of the corner of my eye I see this really bright orb that was whitish blue like the arctic ice burgs and the knife appeared.

1. Well that year goes by 18 now and at some point I was in the kitchen and I turn around and standing by the computer looks what appears to be a shadow of a man but not just any man he had spiky hair and loop in his right ear pointy ears and the next day after seeing this I ended up breaking down for no reason at all and then was sent to hillsdale. After that and after I got out a 7 months after that I had another experience of accidentally force choking my friend. I felt my arms feel pulsating my hands so I raise them and point at my friends direction not know what its' doing but then he suddenly starts to put his hands around his body and then his throat looking at me say "Devin what are you doing!" and then I stopped.

2. A couple weeks down the road I start to experience the feeling again and then I pointed my hands at each other and started to feel a field or a magnetic force or something you know like you get when you put to opposites of magnets against each other they push off it like a ball of energy. Well after that a experiences a week later I was looking into the mirror and all of a sudden my eyes got real big a golden ring went around the outside of my pupils and my ears got way longer and pointy and my hair got really spiky and my k9 teeth grew 3 times longer and sharper and my face was elongated and when I sucked in air I felt like there was air being sucked through the teeth. Also I even felt my fangs if you will and it was abnormal.

Please also note I've been able to sense things before they happen I've been able to transfer energy into mirrors or something and produce a light from it like a flash light also for some reason now and then my forehead will light up and have a cross symbol on it and in each corner is an Asian symbol and in different colors white blue red and green. I'm also really empathic and I can see energy fields around people and see the tendrils and such and I don't think I covered everything but I'm getting tired of typing would love to hear your reply thank you:).

PS: (also I've experience visions and symbols a lot that I can see on the walls and in things in general including my own skin like a psychic imprint and also I experience seeing other places at night through the walls).

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Wing-king-777 (5 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-11)

Its so hard to explain but you know how saints believe so much and after years of prayer they have ability's to hear see things heal, and create. Well you just took a short cut through this all. You some how connected to life and other peoples minds.
Send me an email its hard to explain:/ elie_nsair [at]

Wing-king-777 (5 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-11)
One simple word your connected to life. I think that life is not real and that we believe TO LIVE. For you some sort of small problem happened you are sort of connected to this believe so high that you can create things by just thinking about it.:) Just remember TO control what you think before IT controls you. If you have anymore questions or don't understand just email me. Elie_nsair [at]

Ps: Once again you can create things by thinking of it really hard, try it.:)
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-06)
Hi there,
You've had a frazzled life so far. Sorry to hear that you had to endure so much high emotions at times. First, let me say that I had a sibling that would take apart things just like you did and at your age too. It sounds to me that you had your first battle at 13 and you won. Then at 15 you realized that when you where at high emotional energy that you could materialize energy from the outlets. At 16 is when you had your first breakdown moment. At 17 the portal doors opened and something nasty came in. Next, you battled the holograms. The three crystals burnt you in your hand. Next, was the possession of you by a very bad entity (I believe). The blonde who came to you meant that you have a lot of toxins in you. Then you meet your guide who really is trying to help you. The knife was a vision from the orb. Next, is where the pointy eared entity possesses you to choke your friend (This I believe to be fact). Now, when you put your hands pointing to eachother like that means that you where just measuring your energy force. It's the easiest way to get to know your chi or life force. I do it all the time. The more you do it the stronger you get. Next, you shape shift in the mirror of what you may appear yourself to be. I'm not sure if it your true reality or your being still possessed. I say this because some people take many years to realize their true identities. With your experiences comes the many abilities that you have.
Now, it is imperative that you always try to think of positive and loving thoughts of yourself and others. Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Evil entities feed off of negative energy. You also need to say a daily prayer of what ever religion you are attached to. Always think good thoughts even if someone is really pissing you off. Also, you need to start to meditate and concentrate on your grounding techniques. You are not grounded. You are to much on the spirit side not enough on earth. Learn relaxation techniques so that you don't get to ampted up. If you are possessed you need to see a priest or someone who can expell this entity. Also, And I mean no harm about this. You may want to talk to a professional about these occurances because it may be a medical condition that you need medication for. Yes, I know that you have been hospitalized before. But maybe something is not right with your medicine. Some medicines cause really bad emotional side effects. And lastly, thank you very much for having the courage to tell your story. That was a brave thing that you did. I hope I helped you in some way but I know that you have a long journey ahead of you. Be strong, things will get better.

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