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I've Had Dreams And Premonitions Most Of My Life That Have Come True


I don't know much about being psychic. I just know I've had dreams and premonitions most of my life that have come true. I'm not sure you would call these premonitions, maybe it was just coincidence.

To give some examples: When I was around 10 or 11, my brother kind of got himself into a little trouble, so he left where we lived for a while, and went to another state. For some reason, I just knew where he was, and what he was doing. My parents were worried, and I remember telling them he was fine, and what I thought. A little while later, he came back, and I was right. My mother told me I had a sixth sense. I don't know how I knew this.

Years later, when I was around 19, I had a dream about the same brother. In the dream, he had been in a bad car wreck, and was dying. The dream was so real, I woke up crying, and thinking it was real. I had to stop and remember that it was just a dream. But, two weeks later, he had a bad wreck, and his brain was swelling, and he almost died. He didn't, but it was scary I had this dream just two weeks before.

When I was 26, my father was living in another country. He had come to visit. The last day he visited, as he was leaving, we said goodbye, and I had a bad feeling. I told my mother that I had an overwhelming feeling this would be the last day I would see my father alive. It was. He was supposed to come in for Christmas that year, but didn't. He was killed in a car wreck in Feb.

A few years after my that, I had a dream, but it really didn't feel like a dream. It felt real. My deceased father came to me to tell me I needed to call my sister, and she was sick. The next day, I went to my mother's house, and told her what had happened. She called my sister, who had just been put in the hospital the day before. She asked how we knew something was wrong with her. I told her our father had told me. She said she had been sick for days, and been thinking about our father a lot.

Also, I felt my father around me a lot after that. For at least two weeks, I thought something bad was going to happen. I was scared something was going to happen to my mother, and he was there for that. But, it wasn't my mother who passed. It was my brother I talked about previously. He was killed in a car wreck... Which brings me to something I have been having a real problem dealing with. The main reason I came to this website. The night my brother died, I had a dream that I was dead, and I was suddenly in a place I didn't recognize. There were other dead people there, and I felt like I had to fight them. I was confused. There was a building I didn't recognize. There wasn't any color. It was black and white. I felt like I needed to get away from this place, so I ran away. I walked through a stream or canal of some kind to another area I didn't recognize. Oddly, I went through a turnstile. And, I thought everything was ok. The other place I was entering was beautiful. There was a beautiful sunset (in color), trees, a beach, but I saw more people coming toward me, and I knew they were dead, too. I felt like I just needed to give up or give in at that moment. It was at that time, around 3 in the morning, I was awakened by a call from the police saying my brother had been in an accident. He had died, but they didn't want to tell me on the phone. I already knew. This dream has bothered me all this time (it has been 7 years since he passed). I was very close to my brother, and always felt a close connection to him.

There are other things. I've seen places before going there, dreamt of conversations before I had them. But, the dream I mentioned has upset and baffled me. What do you think? Help! It's not that I want the dream interpreted, it's more that I want to know if it's possible my brother was trying to tell me something or if I could be experiencing something he was. Is that possible?

And, if I do have some kind of ability, I wouldn't know how to categorize it. But, I would want to try to understand it, and maybe improve on it.

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mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-04)
Hi,I would just like to say that I to have had very similar experiences to you all my life also & have to been in the space where you doubt what's really happening. It is difficult to find people in life that are like minded or even just open enough to converse about it. Especially when people find it so easy to spill their emotions out to me & I listen & advise the best way I know how. I quickly came to realise that its never been reciprecated as I look back over the past few years. On the few occasions i've tried i've been pretty much shut down. The pity of this for anyone in our situation is sometimes when our experiences leave us so shaken up & confused that's the one thing we need. Just a platform to be heard. A little understanding. Thats why i'm relieved to have found this site.

I agree very much with what Anne has told you & think that her suggestions to you are the best for your situation. I have read many of her comments to others & she is very knowledgable. I am incorporating a lot of what i've learnt on here into my own life & in a short space of time I feel like i've made a lot of progress & better equipped to deal with my abilities. This has in turn made me more positive.

In reguards to the premonitions I always right down what i've dreamt. I find this theraputic at the very least with not really having anyone to talk to. It kind of makes me feel better after I pour the events & emotions surrounding them onto paper. Its funny how something so simple made somuch difference.

I am sorry for your loss. Your story truly touched me. I hope you come to see your experiences as a gift & that it takes you down an exciting road of enlightenment. Sending you light & love.
Kindest Reguards,
Marie 😊
whyme24 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-04)
Thank you, Anne. I will look into the things you mentioned. It' so hard to know what's right, and what's not right to do. It's not like I can talk to just anyone about this. There are so many people who think you are just crazy or lying if you talk about these things to them. I really wanted to hear from people who understood and believed in such things. Thanks again
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-08-02)
You can only have so many "coincidences" before you start to realize there is something more to your visions/dreams. For me, after they ran into the hundreds, I had to acknowledge that time and space isn't quite what we imagine. Life, not people and books, made me a believer in psychic phenomenon.

Anyway, sorry for your losses. That's a lot to process and move past.

You very well could have been experiencing what your brother was experiencing. It is not uncommon to have empathetic resonance with close siblings. My own, and very close sister had some tought times not too long ago and briefly contemplated suicide. It was at that time (without knowing her stresses) that I dreamt we were in a truck together and I looked over and she shot herself in the head. I woke up quite traumatized and called her immediately the next morning which is when she shared with me her feelings. She never followed through in "life" though but it didn't stop me from picking up on it while in an altered state.

I won't interpret your dream since that's not what you're looking for but I do think you were looking into the other side. One thing if I may say, your brother is well aware of your feelings towards him. Those who have passed on can see, hear and feel us that are still in the physical shell.

As for improving on your ability, you may want to start with fully acknowledging what it is you have. Dismissing it usually suppresses it. And remember, all things are energy, including you. We resonate at certain frequencies and if you want to broaden your frequencies so that your ability to perceive is greater, think about what might do that; thinking positive (higher thoughts versus lower ones), working your third eye & other chakras, quiet time (meditation, etc), what you eat and drink, etc. Education is important too. If you can, read some article under the Articles section about improving your skills.

Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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