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Am I Psychic In Any Way?


I'm 15 and I had my first paranormal experience when I was 3. Of course I don't remember but my parents told me about it just recently.

I was at my grandma's house (who is right next to the cemitery by the way) when all of the sudden I started screaming for no reason.

My dad has always been into this paranormal stuff and he could tell that the problem was somehow related to that so he decided to take me to this lady who was a medium and she told them that the spirit of a little boy was haunting me because he was "jealous" of me being alive... He didn't want to be dead and he was really angry. The reason why he was haunting me was because I was full of life.

Also when my mom was pregnant one of her friends, who is a medium, told her that I would be a very special child.

But anyway, let's move on with the story.

I have terrible nightmares ever since I can remember. I would see dead people and they would talk to me asking for help but I never told anybody about that at the time because I was really scared and I thought that people were going to think that I was crazy.

I started seeing shadows and feeling people at a very young age and I was always very scared.

2 years ago, when I was 13, the nightmares got worse, I would have them every day! I would wake up screaming and crying and having to sleep with my mom because I was just too scared.

Right now I still have nightmares every night but I can control what I say in my dreams, I talk to my grandfather (he passed away when I was 5 months old), I can now see ghosts and not only shadows and I'm starting to control my fear.

By the way something weird happened the other day. My mom lit up a candle and when I was going to the bathroom I was attracted to it. I caught myself staring at it and it was my grandpa's face with some wings next to him! I told my mom but she couldn't see anything so she didn't really believed me.

And as I was reading this someone blew into my ear, creepy.

I've also been told by a psychic that I am a diamond child, but that's a whole different story right?

But I want to know, do you think I am psychic in any way? I'd love to hear your opinion! Thanks for reading.

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crazyallie27 (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-17)
Yes I believe you are psychic. I have bee dealing with ghosts since I was really little as well. I am fourteen now and ghosts do try to come to me. I think the nightmares are ghosts trying to talk to you and get help. I am glad though that you are taking control of your dreams now. If you want them to leave, you just say in a firm voice that you want them to leave, but you must be serious when saying this. They usually go away for a while anyway. But every night before bed you should pray and ask the ghosts to leave you alone because you are trying to sleep. Also, I would love hearing about a "Diamond Child"? I have never heard of that before.

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