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I Have Dreams That Happen Later In Life


Ever since I can remember I would have dreams that I wouldn't think much of. The strange part was that when I would wake up I would only remember one thing of my dream, for example one night I dreamt that I was in a room a yellow room and I was laying on a bed reading a book (the diary of Anne frank). A couple of weeks later I was sent to TFC (treatment foster care) in which I stayed in a room the walls were painted yellow but at the time I didn't think nothing of it. I usually always read a book before I go to bed, I grabbed my book and started reading it. For some reason I had the feeling to look up and when I did it was the same image I had in my dream same color of wall same book I was laying down the same way everything was exactly the same.

My mother also has dreams that can predict things, for example she had a dream of my niece (when my sister in law was three months pregnant) my mom said she dreamt this little girl with white colored skin and blonde hair and skinny (both my brother and sister in law are dark skinned with black hair). Sure enough my niece was born with blonde hair white skinned and skinny. She has also dreamt of my uncle and grandfather passing away both of them either died the same night or passed away a short time after. Could have she passed it on to me? My mother on the other hand has never seen or communicated with a spirit besides in a dream. I've also communicated with spirits in my dreams and so has my mom. I'm curious to know if me and my mom have somewhat of psychic powers. If so can it be useful?

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anayely (2 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-15)
Thank you for letting me know what it is called. I had no idea that by believing in psychic powers it wakes up our own. I have looked into keeping a dream journal and it is something I would like to do. I've actually been meditating for a little over a week now and I have found it every useful.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-15)
Yes, you and your mother do have psychic abilities.
You and your mother both have
Precognition: dreaming of the future.
I don't believe we inheritance psychic abilities because I do know that
Every one has psychic abilities but most of the population turns them off. Only a few keep on their abilities and some do wake up psychic abilities later on in their lives. When we know someone with psychic abilities, it can encourage ourselves to believe in psychic abilities and it gives a better chance of waking up our psychic abilities.
I can also communicate with spirits in my dream but I still haven't learned what its called.
Have you thought of keeping a dream journal?
A dream journal is a great way of keeping track of your dreams. It helps when you have forgotten a dream because if you wrote what happened in the dream, you can always reread what you wrote.
You should try meditating.
Meditation is a great way on improving psychic abilities. Meditating helps to clear the mind and its very relaxing.

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