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Pain, Shadows And Premonitions


My gift (as it has been put to me) has become more prominent within the last couple of years, and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar to me. First of all I've been able to see energy (static) and auras for as long as I can remember, but I only learnt recently that is what they are. Also I have experienced extreme pains in my head and various other places such as the throat (strangling sensation) and stomach (I've been to many doctors and paediatricians that have sent me on my way).

Next, a couple of years ago I started getting horrific nightmares and vivid dreams and once I woke up to a solid black figure standing over me. I would also get really angry for no reason at all. I always could feel somebody watching me, once somebody even called my name I thought it was my mum but she said she was just about to call me. If I turned off the light at night I would hear somebody playing with the zip on my bag and I hated sleeping in my room. We ended up calling a psychic in to cleanse the house (I had also been to her on another occasion for chakra realignment and found her very accurate) turns out that there was an elderly woman who had died of a tumor and diverticulitis, she had no idea that she was dead and had been for quite some time, she told the psychic that she had enjoyed to watch me. But obviously she had become quite angry that somebody was taking over her home and I had picked up both her anger and pain up, as well as my mum had picked up the pain and had even had a gastric bleed (she sleeps in the woman's old room).

Then the premonitions started and I started seeing the shadows more often, the shadows are all around me all of the time and I can see them more in the dark, and the premonitions, its like in a moment I can sense danger or something happening then its like time slows down and I can see everything so clear for a whole second and then it happens and I have no control of when the premonitions happen and sometimes it happens too late or in the moment so I can't retreat from trouble. I also get a random thought and then it happens, for example I will know when I get a letter and who its from, or I will know when a movie is on that I really wanted to watch or isn't on much, or even when my dad is coming round without anybody telling me, most of these thoughts come when I'm half asleep and stick out in my mind for the rest of the day.

Pain: I feel others pain, both dead and alive. For example my best friend had a lot of pain in her side and back, and I could feel it, it made me feel really ill and I told her I thought she had a kidney infection, for her to then end up in hospital and be diagnosed with a kidney infection.

Now the strangely interesting part; I blew out the whole of my street and the back one, their power anyway. Apart from my own house. So I get a lot of electric build up in my body and I still manage to blow up the odd hairdryer, kettle etc. But this particular time I was heading up stairs so I went to turn on the light but its almost as if I got pushed, and my other hand hit the radiator at the same time and as I touched it a huge power surge went through my body, at the same time I heard a huge bang, I was so shocked at the power that I screamed and started crying, my mum thought I was hurt because I just couldn't talk. Then I found out I had blown the mains at the substation (it literally just blew up I think) and the streets were out for a good week or so, I still feel pretty guilty about it: (

There is loads more to tell but it will just turn into a ramble if it already hasn't. Please tell me what you think, or if you have had anything similar happen to you:)

-Extra- I'm 15 now and have been told I am psychic by a psychic who said she will train me once I am 16 as she is one of few in the country that teaches (I think).

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