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I Dream The Future


It was about three in the afternoon and I was in a boring class. So, naturally, I fell asleep for a few minutes. While I was sleeping, I dreamt about this girl asking for the time. I woke up and she asked me for the time. I was shocked but everyone told me it was just a coincidence. Another time I was thinking about someone having a nosebleed in assembly, and

A little boy got up and his nose was bleeding. At this point I was convinced I had some kind of power but I'm not so sure. Before my little sister was born I always dreamed about my mum getting pregnant and me getting a fourth sibling. After a year or so my mum called us all and told us she was pregnant! I was so excited and then my dream came to mind. It was very weird but I began to understand what was going on. After all, that was when I had turned 13 so I was sure I wasn't making it all up.

Then my most recent was I was dreaming about this boy in my class talking to me and asking how I was. Then as soon as I sat down a boy came to me and asked how I was feeling. It was very strange and when I told my dad about he said I might have an ability as my aunties visions and dreams come true as well. Every day I get scared because sometimes I dream about someone getting hurt or dying and I never know who it will happen to or when it's going to happen. I haven't had any more visions for about 2 weeks now but they are usually 1 month apart from each other so I'm not very surprised. I hope I get some answer and if I do have an ability I'll be happy as it would clear up all my problems!

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BayFields7 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-01)
Hey, I can relate.
Around a week ago I had a dream it was extremely smoky outside (from a fire). Then recently there's a fire and wind is blowing the smoke towards where I live. My dreams that happen are usually of not positive things. Crazily they all have seemed to relate to my mom (she lived close the where the fire started). My dreams are very spaced apart also, so I think me and you are in the same situation. Is this a coincidence, or do we actually see the future in our dreams?
Joey4213 (1 stories) (19 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-22)
Hey contact me at Joey42131 [at] - As soon as you can

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