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I have been going through a rough patch in my life as of now, not counting the previous years. I have not been so lucky with people and certain situations when it comes to "life". However, having to go through these trails in my life, taught me to become a spiritual person. I have had some spiritual encounters in the past years and I still wonder to this day, "Why me?". As I've mentioned, I've been going through a lot lately and have been seeing crows, basically, everywhere I go. It's to the point where they are my alarm clock in the mornings. Not that is a bad thing. Let's say I have been praying through this tough time and they came right away. Isn't true what they say about crows, they bear signs when you ask for it from the universe of the "spiritual world"? The last time I saw them, that truly stood out (besides them cawing at me everyday), is they were at my backyard cawing as if they were saying to come outside. So I did and say two crows facing each other standing on two different trees. I found it odd, why I felt a sense of peace when I saw them? I stood there for a good 2 minutes and as one crow flew, the second crow followed suited and all of a sudden another crow flew over me with food in it's mouth flying east. Mind you, the last bird was waiting on the roof which I did not see. I am not sure if this was a message for me from them? Is the crow my animal totem? Just talking about that seems...odd. I have looked up in my spare time what the crows mean when visited and mythology on them. Crows are associated to certain deities, etc. The more I looked into it, the more I become puzzled. They said it's linked to Hecate and the Morrigan (which sounded familiar) and witches! Supposedly, they are keeping an eye and protection over you? If anyone has any experience such as this, or has anything to say to this: COMMENT BELOW!PLEASE! Thank you!

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Vic (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-18)
I just signed up insipred by your experiences with crows.

1. November 2008 I started working for my inner freedom as I had many blocked areas in my life. I didn't know what I started with.
In the Spring of 2009 a pair of magpies nested four meters outside my living room window in a very short tree. That was how it started. During the following years the encounters with birds have been vaste. It's direct contact - including eye contact, crows, doves all kinds of ducks / swans, seagulls, eagles, sparrows - you name it. When the doves came nesting just outside the window in the same nest and tree as the magpies had used, I became a vegetarion. I believe it was one of the messages from the doves.

I didn't understand much of it all in the beginning, but slowly I have come to some conclusions.
It's not like each and one of us only have one spiritual bird or animal as a totem, we all have them all - or at least many.
We have an inner univers, and in many ways it mirrors what we see in the physical world.
I am not into any specific religious or philosophic system, I do believe we do best when we concentrate on love, rising above everything that splits and creates unhealthy groupings.
But I have read quite a lot in the bible during my spiritual quest, and as with all ancient religious literature I believe there is lots of wisdom and good knowledge to find there.
It's written there that birds are bewinged messengers. Another strange writing there is the statement where all the goods on ships are listed. All kinds of different physical items are mentioned, and then suddenly amongst all that human souls are mentioned.

My conclusion (not only because of these writings) is that animals represent soul (meat is transported by ships), birds represent mind - thought.
I had a strange dream about the latter: In the dream I was in a wagon - in one of these passenger aerial tramway (a cable car). One of the passengers asked another passenger: "What do we speak to, when we speak to birds?". The other passenger answered: "To our brain".

Think of our fantastic brain with all the different areas having so many different functions. If that dream showed truth, birds of different qualities is the inhibitors in our brains. We see them as physical beings, but inside us they are probably more like micro organism.

In my quest for answers during these years, I also looked into astrology. I worked with all the elements there. When I worked with my Jupiter god (don't you know you are gods - written twice in the bible), a crow came flying and landed close to my window. The same thing happened when I worked on my Saturn god, but then a magpie came flying. The planet Jupiter is bigger then the planet Saturn, so it made sense to me.

Anyway when it comes to gods, there are good and bad as with everything else. Are our own gods free to work in us? Do they have the authority as they are meant to have? What about their company - friends? If they are good, then all is well!
This is only a short little sample of the insight I have gained on the quest I am on and have been for twelve years now, and still there is so much more to learn. Anyway we have a truly interesting universe inside us as outside - and the one mirrors the other.

Love is the energy that rises us to the highest levels in all planes of living. Send your crows love and lift them in that way!
gabifranz (1 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-11)

Hello! I'm new here and your story caught my eye. Having crows around is lovely! That's definitely a good sign. I have a book called Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams, about spirit animals and what it means when their presence shows up in our lives. Been looking for it in English since I have the Spanish version, but couldn't find it. So I'm translating some of the text on the Crow, hope it helps:

"Throughout time the Crow has represented the Medicine of Magic. It's been so in numerous cultures across the globe. Its magic is a powerful medicine to help you courageously enter the darkness of the void, where everything shapeless resides. The Crow is the messenger of the void.
If the Crow has showed up for you, you're about to experience a shift of consciousness. Maybe it's time to call the Crow to become the messenger of an intention, a bit of healing energy, a thought or a message. Maybe you're needing to communicate with your ancestors, or maybe they're trying to communicate with you.
This magical moment has come to you from the darkness of the void and it's your challenge to bring this to the light. By doing so, you'll honor the magician within."

It's not much, hopefully you can get it. Another thing that I find interesting is the place where you say you found those three crows. Since a house represents our own self, your backyard would represent your unconscious (this also applies to general dream interpretation). So I'm thinking there's something calling you from your own subconscious. And the fact that one of them was carrying food, makes me think you can nurture from your own subconscious. Maybe I'm wrong, this is just my interpretation.

Here's something else. This is a therapist I follow on youtube and I find her messages really deep and in tune with what I feel about certain animals.

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