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Crows, Fog, And An Invisible Entity


If I listed every detail, this post would be massive and require a while to read for most people so I will cut it as short as possible.

I've always been somewhat of a skeptic of anything that could be considered "paranormal", and at first I assumed this was sleep paralysis. What it is, I do not claim to know. All I can do is tell you what I have seen and experienced.

One night while I was sleeping, I spoke in my sleep, very loudly saying, "Yes." as if I were answering a question. My fiancé and I thought it was strange but assumed I was simply talking in my sleep. One night not long after, I had a dream that I was laying in my bed, sleeping, in the position that I was sleeping in in real life. I always keep my feet uncovered, and they were uncovered in my dream as well. I wake up for some reason (in the dream) and I'm just laying there, when I realize my window is open and fog starts creeping up and over the sill and into my room, surrounding my bed. The room is turning very cold. My door creaks open, ambient creepy music begins playing in the background, and an invisible entity enters the room, going down to all fours and crawling to my bed. I can't move or speak, and I somehow know that the entity is controlling my mind. It's hand wraps around my ankle and it's very cold and pale. Then the other hand wraps around the other ankle. I see nothing but it's teeth and eyes, and very briefly. It was smiling.

Then it jerks me from the bed and pulls me down to the floor, where it begins slapping me, pulling my hair and punching me before dragging me down the hallway. It's at this point that I regain my voice and movement. I begin screaming and kicking but it won't let go. It drags me into the kitchen where my grandmother and fiancé are, my fiancé cooking and my grandmother eating at the table. The entity slams me up through the air into the wall, then into the mirror. My fiancé runs up and pulls me down and the entity disappears. My fiancé is comforting me and I wake up.

A few nights later, I dream that I am laying in bed, awoken from sleep for no apparent reason. Then I realize the entity is in bed beside me, I'm laying on my side, and it is spooning me from behind. It moves the hair off of my neck and caresses the skin there with a finger before it starts beating me, slapping me and pulling my hair. I wake up.

Two days later I am headed to take a math test to get accepted into college when my fiancé's car is surrounded by fog. My fiancé comments that he had just drove this way and there was no fog. It's so thick we can't see. We get through the fog, and there is one crow in the middle of the road that sits there until we're close and flies off to the right. We run into more fog, and when we get through it we are surrounded by crows both on the left and right, they're perched on everything. It wasn't a common occurrence, but I didn't allow myself to ponder it.

A few nights later, I dream that I am laying in bed when I suddenly wake up. The entity is above me, staying still, but I know it's there. Ambient creepy music is playing in the background. I try to move and it begins slapping me, pulling my hair and so on and so forth. I can't move or speak, only a whisper comes out each time I try to scream. The attack suddenly stops, and I'm waking up in bed thinking "What a relief! It was just a dream!" when I realize I can't move or speak and I hear the entity laugh above me as it sees my horror at realizing I've been tricked. I know it is doing it intentionally because it's thoughts and feelings are communicated to me somehow. The attack begins again. Over and over the same thing happens as the entity thoroughly enjoys my fear at realizing I'm still dreaming each time I wake until I finally break free of the compulsion it has me under and as I try to get off the bed it disappears from the room. I'm disoriented and dizzy when I stand, and I stumble into the kitchen. Upon reaching the kitchen where my fiancé and his friends are seated, I try to explain what happened but realize my voice is having trouble coming back and my chest hurts, along with my heart beating so fast I can feel the pounding in my face of my pulse. My fiancé walks up to me and feels my forehead with his hand and says, "Wow! You have a really bad fever!" My voice begins to return and I tell them what happened in my dream. I'm still dizzy and disoriented. My tongue feels weird so I try to stick it out to ask them if it looks like anything is wrong with it but realize it is too swollen to protrude past my teeth. I panic and try to run to the bathroom but am dizzy and stumbling. I try to tell them to call an ambulance but my tongue begins to swell so rapidly that I can't breathe because it's blocking my throat completely and can't speak either. That is when I wake up in real life. The first thing that happens is my fiancé sits on the bed and feels my forehead while comforting me after I tell him I've had a nightmare and he says, "Wow! You have a really bad fever!" just like in the dream.

After I've calmed down, I go back to sleep. I have a dream that I am wondering through woods that are cold and full of fog. I'm dizzy and disoriented, and my shirt is torn at the top. There's blood running down my left shoulder from somewhere higher up, my neck or face or something. I go into my house and open the shower, wanting to wash the blood off. Laying in the shower by the drain is a dead, soggy crow that has obviously been drowned.

That morning when I officially woke up I went outside to roll the car windows up and there was a crow, all alone, on the limb in the tree in my front yard. It stared at me while I rolled the windows up and flew away to the right after I rolled the last one up.

On top of that while I've been awake I've seen a shadowy black animal, a shadowy black figure both walking around and inside my mirror while I'm looking into it, heard classical music playing loudly in my house while no radio/etc is on, and had the sink turn itself on full blast with both cold and hot at the same time. I'd also like to note that I have no history of mental illness or anything, I have a healthy sleeping schedule and healthy habits, and am a happy and satisfied person. I have no idea what is going on.

What do you think? I'll try to reply to all the comments, if I get any, when I have a chance to. I'm curious about other people's opinions and if they've had similar experiences or know what is happening to me.

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Awake (16 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-01)
Ok I'll admit that I'm very skeptical of most unusual things that I don't experience for myself. Having said that, this story made me make an account, you need to research the name "Malphas" not trying to scare you, not even a highly religious person, I just think you might like to see this. Whatever you decide to do just don't tell whatever it is "yes" ever again.
Girasol (3 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-07)
What a story, hope you get this sorted out. You should update and let us know the outcome of this if you do.

I couldn't stop reading. Be strong and you will overcome this being.

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
You're skeptical of the paranormal, yet here you are. Obviously you have enough common sense to know something isn't "normal" and instead something "para" normal is going on. Music just doesn't play by itself nor do sinks generally turn themselves on without human intervention.

Either way, I'll give you my opinion based on my decades of experience. When I was a teenager (numerous decades ago), something negative started to show up in the very state you speak of (I call it the etheric). The etheric is the vibrational plane that is higher than the physical but lower than the astral. It's where false awakenings happen, night terrors, the hypnogogic state and of course, where these nasty entities are perceived that can attach themselves to a person. You swear you're awake and you actually are, but you are one level removed from the physical. This is why moving and speaking are a challenge. You're not quite connected fully back to your brain pan, or body. In this state when this thing was in the room with me, like yours, my tongue would seemingly swell up. This being would also spoon me and poke its fingers into me. Really quite dreadful. It followed me for many months and even things in the physical started to happen; screams would be heard from my room, the room would grow cold, the dog would growl at the door and not enter. And even on one occasion, I shared this terrible experience with a friend from school and he came over to try and exorcize it but when he himself went home that night it followed him and turned on his stereo, turned dials to other stations, and knocked the entire contents of his closet to the floor. This told me this was not just a bad dream. This was real on a level I did not understand at the time. SOMETHING I couldn't see was visiting me.

So here you are with the same experience but with no knowledge of the "paranormal". Entities don't give one wit if you believe in them or not. Your non belief does not negate realities that don't match your beliefs. With that being said, it appears for whatever reason (history of the house, the fact you can become semi lucid and it knows and enjoys it, your energetic imprint, who knows) this entity is taking delight in your fear. Most base entities feed off fear so until this thing decides it's time to go, it will continue this. And more fear begets more episodes. A negative loop if you will.

You have several courses of action; one, dismiss the experience as bad dreams and let it runs its course. It's likely that over time it will get bored and move on. Two; medicate yourself (I don't mean this as a joke. Most doctors would willingly give you prescription medication for severe night terrors); three, refrain from being fearful (the hardest of the choices but with no fear, there is no game - think of the bullies in physical life) and four; try and cleanse the house but with your lack of knowhow this would be the least effective.

I feel for you that is for sure. I have been there myself and it was really dreadful, especially only being a naive teenager at the time.

As for the crows, they aren't of ancient lore for nothing. I personally love them and they seek out my company at home (and are in my dreams but always in a loving way) but they can also symbolize death, mystery, the unknown, or a message. The message they might be trying to relay is that; what you think you know about life and its mysteries very well may be nothing in comparison to what's really out there. If we don't listen or pay attention to these subtle clues, things like this will continue to happen so that it's like a repeated slap until we become alert and increase our awareness. Everything you believe in may not be the whole truth as I think you are finding out.

Thanks for sharing. That was as engrossing as a scary novel!

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