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For the past three months I have been taking nightly walks at the park for exercise and to just gaze at the night sky and every night I went on these walks I keep seeing either a crow or a raven taking off and flying over me just out of the side of my eye. Sometimes, I even see a Crow/Raven perched on the ground while looking directly at it but every time I look directly up when its supposed to fly directly over my head the bird is not there. I have no idea what is going on. Can anyone give me any insight into what may be happening?

For the past six months I have been having some very strange dreams of someone I didn't know that passed on. This particular person when he died his death hit me hard it was like a part of me died, too. Like I lost my best friend and like a part of my soul died. For the first two months after this person died I was physically sick. I was nauseous, vomiting, my head felt foggy, and I felt very confused and even became very depressed. I went to the doctor thinking I had the flu but they told me I didn't have it. However, this particular person he had depression and died by carbon monoxide poisoning. I have never had depression in my life and I believe I may have been experiencing his final moments. I can accept that someone I never met I have connected with on a another level but I don't understand why I am having visions of a crow or a raven or if the two are connected in some sort of way that I don't understand. Now the person who I have connected with on this other plane I have heard he was into astrology, myths and folklore of all cultures, visited mediums, had strange dreams his entire life, and was a serious lover of the moon. So, much so that he took his own life under the super moon or blue moon back in December 2017. I don't know if that has anything to do with my experiences or my visions. But if anyone has any ideas. I would greatly appreciate it.

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Trinitywasmyhero (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-03)
He may be trying to connect with you. Have you heard of the British psychic Eddie Burks? He suggested that suicide can trap a soul on the Earth. I myself am not gifted in communicating with ghosts, but if this is your talent you may be able to help him move on. Perhaps you know someone else who could advise you how to do this? Eddie Burks said that psychics act like a beacon to trapped souls, perhaps that is why he has come to you. I hope you find a solution.

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