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For as long as I can remember, I have always disregarded Psychic experiences and the supernatural as moronic and unreal. But as off late I have begun to believe more and more in this phenomenon. Why? I think I might be Psychic. It started 4 years ago, when my grandmother died. She had been diagnosed with cancer, and was literally on her deathbed when I visited her at the hospital. When I gave her a hug before I left for my hotel, I saw a glimpse. In a few seconds I could see my Grandmother passing away and hospital nurses doing their job as best as they could. I felt cold winds embrace me as I said goodbye to her, and my grandmother smiled at me before I left the hospital.

I would never at that time believe in something like "Precognition" or whatever you would call it, and I still have no clue if what I experienced was "Supernatural", but the next day when I went to the hospital I experienced the same thing I had seen in my dreams. My Grandmother was passing away, and nurses and doctors where flooding into the room to see if they could save her. On that day she died.

Since that day I have had several experiences and they happen at random. Sometimes several times a day, several times a month, and sometimes they may not even appear before 4 months and so on. Completely random. I know what Deja Vu is and the scientific reasoning behind it, but I do also get Deja Vu like any normal person. I'm telling you that these experiences that I guess you could call seeing in the future is nothing at all like Deja Vu. It happens anywhere. One time I was simply going to bed, laid down and saw a glimpse of myself failing my music exam. I guess you could say I was dreaming, but I had no eyes closed, and in the matter of a few seconds I was laying in the exact same spot, and looking at the exact same place. I checked my clock "half a minute had passed". Who sleeps for half a minute?

Lately the "Precogs" has happened more and more often, and seem to always be right. For example, two weeks ago I suddenly got a thought of my Girlfriend surprising me, by coming home to Oslo. Two hours later she was there, standing in front of the door.

If anyone feels the same way and knows if I'm just having some minor experiences, or that I actually might be psychic, can you comment below. It's mostly scary and weird for me, and I don't really see it as something positive, though I'm aware

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astralprecog (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
It sounds to me you know you're psychic, you just need to believe in it and not be afraid. Precognitive dreams have followed me around since I was 11, since then I've had an amazing memory and feel like by day I see the present and by night I see the future, as if my mind is never really going to sleep and I'm always watching something. My dreams have always been of fatal plane crashes that happen the next day on the news, but sometimes they have been just regular visions of seeing someone die and then finding out they die about an hour after I wake up. As you can imagine, I was pretty terrified wondering if I was causing it on an astral plane or if I was death (or a million other things).

In the end, some advice from a local psychic was (which would be my advice to you) to be confident in yourself, your abilities, and don't be afraid. Maybe we help those who will be passing away in the future in our sleep. Sounds crazy, but its nothing to worry about or be concerned about. Just be a happy helpful person and let these things happen in your dreams, or wherever they happen.

As for the half a minute glimpses, totally understand you there too. Time is a tricky thing, and the more you sense the future the more you'll understand just how tricky it can be. One of the reasons I really like the movie Inception is because of how they portray time in sleep. Half a minute in the real world could be half a day in your mind. It's really neat and works best if you stay positive, so don't let life or anything else bring you down or scare you!

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