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My Mind (?) Associates Itself To Happenings


I'm sorry for the very lousy title, but I really don't know how to explain what's going on. I 'know' some things before they happen, as they happen or after they happen (when I'm not near the occurrence for the latter two). Anyway, I'll state some of the experiences I've had:

1. Now and then, I could be craving for a particular dish and when I'm home for dinner, I'll see that my mum has prepared it even if I didn't tell her about my craving or ask her to cook it at all. Sometimes, I get the cravings in the afternoon, before she starts cooking dinner. Sometimes I get them in the evening, and sometimes I get them at night while on the way home, long after dinner was already prepared. Actually, as I'm typing this, I'm suddenly wondering... Are they cravings, or something else actually? (Or is my mum the one with something going on instead? Haha)

2. This one took place last month. I have a friend who works with a few foreigners (from the same country as one another) among his colleagues, that pronounce his name with an accent from their native language - let's call it language A. I was just minding my business in my room one night when I suddenly thought of that, and how his name actually meant something else in another language - let's call this one language B - when pronounced by those foreign colleagues of his. I sent him a text to tell him about it jokingly, and guess what (again)? Shocked, he told me that a native speaker of language B had just told him the same thing earlier that day. I was shocked too but I couldn't explain it.

3. This happened a while back - either around the end of last year or early this year. I have a part-time job in retail and was at work on this particular day. (Note: I'm not allowed to have my phone with me on the sales floor) I was people-watching on that quiet day while zoning out a little. Suddenly, a friend came to mind. It was nothing specific; just the thought of her and her name. At that point, we hadn't met up or chatted for months already. I didn't know why or how it happened and I just brushed it off, but during my lunch break that day I finally checked my phone. Guess what? I had a message from her. I don't remember if I thought of her before or after the message arrived, but either way I wasn't able to check my phone until it was already received.

4. Last Dec, I was at work one fateful day too. I stood near a shelf in the shop with lots of cases containing what the customers have bought and would be collecting soon, when I happened to recognize my handwriting on one particular piece of customer record card wrapped around the case. Bored, I picked it up and tried to recall the face that belonged to this name when suddenly, this exact customer walked into the shop. I knew that I was the salesperson who had served him, but couldn't quite put my finger on his name. He handed over his details for item collection and when I saw his name, I froze.

5. Last Oct, I had arranged my work schedule such that I had a day off in the middle of a week, to give myself a mid-week break (25th). I had work and classes on the other days, if I didn't remember wrongly. My friend had invited me to an event that week and initially, it was going to be the day after my off day (26th). I considered asking my manager to let me change it but was worried because I knew I was going to get scolded. Before I actually asked him, my friend got to me first and told me that the event's date had been changed to 25th. I was surprised by the coincidence (?) but just decided to accept how relieved I felt.

6. Lastly, I just want to mention that I experience those "I knew you were going to say that!" moments a lot with the people that I talk to. It doesn't happen every time, but frequent enough. I think many people do, so I don't know what to make of this but I thought I would just add it in anyway.

Honestly, I don't know if these are mere coincidences but there have been quite a few instances already. Not sure if I've left out any other examples. But I'd love to understand what's going on. Anyone?

Thank you in advance!

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