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How I Dream The Future


As I said in my profile description is I have many experiences and gifts one of such is dreaming the future. I have been doing this since I was a young kid around 4 years old I can't do it when I want to and the event usually almost always happen exactly like I dream them. I used to have a lot of time pass between the dream and actual event years would pass but now they are more frequent are now within days to months between each other.

I didn't really notice my future dreams were future dreams when I was a kid until they started coming true when I was around 10. Usually the where just dreams that stuck in my head until the first one I had came true. The first one I didn't get it was me but bigger and I was standing in front of a green stove with native ornaments on the wall standing next to this other native kid (turned to be my future best friend) he was cooking and said this is how you flip them and he flipped the pancake in the pan I thought it was cool then looked back at the wall ornaments. It's the first one to come true I dreamt it when I was 4 and it happened when I was 10 I just moved to the big city and made my first friend it was a few months we were friends when I went to spend the night and the dream came true exactly like I dreamt it. He turned out to be one of my most trusted friends.

It the dreams from my young years started coming true I thought it was just random events in my life I dream of. I was wrong as the dreams came true I noticed they were connected usually connected to something like when I dreamt of my first real job I was in a factory of sort listening to my dad tell me how to sand the floor and scrape the corners. My first job was with my dad at an industrial bakery and we were refinishing the hardwood floors the layout was the same the equipment the industrial ovens etc and my dad was showing me how to sand the floor and scrape the corners exactly like he did in my dream dame places in the factory. Even the dreams wound be months of each other but now they can be within days of each other.

I have had many dreams come true. I dreamt of my daughter being born 2 years before it happened, the first time I moved back to the country and started firefighting, when I was welding oil rigs as a teen etc. Now I can have multiple future dreams in a week and have a few of them come true a lot sooner I no longer wait years but I also notice they don't go as further in the future as they used too as I'm not waiting years for them to happen. As well I still have others from when I was a kid still coming true.

Though I noticed the most of my dreams came true when I was going through an abusive relationship (I was the one being abused by her in many ways worked out good in the end though so don't worry) around the time my daughter was born. It was a hard time for me and usually the dreams would come true just before bad stuff would happen it's when I started to realize they weren't just random. One dream that stands out the most during that time was us sitting on our couch watching TV I wasn't watching it though just staring out the window watching the birds and bugs fly by looking at the sparkles in the sky (another experience to write about) I was feeling down in that dream just feeling things out trying to hold everything together when I woke up. What the dream left out was shortly after that she decided to accuse me of checking out the girl on the show we were watching I tried tell her I wasn't even looking at the TV but she was set on what she wanted to do I'll leave that part out.

In short my future dreams used be far from each other and even further from the actual event I dreamt but they are happening faster and shorter as I get older though some of my younger dreams are still coming true these days. It's never of the actual event I think it's related too its usually just before or just after the event happens and usually only a few minutes long but everything is the same every detail every thought. I also have no control over it what so ever. Just wondering if this is normal way for dreaming the future? How do other people see the future? I've always theorized I'm just being myself in the future like future me sending a video clip back or me watching it live doesn't that sound wrong? I do not have lot knowledge besides what I try think and feel about it. I don't know anyone close to relate with about it because I'm the only one I know that can do it. My family didn't believe me about them until I would tell them to watch out for something because one of dreams came true or when they would come true I would go to my mom a little worried that something will happen and even when something would happen they still wouldn't believe it. My mom came around after I did a total reorganization of my daughters room and my room and when I was done I put on the dark knight then I realized another dream came true called my mom to be prepared for something to happen sure enough my cousin past away the day after.

I like it but when I realize a dream just came true I get anxious I usually try make them not come true but that has never worked. This isn't the only for I have of telling the future the other is vibes and it's only for the immediate future. But that's for a different experience to share.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-12)
I started dreaming like that as a young child. I dreamed of events and saw them play out later in my life. You have a divine gift.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
Hello Confused_gifts,

I am much like you, having this gift from an early age. From people I have met, it seems to be a rare ability to have premonitions in dreams. I think everyone is different in how the visions are given. Not all dreams of the future involves myself so in those cases it's mostly like watching a movie on a screen. In some dreams, there are no visions at all just a voice telling me about a certain event. But most of the premonitions in my dreams involve myself or people closely related to me. Just as in your case, these dreams can come several times in a week.

I also would like to quickly comment on what you said that you cannot control it. But maybe you can... In my case, I can ask a question about the future and an answer usually come within a week in a dream. Of course I am not allowed to know all the answers, but it's sometimes hard to know beforehand what one is not allows to know and it cannot hurt to try to ask anyway.

I hope that helps a little.


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