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Photographic Memory Is Rare?


I have never posted anything like this before today however I am in desperate search for answers as I believe we do not have much time left in this dimension. I'll tell you my story and it may be boring to some and fascinating to others I don't really care I just want to know if anyone has experienced anything close to this. My mother (who gave me and my brothers up for adoption at age 9) told me recently that I had past memories and that I would preach to her fellow waitress's at the restaurant she worked when I came there after school. They would say that my knowledge and wisdom was far past the age of 6. I had no idea at the time because the information I was giving them came from deep place within like I was regurgitating facts from some place I didn't have access to willy nilly. However they came out as a matter of fact. When asked how I knew the things I did I responded that I always knew them, I was 6 at the time and more events like these occurred all the time and I would find myself in situations where I was preaching to adults as a child and the adults would find my information inspirational that some would be in tears. This of course did not surprise me I just said stuff that came from deep down from within. In school I used photographic memory all the time. I can remember what was on the whiteboard and just recall info from there. I did not know such memory isn't common. I thought everybody can do that. I can memorize images and events really well I just thought everyone could too. So with that being said and learning that photographic memory is rare I am venturing out to see what other things I can do are rare as well. So let's give it a go shall we.

I can walk into a room full of strangers and pretty much read people like books. Some easier than others but still I can pretty much control the flow of conversation because of this ability. Anyone else?

I can tap into information that comes out with certain people like some well of knowledge that I don't really know how it got there.

As a child I had one of the most lucid dreams that I can still remember. A Dire wolf broke through the glass window and told me some stuff and said he was here to either protect me or to give me powers or something along those lines. All I know is that's when all this stuff started. So anyone else here have one of those types of dreams because I still remember that dream like it was last night.

And last but not least I have lucked into wealth quite a bit in my life, this is something I don't like discussing because I don't want to jinx myself but it's true. I have been given vast amounts of wealth that was totally coincidental not the lottery. Anyone else?

If any of this is true and anyone would like to reach out to me and I don't know coach or guide me so I can get better at these abilities that would be great. Or if it's all hogwash and I am just consumed with my own ego that would be great to hear as well as I don't want to fall into that category. I am and always have been a public servant my goal is not to rule but to enhance the evolution of humans.

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-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-10)
I am not as extreme as you but I used to be able to read strangers easily. Unfortunately I am extra sensitive to people and how they react. I grew up in a family with tension under the surface. I later learned my parents did not get along and my mother was abused as a child. They hid this from me but being sensitive and what is known as "empathic" I absorbed this negativity and because a child typically only knows its immediate world and everything seems to revolve around you I felt responsible for everything bad.

My mother was raped by her step brother. She projected her resulting feelings towards males onto me. I (along with my mother) paid the price for her being raped. My closest sister was both lovable, perceived as wonderful to everyone and I in turn worshiped her. But she followed the unacknowledged example my mother demonstrated and was typically quite harsh towards me. I was a good looking kid evinced by the reaction I got from both girls and men. Yet I was never able to feel good about myself and never allowed to feel happy. If I showed happiness my sister would tell me something unhappy in her life and I felt I could not be happy as long as she was not happy.

I am not gay but homophobia is common and I frequently confused the feelings some men had towards me as my own until I had more time to sense the source. I have walked into stores and felt a strong attraction towards people whom I had yet a chance to see. Many times I felt compelled to turn around and would find someone staring at me from some direction I never could have seen until that moment. There is a moment of distraction when I feel overwhelmed, then I evaluate and sense and wonder and then sense something wrong, then I realize it is not my feeling it is the person looking embarrassed across the room as I look at them blankly. This has happened with men and women. A psychic once told me that my "door" to psychic awareness is sexuality. People let their sexual attraction slip out.

My closest sister was lovable and got away with being hateful as well because of it. She was aggressive and people did not want to cross her. She also was insightful. We both could see people for what they truly were. I naturally respected people while she naturally felt she was beyond most. She set the example I worshiped her. She could get away with calling people on the BS. I wanted to be like her. I made many enemies instead when I did what she did. I was sensitive and cared when I perceived I hurt people. I received theirs and my own wrath on myself. I ended up numbing myself dulling my senses doubting myself because I dropped down in stature to myself when I perceived I hurt anyone and that became my identity. It may be dormant and clouded in doubt and fear of the trouble I could bring upon myself for using it but I still have that innate insight into people.

I experience what is called synesthesia. My senses overlap. For instance, I partially see with my ears and hear with my eyes. When I was a child I felt the future as sensations and shapes in my mouth that I would explore with my tongue as I observed images and contemplated events to come. I have lost that one ability because I have held a lot of tension in my mouth all of my life.

I cannot say whether I feel time is running out because I have knowledge of that from outside sources. I can only confirm your sense of things from this point of view. My wife was probably one of the greatest channelers to have been born. She channeled uncommonly pure. Her personal guides were benevolent with access to significant information. She had several and all but one were angels or archangels. People believe all "guardian angels" are literally angels. Most are people between incarnations of lives on the same level as us. Actual angels as guides are not so common. Archangels as guides are extremely rare. They were here on a divine mission using her as a tool. I was fortunate to have such close contact with them. I was able to ask every question I could think of over a period of years. Again I confirm from this perspective that your sense of time being short here is correct.

Good luck to you. We are all here to take part and many are here because this turbulent time is ideal for concentrated growth opportunity. It is not to be easy for anyone regardless of divine connections and special abilities.
Rosalina415 (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-20)
We soon might be the ones to let others rise up. It might be up to us soon to help humanity.
Rosalina415 (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-20)
I too feel as though we don't have much time left. It's a very confusing feeling that happens when I'm at my extreme vulnerability to myself. It's a strange feeling of strength that seems to just stop. Something will happen for us to be cut off, and it makes me so extremely sad. This is how I've grown, these abilities have made me who I am today. I believe it is a cut off from the higher beings. Not a lost cause for humanity, but simply yes. Them giving up? Whenever I try to go in with my energy to try and read the situation and understand what it/I am saying when this happens it is an automatic strong wall.
I believe maybe it's their way of saying if we need them, we will open up to them, and then they will be here. But maybe they are tired of trying when nothing seems to be happening? No one executing the information they are giving them?

ArcticEyez (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-12)
Why do you feel we don't have much time left? I'd be interested in hearing your take on this as well as the dimension aspect. Love and light -jenna
robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-14)
Good Day,
I feel you are a natural psychic. This happens only to about 10% of the population. I have little bit of ability and am trying to improve it by using the Silva Mind Control "Ultra Mind" program. I am not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.

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