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I Have Sensed Death In The Wrong Place


I do believe that I have psychic abilities, but I am not certain. I feel that if I do then they are only faint and or out of wack. Symptoms come and go during unexpected times. I remember that it all started with deja vu when I was younger, but I still have deja vu almost constantly. I've also had dreams about places that I had never visited before, and a few days or even weeks later I would find myself in these places. Bad dreams that I have scare me because of this.

One particular dream that I had, the reason why I am posting my story, had me crying throughout most of the day. I had a dream that my grandmother had died, so I woke up crying and screaming because of earlier dreams that had come true. I called my mom, because my grandma never answers her phone, and I asked her to check on my grandmother because of this dream. I spoke to her as well, and she was fine.

That day, however, my boyfriend got a call from his mother saying that his late grandfather had died the day before I had my dream. I don't know whether to consider this a coincidence or a premonition of death in the wrong place, if that is even possible.

This is not the only reason as to why I would consider myself to have psychic abilities, it is everything combined that has happened before and even after this event. I just feel very inexperienced with no certain explanation to the things I've encountered. I've tried talking to my mother, but she's said they're only dreams. When I speak to my boyfriend about my encounters and his grandfather, he just doesn't want to hear it. It would just be nice to at least get a sense of what has been happening.

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Berellic (54 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-06)
In this time of events in your life - abilities are awakening with your acknowledgement towards them. Being aware of your spiritual experiences and questioneing them will lead you towards uncovering answers but you really have to take the time to validate these anwers in a way if it makes sense to yourself and experiences.

Your dreams seem to play role with your awakening of abilities and can stand as signs to you about your personal life and warnings about your life. One important thing when it comes to dreams is how you interpret them - sometimes it is best to view them in a more general sense as suppose to specific if your having trouble figuring something. Different view points can bring clarity to a picture but this will not always work with everything. I am not sure as to why your boyfriends grandfather passed away when you had a dream about you grandmother but I cann see the confusion and how you have linked your recent dream experiences to this specific dream.

You should definitely take as a sign to keep in contact with your grandmother to make sure this dream is validated through if there are ay siigns of death in some way coming towards her.

I believe you have abilities but just need time to learn how to use them properly and towards what you chooose to use them for.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-01)
nesquee_kee, Not many people are going to understand where you are coming from. Most people only have one, very isolated instance in their life when they could say that they, absolutely, knew that something bad was going to happen and it did. It is usually when he/she lost someone very close to them, a person that they cared for deeply, and/or had a relationship or bond with. There are a lot of instances like that, even, when a Mother and Daughter were no longer close, but, the Daughter predicted her death before it happened.
Some people have a much deeper and more regular gift. You see many, more things before they happen. It's important how you decide to use it.

The best thing that you can do is embrace your gifts. I know its hard and its probably not something that you have ever considered doing but just... Putting aside the baggage and being happy with who you are and what you can do will help you work this all out.

Deja vu is supposed to mean that you are on the right life-path or you are making the right choices at that time. In other words everything is working perfectly together.

Some people say, if you have a premonition that something bad is about to happen, it's because you are supposed to change it or do something about it when you can.

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