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What Is Wrong Me, Can People Really Have Powers?


Since I have been 13 years of age, I have been able to do paranormal things. I can feel exactly how people are feeling around me, sometimes this causes me to feel depressed. I can also which sounds really crazy change also how people are feeling around me, I can portray a happy feeling/sad/angry/worried/jealous on to other people and sometimes with out meaning to, this can really irate me. I can move objects lightly/slowly with my mind, such as paper, decorations, make candles burn more or blow out. If it is lightly cloudy outside and I concentrate I can make the sun shine thorough/or the opposite way round. Followed by this I always have a strong electrical pulse feeling in my hands and my head, if I press on to my head, where the pulses are I can prevent the feeling and anything happening. Since I have been a baby, I have had a type of evil spirit in my bedroom, it always stands and watches me, I can sense it. It have woken up before feeling as though something has taken over my body, scratches all over my hands that where bleeding and every morning I wake up at 4 in the morning feeling so threatened!: (Please tell me why this is all happening to me? I would love to feel normal again. When it began I had this very overwhelming feeling and I was standing on my doorstep. All of this at the end of the day could be an un-balanced hormones. However it is said a large section of the brain know one knows what it does? Could this be the answer? Again, could someone please give me their personal ideas of what this could be? Maybe I am completely mental, or maybe it is actually happening.

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ilovecats1 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-01-30)
Thank you. That is very helpful!:) I shall try these things first!
Lilmomma24 (6 stories) (18 posts)
7 years ago (2014-01-30)
Hi! I understand what you are going through and it is normal to feel confused. There are many different reasons why this is happening depending on where you look. I have been feeling similar experiences and it makes you feel crazy and lost but don't be afraid of it. It can be controlled and managed. Do some research, find a local alternative or holistic shop that you can go to. I found one in my town and it have been very helpful as to explaining and guiding me. We are put here for a reason and I believe that reason it to teach other people and make this crazy world a better place.

What you are feeling when you are around other people is possibly their emotions or energy and yes, it can give you a depressing feel. It happened to me all the time with my father-in-law. I KNOW when he is stress or upset or happy and those emotions effect me. You are an Empath, and it is something that can be managed to protect yourself.

As far as the evil energy, you have to take back your space, let it know that it is not welcome there. Burning sage has cleansing effect. Crystals and stones are also very helpful. Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are useful for blocking or absorbing negative energy. I have black obsidian in a bag, hung up over my bedroom door.

Meditation is something you should research, it can help you in many many ways such as connecting with your spirit guides, teaching you control, and help you maintain a positive attitude (which is a must!)

As far as protecting yourself, you can use this prayer to protect you on a daily basic, when you are clearing a room of where/when ever you see fit.

You visualize a white light coming up from the center of the earth and reaching all the way to your feet and see that light coming up through your body to the top of your head. Then in-vision that light coming out of the top of your head like a fountain and then surrounding you (that visualization is what is grounding or centering you). While doing that you can say out loud or in your head,
Dear Lord (or whom ever you believe),
Surround me with your white light, surround me with your loving protective light, let no harm come to me or mine, let nothing with ill intent cross your light, Thank you for this beautiful light and guide me on this path, In your name I pray, Amen. (You can say your own thanks)

Do your research, stay positive, PROTECT yourself, and stay healthy, and you will be just fine. Just remember that you are not alone!

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