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I Think I Know How They Feel


My name is Casey, and I'm currently attending High School. Please, however, don't let that throw you off; I promise I'll make this as informative and mature as I can, and I do hope I've come to the right place. My father received the news that he has Terminal Brain Cancer in 2011, and, of course- emotionally, everything has been downhill/middle-laned since then. I manage to focus my energy and efforts into helping my mother and getting the best I can in school, and do as well as I can; but I have anxiety, Panic attacks and depression, all of which I am getting aid for. I figured it wold be helpful for you to know what it is that is going on in my life- and, if my experiences aren't relevant to this site, I promise i'll find somewhere else. I just want answers.

When I was a child, I was hyper. Then, at such a young age (about 8 or 9), I couldn't explain to my doctor that I didn't have ADHD when he claimed without testing that was undoubtedly what it was. Though, luckily, my mom didn't believe that I did and therefore I didn't get medicated but I digress; it was awful. The only reason I knew it wasn't what they were saying was because I had a fine time understanding, concentrating and acting by myself. The issue, however- that frightened me, was simply that when I would get home. I would be abnormally tired, unhappy and simply un-energetic. If the people in class were really happy, my throat would close, my eyes would tear up and i'd feel like I was about to sneeze. I've learned to control this slightly as of late, and can actually MAKE myself feel this if I try- but back then, it would happen everyday, I learned by Grade Six that by rubbing my hands together so hard it caused burning, I could experience some relief from my extreme need to move though my body wouldn't want to, as my muscles would tense so hard they'd be flaccid when they un-tensed, forcibly relaxing me. After awhile, as that's when the depression began, this got more crippling. If other people were too happy, I wasn't able to move.

This connoted and continued- but with time, when I turned fifteen, I realized I could focus. I can't truly make this sound believable or true because of how extreme it gets- but I know what people feel. Not all the time, and not in everyone- but sometimes I just understand. If another person is sad, I get this severe to mild headache and the inability to concentrate. Now, at seventeen, it's expanded to TV and movies- the actors. I can almost sense what THEY'RE feeling in those moments and I just force myself to repress it but the more I do, the more crazy I become about it. I'm so sorry for bothering any of you, it's just that this... It's just hard. A few days ago, my mother is relatively open to listening thankfully so when I told her she didn't completely dis-believe me, I began crying in front of her. We had been casually talking about her past- and I started crying. I could almost see the man she saw kill himself and I almost threw up; it was horrible. If I try I can almost. Gosh this feels weird to type, but I can almost put myself in her head and understand memories and emotions. I've done this with friends before, and one stranger. None of which I enjoyed and tested silly because I thought something was really wrong. The last strange, annoying thing I can't seem to express to anyone is that I know ALL sides to a story. I don't mean I know facts, I just know them intuitively; what to look out for, what chances there are of something or who to believe.

Again, I'm very sorry for bothering any of you- thank you for reading, it's very kind.

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CloudWaves (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-03)
Love1st, these comments were very kind of you to post, and helpful- as they describe different things i've tried, without knowing, recently! For the past two or three days i've shut myself down- to see how it feels. It's a lot of concentration and work, and it wouldn't be something i'd do for very long- but it's a refreshing feeling for a short period of time!:3 The other comment you made about it almost like being underwater is completely accurate to how I feel whilst doing this around other people, as if I can barely breathe let alone concentrate! When it comes to other people I 'think' in memories and the emotions attached; sometimes I can see images, but mostly- it's emotional. I can feel exactly, like you said, what they feel about another person or even almost who they're talking to on the phone. You are all so kind to be giving me advice as it's not as if I never believed, I simply had no idea any of it was's amazing, at least, to know i'm not crazy, and not alone! ❤
Lyro (465 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-01)
First off I know some of what you're going thru, I started off just knowing when she was sad, knowing when something was wrong. Without seeing her or hearing anything from her, I just knew. Then it started going into knowing what she thought, specific thoughts that I shouldn't know, the way she thought about other people. Then it started going into feeling things she felt physically, the warmth of a shower, or the coolness of being outside. All things having to do with this same person. I later found out about empathy and more about what it meant to be an Empath. What you're feeling is normally known as the empath overload, not knowing how to create and control connections, so a new empath creates connections with anyone they meet or just are around. They feel so much from everyone around them that they either want to just throw up/be sick, or to find themselves always wanting to be alone and depressed. The very first thing you need to learn is about connections, though from experience, it was easier fr me to first start realizing in your own mind... Basically, knowing which feelings are yours, and what are feelings that you feel but you shouldn't feel. Knowing the difference between your feelings, and others. That would then help you learn to control connections with others. As far as the headaches, that's your bodies way of reacting to the new... Well... Stress. Your body isn't used to what you're doing, and in time and practice the headaches will fade. I do agree that meditation can help a lot, though I was never too good at it myself, I'm not very patient I'm afraid:)

This video may help you as well, I found it on youtube, and it's a great way to learn more about Empaths, I know a lot of Empaths who watch it and think it's exactly how they are, and it was to me too. I really liked it, and it does explain a lot:
Love1st (guest)
8 years ago (2014-01-31)
I agree with Anne. Recently, I have had a hard time at work because I am basically an empath that chooses to work in service industries (retail, restaurant, and hopefully medical someday). Go figure, right? So I understand what you're going through.

Sleep is important. So is reading up on aura fields and chakras. Practice meditation, too. Internal martial arts such as Tai Chi may also help with relaxation and energy flow. Try and find a good friend to talk to. Since you said you are getting aid for anxiety attacks, depression, etc., are you seeing a therapist? (You don't need to answer me. It's just something I'd recommend.) Sometimes it's good to just have a neutral person to talk to. I find that fine and performing arts are good outlets for emotions.

What one person recommended to me is to visualize a shield on the outside of your aura so that it's almost as if you are protecting yourself from being drained/interacting too much with another person's energy. For me, when I do this, it feels somewhat like being underwater with no air, as if I'm holding my breath but instead of holding my breath I'm "holding" my energy field closer to me if that makes sense? It's hard to explain. It may be that I'm doing it wrong though. And just putting the "shield" up can be draining in and of itself, so I try not to do it too much. However, it has come in handy every once in a while if you are around someone who is being very draining.
Lukebailey (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-29)
thats ok. As anne also said animals and nature are a mega plus. I also live on a property and there is nothing I find more enjoyable than being with my dog, shes the best therapy for satisfying my needs at times and is better than any human contact for me. I swear she never has an impure thought in her mind which helps me deal with everything that I am exposd to. Also try stretching out your body and releasing tension. The tension people don't know they have built up in their body is rediculous. I stopped for a little while and I was just getting angry and upset and never relieved. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me until I had an intense workout followed by stretching and felt soo free.
CloudWaves (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-29)
Thank the both of you very much for commenting, it was very thoughtful! Anne, what you said was really very helpful, as I didn't really realize any of these things fully existed... My cat Aslan is quite the emotional help to me- and, when i'm feeling emotionally drained or sick, I like to go outside and watch the snow, as silly as it sounds. It's peaceful and quite, and demands nothing from me but existence to be watched, I supposed. The things you said of Chakras do indeed sound helpful, and I look forwards to trying to research them and study them with regards to me and my situation, so thank you so so much for your amazing insight. Again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to write such an extensive, helpful list! 😳

Lukebailey, I totally understand your point- understanding the emotions of others through your own is the first thing that came front the Cancer- realizing the different sides of life and how it continues through you hole sometimes... It was very kind of you to comment, and you should be proud to be so healthy! I try and watch what I eat, and will try harder in the future! ❤
Lukebailey (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-29)
im not saying this isn't a psychic related ability but it could just be because you yourself in life now know what great sadness and stress is and are still going through it. This meaning that your now familiar with emotions and feelings that you couldn't have noticed before and now are able to empathise with others sadness and relate your feelings to theirs. Its like learning a new language and now hearing what is said around you for the first time. Soft of like if a happy foreign child who has never been overly sad and spoke no english saw a bunch of people english people in a room who were mostly happy. The child would be able to relate and understand what they feel. But if the child had been from a hard life then it would not be able to understand and familiarise the happy people in the room, but more so the sad. I wish you and your family the best of luck and whilst the suffering might never go away it doesn't mean you can't look at the happier people sometimes too. But if you actually have abilities of a psychic nature, I know from personal experience that it can be develpped to great extents through stress and pain. But keep fit and healthy. I don't know anybody who takes health and fitness more seriously than I do and its all I care about. Its as though god gives me more power psychically everytime I also get physically stronger, which is everyday almost. But you should go to the doctors just in case for your headaches just in case you may have similar conditions as your father, and not just thinking that its your powers at work
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-01-29)
Hi Casey,

Of course you are tired. Any person having to go to school and cope with that kind of reaction is going to go home and collapse.

It clearly sounds as if you are an empath. An empath is a highly sensitive people that has deep intuition towards others. While this can be a "gift" the downside, as you are figuring out, is that you have to be extraordinarily careful with your energies.

High school is one of the most stressful places a human can go, even under good conditions. For an empath, this can be down right unbearable and with much anguish. I am so sorry you have to endure this.

Empaths have to take extra special care of themselves and can't usually enjoy the modern trivialities of current human living. What I mean by that is, you should refrain from watching tv, zapping your energy by too much talk, especially on a cell phone. Absolutely seek out some form of nature, if even a park. A pet is very helpful because they are calming and aren't demanding (generally, but my own mastiff is very demanding!:-) Think of your energy like currency. How are you spending it?

Empath aside, you may also have a too open chakra. Even for an empath, it seems excessive this kind of reaction. An overly open heart chakra, for example, is going to create this kind of condition. Though I imagine you know little of chakras, do a little research on the internet (you can also read about them on some of my other websites like What you eat is important (less meat and refined foods and more fresh vegetables, fruit, water, etc.) Make sure you get lots of sleep because sleep replenishes our energy via our chakras. Visualize white light coming from the base of your spine and move it up your spine and out your head. Visualize healthy working chakras. I too am an emapth and live in the country, have lots of sleep, quiet time, do energy/meditation work, avoid crowds like the plague and do okay. It is possible but you have to be mindful of your needs.

These are just a few things you can do to ease your condition. It sounds by your age you might be nearing the end of your tenure at High School. This is a good thing but pick your career wisely. A hustle bustle career won't suit you, but one of perhaps psychology, something to do with nature, or healing might.

People like you often end up being some of the greatest gifts to society. You just have to get through the rough patch and find your direction.

We're always here for you.

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