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Psychic Experiences From The Other Side


Since I was a little girl, I was always excited and anxious for going to bed. To me, it was my escape from the real world; I always viewed it as a story in which I could choose my fate. Yes I am and was a lucid dreamer, but these dreams simply being adventures came to a halt once I turned 13, when I noticed something strange about them.

The locations of the dreams were always similar, it would start off in one place and end up in another which I would later find out in my life were real life locations that I would one day visit. The other thing would be that a certain strange event would happen and then something similar would occur in my daily life shortly after; for example, in one dream I was in my yard and a rocket fell out of the sky and set half of the property on fire, a few days later, a fire started in that exact location of the property, not by a rocket of course. I also started to notice how my dreams would give me warnings of bigger things to come by showing the same place with the same event happening dream after dream, such as major flooding or a mass shooting.

While these could be debunked by skeptics I suppose, as I have gotten older (I am now 23), these dreams have gotten more accurate. Some weeks I have dreams of what's going to happen the entire week, other weeks I have regular dreams. But that's not why I am writing. I am used to what I have going on with my dreams. What I have not yet realised is that I may have been experiencing another type of psychic ability my entire life and just ignored it until recently. I was always known for getting sick feelings in public as a child, though I have been raised by my mother who fed me well and I never once needed antibiotics. Yet, everytime we would go somewhere I had never been before, namely historical sites, I would always get a strange feeling in my body, whether it be stomach, head or throat. I also feel incredibly anxious in public, but I never thought more of it besides me being a shy girl, and the sickness was just something I had always been used to so I accepted it.

It wasn't until recently this past summer that I really even considered myself possibly being a medium, I just thought they were cool people on tv shows who could give messages to people from loved ones, or talk to spirits in the house, you name it. But then I had a friend staying with me who I had just met that year, and while I knew we both shared lost fathers in common, I never asked him anything about his father as I didn't think it was my place, until one night where he was about to make a bad decision and I had received the name of his father in my head, so I asked if the name was his fathers name and if he had died at the age of 35, in which he shockingly agreed. I didn't give a full out reading but I knew his father had wanted him to not make this decision so I did everything in my power to stop it from happening. And I thought that was then end of it. Needless to say, it wasn't.

Following that moment, I received the month June, and another person's name, Cathy, who I did not recognize but I knew had to be connected with this friend of mine. I asked my friend who this person may be and at first he didn't know but a few days later, within the first few days of June, his friend passed away and he had to get in contact with their sister, who's name is Cathy. A few days later my friend's grandfather passed as well. Then I found out my other friend was in a coma and asked Spirit for a sign for if everything passed well. The next day I saw a red bird fly in front of me and I got a sinking feeling, and shortly after my friends contacted me saying he was going to die. I brought myself to go to the hospital to see him one last time, and for the first time in my life I felt the laboured breathing when I stepped into his room, needless to say, they may not have turned off his machine yet but I knew he was gone.

A few weeks pass and the friend I let stay with me moved away, and the group of friends that were once close had become separate and distance due to the death of my other friend. I figured he had moved on into the other side peacefully and did not truly think I would get a visit from him but then I did in my dream. In this dream I was in a strange building in the clouds and had seen relatives of mine who had passed on and then I saw my friend who had recently passed. He was upset and told me how he didn't like how everyone became so distant and how he wanted us to get together one last time for him, and to let them know he was okay and always with us. I woke up and didn't realize fully that it was a message that needed to be delivered until I suffered from insomnia until I delivered it and got the group together one last time. After this visit/message delivery, I received a few more from my relatives which I had not met before, such as my grandmother and a great grandfather.

After this moment, I went through a few weeks where I could not sleep, I am still not sure if I was afraid of receiving more messages or just anxious about my own personal problems. And then I was able to sleep again, so I did receive more visits from the other side but I did not receive any important messages besides some words of encouragement and hellos, all of which warmed my heart. It wasn't until a few days ago when I moved places and was dreaming that I got another important message for my grandmother who is living in Florida. In my dream I came down the stairs and she was sitting with and injury on her face and across from her were two women, one who I recognized as my great grandmother who has passed and another who I recognized as my godmother, also passed. The message I received: "save her". At first I didn't understand if it was them forewarning me that she was going to die soon and that I needed to say goodbye or if they meant that I truly needed to save her until I woke up the next day and heard about the hurricane Irma which is making its way there as we speak. My grandmother was asked by every other family member to leave and she was going to refuse and stay and let whatever may happen, happen, until I called her and convinced her to come to where I am staying with my uncle. It was after that moment when she agreed to me, that I realised had I not called her she would have stayed and I would have not been able to save her, I do believe I was able to do just as her mother requested of me.

I am still unsure what type of psychic ability this may be called or how I am supposed to hone these abilities, so I asked the readers of this story (I apologize for the lengthiness) What are your views on what this may be? Is there a book or expert out there that may be able to help me? Thank you and much love.

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