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Long Story, But Worth The Read, Death Dreams


When I was a very young child 4-5, my family lived in an old farm house, to reach it you had to cross a creek, if it rained we were stranded. Of course there were wild animals mostly bobcats. My mom worked at the nursing home in a town over & wouldn't get home until midnight or a bit later. I was terrified of the bobcats & storms. When my mom would get home I would be sitting on my bed talking to an old woman. This woman would tell me everything was going to be ok & as long as I'm in her home nothing will hurt me, we also talked about other things as well. When my mom would come into the bedroom to check on me & my sister I would get upset cause she made her go away. My mom believed me & brought me to my dads mom & had me tell her what this lady looked like. My grandma recognized her as her husbands (my grandpa) grandmother & we were living in her home. Years passed & I grew up & forgot.

Years later I was pregnant with my first child, when I was around 3 months I had a dream of my moms dad who passed when I was 5yrs. Old (we were close) he came to me in my dream & told me I was having a healthy baby boy, I was so excited. A few months later I went for an ultrasound & sure enough a boy. Another month or two passes & I have another dream of my grandpa this time he's asking if I want to come with him? In my dream I'm able to think & talk the same as if I'm awake, I tell him I'm going to be a mom & can't leave with him. My grandpa said he understands & there's going to be some scary things but not to worry it will all work out & we'll be ok. I asked if I would see him again & he promised we would. When I went into labor I was 2 weeks past due, while I was in labor it was very long, 15hrs. Into it my blood pressure started dropping & I had an emergency C-section. We both turned of ok

Rest of what happened is in comments, please if you think you can help me keep reading!

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-20)
Hello ghostjnky,
I would recommend you try to meditate regularly, to help strengthen your abilities. Try to practice switching your focus to where you did when you spoke with ghosts in the past.
Sometimes people move on. Other times you may not have a visit for a while. Time is different for ghosts. Your mother may have found peace. If that is the case, she may be with you in a different way. That doesn't mean she or the others are gone. Sometimes lapses in experiences are normal.
I am sorry for your losses, and know a bit how you feel. Certainly know that you should trust your instincts. It's hard when the time comes, but all you can do is learn.
I wish you peace,
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-17)
I used to have dreams that told me when someone died. I haven't had those in a while. I had them when I was a teenager. The first one I had I dreamt that my dads uncle had died, great uncle Ben, I dreamt of a wheelchair, a pair of glasses, three little Boys aka the three fates, a mirror and a grim reaper. I was thirteen and I woke up and went to my parents room and asked if someone had died. My brother and my mom and dad were sitting there looking sad. They told me they had just received a phone call that uncle Ben had died 3 days earlier. This was a long time ago. The thing was uncle Ben had worn glasses and was in a wheelchair at his late age. I like your stories there very interesting:)!
ghostjnky (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-15)
P.3 I ran out saw what happened & called 911. She was flown to the Universaty. My mom & I were staying with her & things go bad, real bad. Emergency brain surgery the Dr. Gave her 15% chance. While she was in surgery mom & went to the parking lot to smoke a cig. & out of nowhere my dream came back to me & I tell mom I know she's going to pull threw, & how I knew. She did other than she can't smell she was fine. A few years go by & I've started a dream journal. One dream was my aunt (the one than passed), my mom, my sister, & my cousin (still alive) & were in this beautiful yard, brightest green grass I've ever seen, & a little white house. We go in the house & the colors are as bright & beautiful as I don't know what, you'd think it would hurtin to look at something so bright, but it was soft also. Only way I can think to describe it. We visited for a bit & then my aunt said it's time to go. Called each of us kids by our nick names & told me I need to be ready, I say ready for what? She hugs my mom & says JoJo I'll be seeing you real soon, she hugged my mom (her sis) & looked right at me. I woke up wrote it down & wasn't sure what to do, if it was real, was I loosing it, so I did nothing, to this day I wish I'd known it wasn't just a dream & I had done something, warned my mom, something. Less than a year latter she passed from a heart at tact, 52yrs. Old. That's when I knew they really weren't just dreams.
I've not had anymore like that, but I have had dreams of others passing, thinking they were nightmares. I wrote them down anyway. They names in my book are no longer with us today.
I had one awful dream about a close friend who overdosed & passed, he was in what I can only describe as some kind of pergatory, when I woke I was in tears, & had the horrid smell in my nose. This is all I can say about this dream when I go into detail weird things happen, its in my journal tho.
Its been years since I've had any dreams & what has brought me to this site is, another dream came true a dream I had around 5-6yrs. Ago, another car accident & another lost friend. He passed almost a month ago just like in my dream.
I've not had a dream in a long time, others have passed with no warning & I'm worried & wondering why am I not getting dreams anymore? Shortly after my mom passed the dreams stopped. There's been other things also I used to on rare occasion see ghosts of people I had never known & could conversate with them, but not for a long time. I worry I've lost it, or I'm not sure really. I'm in need of advice. Id like to visit with my mom & the others that's passed like I used to. I've seen mom twice, one lucid dream & last time I have had any paranormal anything was her siluette was at the foot of my bed. I woke at 3:30am to use the bathroom & her reaction was I startled her. But then it was like I could hear her voice in my head, telling me she loves me & take care of her grand babies.
I've had other things happen also, conversations with ghosts, pictures with a ghost in then, or strange lights (currently trying to find the pics. Will post when I find it) middle of night bright, soft beautiful light fill the top of my room I was younger & scared me so I ran.
I'd love to learn how to get a handle on this & that's what led me to this sight. Thanks for any input!
ghostjnky (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-15)
P.2 I was with my mom one day & told her about my dreams & that's when she reminded me of the old lady I used to talk to. All she had to say was remember when we lived past Jodi Hole (name of creek)? That was it, it sparked something in my memory & it came flooding back to me.
That was it for a few years & my grandma (my moms mom) got sick & was passing away, the family was with her at the hospital. The night she passed my aunt & myself were the only two awake, I was sitting by grandma holding her hand & my aunt in the chair across the room. My grandma was taking her last breathes & had death rattle real bad, I held her hand telling her it's ok let go, comforting her, my aunt came to check her pulse & wake the others. Just after she took her last breath I fell asleep on her shoulder, it was like I was all of a sudden I'm not able to stay awake. In my sleep I saw my grandma, she told me she loved me & would watch over me always.
3 months pass & my moms older s sister dies in a car accident, & another year I lose my 1st. Cousin (moms side). Then I start having lucid dreams visiting my grandma, aunt, & cousin at first there pleasant dreams talk about how we are & we miss each other. Time passes & the dreams have stopped until I woke up from a dream, my grandma & aunt came to me & told me they needed to show me something. It was my younger sister & she's in a truck that's out of control, in my dream she wrecked & flies out the truck & busted her head open. It was like I was there on the road & couldn't stop it. My grandma & aunt put there arms around me & tell me it looks worse than it is, Steph (my sis) is going to be fine, they won't think so but she will. A few months pass & Steph is in a little wreck, her brakes go out pulling into my house, air bag goes off & knocks her out of the car. After the shock wears off I realize I had a dream almost like what'd happen. She was fine didn't even see a Dr. I was thinking what's going on did I really dream this? That night my grandma & aunt come back to my dream & said there's more. That was all they said, a few months go by & Steph is in a horrible accident. She was with a guys & fell out the passenger door going down the highway. He put her in his truck & rushed her to my house, he pulls in sideways slamming his horn.

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