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Strange Eye Color Changes In Photos


For the past couple years I noticed my eyes or one of my eyes would change color in photos. Even when I posed with other people their eyes were unaffected and I do not have health problems with my eyes. I have also been sick for months without explanation by doctors. I often feel my own emotion and other emotions that aren't mine and I have no idea what's that about! Going to different places are hard for me because when I enter places I feel different energy and I get overwhelmed! Another note, when I fall sleep I feel as if I leave my psychical body and there's always another presence close to me mostly with a negative feeling energy that paralyzes me and I am overwhelmed with dread and fear. Another thing is that I can feel my boyfriend energy and it keeps me calm and balanced. Whenever he touches me it's a sensation that I have never felt before! Anyone else feels this? The past two years I have multiple visitations by spirits speaking to me. Some nice or seem curious of me and the some others had a negative energy so strong to where I can't sleep. Lately I had more than one situation to where I predicted events before they occurred or I when I really thought about someone I haven't seen in a while they pop up a day later! Also every time I change rooms in my apartment the lights flicker for awhile, any ideas to what that might be? I talked to my neighbor in my apartment complex about it and looked at me strange like he didn't know anything about the electric disturbances. Sorry if I misspelled! Thanks for reading!

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EricHandsomeGuy (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-15)
France, it is true indeed that love is a very strong and I think it is the strongest energy. We have it in ourselves, it is something demons do not have. That is also why we are stronger, with the power of love.

And yes, you feel comfortable with your boyfriend because you like each other;) If you can observe it, when you are with him, you aura and his will "combine?" and produce beautiful colours.

Love is a strong source of positive energy ❤

About the dark entities, you must protect yourself by creating a high frequency shield (violet colored). Think about what can make you happy (eg your boyfriend) to raise your vibration. Do not fear, we are stronger than them. We have LOVE.
meredith (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-22)
my eyes sometimes in photographs change color. From brown to a greyish blue. The first time I noticed this happen I felt this overwhelming fear that something bad was going to happen. Shortly after, the love of my life was killed in a motercyle accident. That was a year and a half ago. I took a picture with my laptop this morning and the same effect happened with my eyes. And once again I have this crushing feeling that something awful is about to happen. I don't know who, or when or what however. I just know something awful is about to happen
theredmotel (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-21)
The energy of your boyfriend is probably soothing to you because he is a person that you have created a bond with, and he is someone you feel safe with.

The negative energies around you will most likely not hurt you, as it is pretty rare that they do. Negative entities/spirits/beings just want to basically get you hooked on the drug fear. They get their power over you by making you afraid of them. Or, if it isn't fear that you feel, it's your confusion that feeds them. They're like psychic vampires. You should read up on how to deal with them appropriately, maybe even seek out the help of a professional. If you do something wrong in trying to get rid of negative entities, it may not end well for you.

Educate yourself and remember that it's in your own hands! I hope this helps. 😆
France (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-17)

First, you might want to Google awakening symptoms. It might be what is making you feel sick. I experienced those for months, they still pop up sometimes. Or it might be the negative energy you feel at night doing it to you. You need to learn to defend yourself against these spirits that might want to cause you some sort of harm.

What I do is when I'm praying at night, I ask God and the angels to put a bright light of protection, first around my yard, then my house, then all the people and animals around me and then around me. As I'm doing this I imagine these bubbles of light, kind of like shields forming around everything I mentioned. Then I ask that only those who walk in truth and light be allowed past these shields.

This works for me, I almost never feel any negative energies around my home. The outside world is a different story though. But one's home is supposed to be one's sanctuary. You must be able to feel safe and rest in your own home.

Always remember though, you are a sensitive. Therefore the energy doesn't necessarily have to be linked to you for you to feel it. It can be linked to a loved one and even a pet. Its hard to know especially if this is just starting. You also have the right to tell this energy to pack up and leave and to not let the door hit him on his way out. Be adamant and clear and ask your guardian angels to assist you in this. They always want to help but you have to ask.

It sounds to me like you are an empath. You can feel people's emotions. Some can even feel the history or energy of places.

On your eye colour changing. I have never heard or red anything like that. But hey, its still cool. I suspect that you will find the answer to why sometime in the future.

Your boyfriend might have a gift of his own of which he might not be aware of. That might be what you are feeling when he touches you. Otherwise, and I know there are people that will not agree with me on this but I belief that love is the strongest and most powerful emotion in the world and therefore a weapon in its own right. It might be that when the two of you touch it creates a circle of protection against these entities who causes you discomfort. This is a theory, I might be wrong.

I hope this helps you.

Remember that going through these changes can be trying sometimes, but I truly believe we were made this way for a reason. Learn to use your gifts and respect them.

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