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My name is Tom. I have had to gain confidence in doing this but I'm ready to try anything to figure this out.

About four years ago I started to have real bad anxiety and panic attacks out of no where. I would just feel a almost tingling sensation start inside my body and know it was beginning. It would run through my body and make me feel like I was literally going crazy sometimes. My doctors wanted to put me on medication but I know I'm not crazy. Lately (about a year or two) I've almost felt people and their emotions like an example from today: my buddy was saying he was extremely mad because his family was putting a lot of pressure on him for things not his problem. He's 25 like me and very strong. He said he wanted to punch things but I knew that he wasn't mad he was sad. I told him that I felt he wasn't mad just needed to cry and I hugged him (which we don't do) to him sobbing out of control. He thanked me for it later. But I feel like I can feel people's thoughts or where they are in a proximity it's so weird. Sometimes I even feel like there are people around me at times that aren't and their feelings. These things are making life very difficult in my life. I was a very happy person without these feelings (at least the anxiety and panic attacks). My doctor insists on giving me medication to quote "regulate my brain chemistry " even though I'm not depressed or out of it. If I sound crazy just tell me, I just don't know what else or where else to turn. Thank you very much

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-09-16)
Your abilities and symptoms suggest that you're an empath. Empaths have to take special care of themselves or they will endure anxiety, depression and yes, even be medicated. I wrote an article on this website to help empaths deal with this issue:


You might want to read other empath stories too to see how they cope. It is a challenge being an empath because empaths are so open to what's going on around they and that can be so draining so take care of yourself and learn some techniques to mitigate the strain.

Be well and thanks for posting.

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