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I feel like I am unable to feel as spiritual as I felt before. Earlier my abilities were out of control, like telepathy, and also remote viewing, hearing people at distance as if they were talking in my own room. Hearing voices non stop. I just wished for all of it to be in control and probably get rest, since it did hurt me a lot. I also felt people reacting to my messages, and they were uncontrollable. It does not happen anymore, but I surely miss having my abilities. I felt proud to be sensitive, and I loved helping people. Lately I feel competitive, and also materialistic. I am 24 years old, and I am always thinking how I have to achieve all my material ambitions in the next 4 years. I feel competitive suddenly and I am not sure if I am picking the energies of the place I live in. I feel like I want to do all the great things I see on television. Some people on television have had a bad influence on me, it must be funny but it wasn't to me a while back. Esp advertisements make me feel very competitive.

I just feel like a different person and I hope that I am able to feel my abilities, I am just resting and it should come back.

I just hope it is temporary, because I am scared.

I have no spiritual friends right now as such, who could help me have faith. My family knows of my fears, but they do not encourage or understand the gifts as much. I am just afraid that I am spoiling myself because of others. Or just because I could not control them earlier, I have shut them now as I was picking many evil things from old partnerships earlier. I felt I knew everything about everyone, that made me feel exhausted. I still have constant headaches and I wish to have more direction with this. I do not understand the headaches, cause the sides of my head. I feel tired. Sometimes they suddenly appear and go away. I am not sure if I am attracting other's negativity. I am worried. Any thoughts that could help?

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Lorelei (2 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-27)
I am currently going through the same. I found this site looking for the answer. Yesterday I was vibrant and my energy was so high I had a hard time calming my heart and crown chakras. Today my mind is blank and my body is unmotivated yet restless.

I feel we have these moments of emptiness after a great 'high' in order for us to recharge our batteries. The spiritual high takes a lot out of the physical body, probably why most of us feel some varying forms of anxiety during our practices.

The point I think is for us to slow down, and since our guides know that we won't slow it down without some kind of push I feel they take initiative to 'disappear' for a bit so we can learn the lessons we are meant to on our own. I rely too heavily on my guides to show me where to go, when they go off like that I feel very troubled and lonely. Most days they are all I have to keep me level, I know for me I need to become disciplined enough to do things on my own. I don't have that confidence yet, but Itll come. Just slow and steady... Phew!
Etaja (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-17)
Greetings SunFlowerGirl;

I hope you've found some answers for yourself and that everything is well with you.

While I do not disagree on you "having material wishes"; the first point you should focus is to "release yourself" from loving Objects...
Most of the time I no longer wish something material (but I do fall in that too). There will always be something we need. But don't confuse: Something you need from something you want.

I learned the hard way... I Lost everything... And you know what!? I freaking happy that this happened. Ofcourse I suffer from it... Who doesn't when there's no food at table? Or... When you can't get the Medicine treatment you need?
But I feel less weight on myself. Wich lead me to better Brain, even started to enjoy the "boring" meditations.

You should kill what sticks you to loving "Materials".
Please Honey: Love People, Love yourself, Love "God", Love and do everything with Love.
You will see a change.
Even when you wake up with terrible mood... XD
Try "choosing": "I am grumpy. I don't want to be Grumpy!" I'll try not to be!" (Ofcourse it's not a perfect science. It fails terribly! But helps in the way).

I would like to "Talk / Chat" with you (if you allow it to).
There's so much to say on this matter, and it doesn't resume only on this.
I kind of need to know you a little bit to share my own knowledge.
I also need someone like "me" / "us" (We) to talk to though.

Therefore my suggestion to talk with you.

I'll try giving you (every Indigo; or anyone who's lost) some "minor" info to help you find your way the best way I can (the info is Huge by the way - But i'll try to Explain the best I can).

First I want to let you know i'm just an Indigo Child who just dicovered that. I mean... All the "Special" stuff was here all the time since the very first day I was born and seem to be shifted several times into something new. (Wich I now call the "Devas" - Yes go Search for it and Read).

Before continuing I want you to be "Open Minded"; "Be Capable to "Think by Yourself" (Forget all you have been told to, and everything you are forced to and all the things that manipulate the Human "you").

Now... Let's start understand Stuff Differently.
Imagine that every Religious Book you Know is not actually "Religious" but "A Book who contains everything about the Universe. A book of Science, Moral, Chemictry, Phisics...".

I've Always said: "A Letter should mean several info so we can compact that specific "Info" and store more stuff in our Brain"

Wich leaded me to think: The religious books are actually "Universe Knowledge", with "Compacted Words".

I.e: Everything you do do it with "Love" and make it usefull for more that 1 thing. (Muli-Use)

LOVE = Light
LSD = (Never tried by the way. But I can reference several articles that relate with Spiritual Stuff.)
LSD Seems to be a junction of all. (Spirit / God / Divine / Light / Love)

Why do I mix the LSD with this?
Well... I'm not the first according to my research.
Have you ever heard about the Water molecular structure changing my saying you "Love" her?
If you don't go Research.

"If: God is Love and Love is Light" than "Photon (s) " = GOD
So Love can (very much) change something (s) compounds.

This is a very massive stuff to talk about...

These were some of my own "parts" that I need to share.
I'm sharing to you and with all the beings who strive to Help, Ascend, Be Better, Etc.

I guess any Indigo will understand what I mean. (Never met one before... Did i?)

Now a bit of my Story:
I "lost" my abilities too some years ago.
I'm now 32 Years Old.
Lost abilities at my 22 Years Old - After that day (the day my Mother died) my life went into a tremendous storm. I shifted into Darkness somehow...
Lost Everyone, Everything...
Surrounded by so many people... Yet Alone (Still am somehow).

After 2 years since my Mother died I started to read some Hinduism and Buddhism Books I found out so much I didn't knew...
I started to understand (a very small starting knowledge actually).
After some Meditation sessions (only by myself) I noticed a different "Connection" developing inside my "mind" (!?)...
(Search for "Soham").

Like someone was protecting me. Talking to me... Injecting "some on acid abstract pictures" ("on acid" because inside me they feel colorfull and 3D / 5D like).

Today I can almost 100% say for sure. That the presence must be "The Devas" and they must exist somehow. Or some similar entity. (Alright I can be wrong and I accept it).
But I guess I will only be sure after I die and leave to another realm.

So... After my Mother died I lost the Pictures / "Videos" / Sounds / Stuff that let's us compare and understand / Weird "Visits" by Specific Birds, Those feelings where something bad is going to Happen (wich sufocated me - Literally) / Abstract Knowledge, Etc... Etc...
If "Indigo's" do Exist and i'm not a Freaky / Crazy Person... Then they should know what i'm talking about...

After this small extremely resumed part of my life:
I can say with 100% Positive Sure that "Love" is what moves us.

"Love" changes Molecular Stuff.
"Love" (If well read from Indigo persons) I guess we all reach the same spot. Love is Light; Light Made the Universe, Light can Transport You (anywhere).

Even the "Quotations" from people that were Near Death Experiences. Matches everything on this "Almost Crazy" brain.
The thing is if i'm crazy why does it make so much sense, and why do scientists and governments close our eyes, or why do they cover the so "Obvious" info? Why do Goverments permit Religions and Such wars on it's name?

I could Answer: "Greed" for Technology. After all after a war technology evolves. Look at World War II. The (So much Religious) Germans where always ahead and after the war the Scientist who were made Prisioners went to do Research on the USA...

Yes i'm stepping out of SunFlowerGirl Subject (but it is all connected).
I tell you again: It is harsh to find our way alone. And most of the times we have to.
We "Indigos" according to what i've been reading:
Just started to wake up for what we are.
...If that exists at all...
But I cannot deny that everything I feel / felt / live / experience / the way I am etc Matches every single column of what I have read. As well I cannot deny that I am different somehow. (Like I don't see the world the same way). Yet I have to put the mask everyday, suffer and live like the rest. (Wich is killing me, and literally makes me wish so much of death).

Either ways "SunFlowrGirl":
Try not to be sad that they are gone...
Instead accept that "Energy is Transformed" into something else.
Try meditation, relase give up on everything that stresses you out... (Just try slowly. Realease yourself from what is dispendable first. Then the one's that are Manipulative, Costly etc - I don't know if this makes sense to anyone...)
Sorry if i'm not explaining this perfectly. There are too many abstract things in my mind, wich I try to understand and try to decode to everyone or for myself.
Specially after 3 "Kundalini" Meditation Sessions... My mind just went "BOOM" with ideas, creativity, the urge to learn and understand more, more abstract stuff...)
Yes i'm overwhelmed with so much things I do not compreend (yet).

NOTE: Being honest i've never been the religious person.
"GOD" as we we're told Fails us everytime.
Yet Suffering makes us Better Persons. More Loving Creatures.
I think we have the need to redefine many translations and move on into Peace, prosperity, respect, science.

This doesn't mean I don't respect the so Called "Gods". (Any of them. Because if they do exist they are pretty much more "Advanced" in everything. Therefore considering them Divine and have duty to Respect such Beings).

I know that this is not the answer you asked. But i'm writing to you with "Love" and I do expect you to find your way, find yourself.

After all it seems we always have to go into a path of pain and suffering to make ourselves "Loving Creatures" with absolute Love and Knowledge. With Perspectives who make the world better... Ridding ourselves from the "Money" drug, People Starving, People who Manipulate and Control us (HUMANS)... New ways of thinking... Releasing ourselves from Current Religions / From the Systems who Governs and manipulate "us" as society...

Maybe even free ourselves as "entity" which leads us to somewhere I did not discover (spiritually) yet...
But read some references just yesterday) and so much much more...

I would Love to meet you / talk to you "somewhere" else... I would like to Help you if I can, and be helped if you can too.

Apart from all the things said:

I recently figured out I am 100% Indigo Child.
I never believed in that, even after some people told me in my life path. (I always found it absurd; while knowing myself I was different somehow).
Yes I am Lost. I need so much to be with people like me...
Like I read: I do have the strong will to make this world a better place. I also know how to do it, but not how to accomplish... Not alone... Not without support. Not without people who are limited into what they have seen and have been "formated" in life...
Even if I don't accomplish "my/our Utopy" I fear not...
No more after these 2 days. I do believe now we are special. Many recent events seem to want me to believe. I wish I could find the words to express something I feel...
I really need to be somewhere else, with people like us.

Furthermore adding a last part to "Religion"... I figured out that "God" word can be interpreted in several ways.
Look at any religious book, any GOD's name... They all tell you Science, Moral, Love, Light; Chemical Compounds (i.e: "Osiris" - Just Split the Name into Known and not Known Chemichal Compounds).

I could tell you a whole new story that you can check for yourself in any Religious book...
Not trying to take you out of your Religion. Just to help you free your mind and have better understanding. Because this helped me so much.

If there are any Indigos outthere; or maybe people willing to re-construct this society or even create one Indigo Village...
Then please count me in.

Note: We could be a World with free electricity, no money, Tons of Peace and Mutual Respect... Completely Subsistent...
I know everybody has their temptations, that everyone wakes up with a different state of mood, and that we can all offense each other; specially when we don't like someone... Yet do Remember: "There's no need to Like to Respect someone"
Why: "Because; even when we are at that "Super Hero State" full with anger we tend to do everything worse. (Maybe the Molecular Part I wrote about too). And at the "end of it" we (sometimes) get some remorse from what we've done.
So... I'm not saying society will be perfect...

A new society would bring tons of benefits:
- Better Learning System
- Better Governemt / "Finantial" System
- All Systems Fair to Everyone
- We all should work for each other as 1. Instead of just for ourselves as it is today...
And so Much More.

Last Note: If this Text is Messy, please apologize me. I do have some problems expressing so much info that runs all the time on my brain.

I hope I can hear from you again

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