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Psychic Connection With A Friend And Colleague


I am an empathic person with psychic abilities. I usually have to use a lot of energy to block people's energy on a daily basis, and sometimes I can't because I am tired from not sleeping very well. I also have the ability to see, or talk to loved ones usually in a dream state or meditation. I have always been able to sense peoples energy, and know what people want before they say anything. I usually have premonitions of my own future, and life experiences.

Around 10 months ago, I got a new job working as a clothing designer. I guess, around January we started officially working together with one other person as my sewer. He was and is very sweet and well mannered guy. As we worked together more be became more thoughtful bringing me tea (tea bags) that he thought I liked in which I did like. Always asking me about my personal life wanting to know if my family was ok and stuff like that. At first I thought he was just being nice. Then we started to work closer together, and he spent more time with me talking about everything from work to life and my interests. Since I am open, I always offer info anyway.

Every time I saw him I felt like he was falling in love with me, because I felt this immense flow of love coming from him. So I started to fall in love with him too not knowing that he would not admit how he felt when I confronted him about my feelings. So months passed as we took time off for him to figure out what he wanted for the clothing line. That whole time I was hearing him talking to his family about me almost like I was there with him. It got stronger after he broke up with his girlfriend. So, the day after he broke up with his girlfriend he could see what I was doing at work, and I could sense or hear his voice talking to me. I don't know what to do! It's kind of cool in a way but also very weird and part of me is not sure why this is happening.

My question is how do I control this? If I'm not

Crazy. If this is real which it might be. Do I keep my composure and not say anything to him?

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France (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-17)
This might sound weird but do you actively work with your guardian angels? If you do, then maybe you should ask them to help you find the answer that is right for you. Ask for a vision or a dream, something out of the norm, something you would immediately know came from them and not from your subconscious. When the time is right, they might just give you the answers you need. Although it might not be the ones you want, it would help you make the right choices.

Remember you have to ask in order for them to help (the whole free will thing and all) and I know the waiting part, sucks. Sometimes you have to wait for months. But look at it like this. They see things from a whole different perspective than we do. They know just the right time and place for every thing.

What you are experiencing to me sound's like it could be happening for a reason. And it may lead to something, but remember there is a right time and a wrong time for everything in live. Give the guy some time to get over this breakup and figure out what he wants. If this is meant to be, he will come to you when he is ready, and more than likely by then the time would be right.

I really hope this helps
dreamer01 (24 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-17)
hi jmec,

He just broke up with his girlfriend, rebound, dangerous time.
I suppose the best thing is to CLEARLY STATE that you are only friends and that you can be there for him but that is all. You are master of your own ship. Look after yourself first. Sounds selfish but you need to set boundaries and stay happy in your own skin.

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