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Unusual Smoke Funnel Experience


One afternoon after getting home from work early, I briefly dozed off on the couch in front of the television.

I woke up to a dark, heavy brownish, charcoal smoke that seemed to be almost retreating from in front of my face back to the left corner of the room. It looked to originate from that corner and retreat into itself and dissipate.

The wider end was approximately 3" and in total was around 3ft in length. Swirling counter clockwise very slowly, taking several seconds. The "tail" was in the corner of the room, and the wider bit was what I woke up to in front of my eyes. It reminded me of a funnel cloud only working in reverse? (I'm not familiar with the workings or anatomy of a tornado)

I felt unusually calm about what I was seeing and didn't feel unsettling in the slightest. I've experienced other phenomena but never anything this visual.

I've heard of people experiencing mists upon waking up, however I am finding It difficult to find anyone who can relate or hypothesize.

I'm not concerned in regards to 'evil' spirits etc, but I do find it to be a very odd experience especially in consideration that the "smoke" retreated in what appeared to be a casual manner.

I don't have any vents, or moving air in that vicinity, nor is the corner apart of any exterior walls. There are no electronic devices or plugs/sockets. I've tried to come up with a 'logical' explanation but have been unsuccessful.

I feel a bit silly posting this experience, but if people want to judge, by all means. I'm more interested in hearing similar occurrences or theories.

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