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Dreams Of Being Murdered


Last night I had a second odd experience, and am now looking for input based off of what occurred, because it has me quite shooken up.

For a bit of background, these experiences are not my first dabble in the psychic realm, but I haven't dealt with anything like these in my life and really don't know how to interpret them.

My first experience was a bit over a year ago. I am definitely not much of a sleeper, with a bit of insomnia and when I do sleep I don't usually sleep for a long time, probably around six hours. With both of these experiences I ended up feeling like I had taken sleep meds or were drugged or something at an unusually early hour, and then ended up sleeping for 12+ hours, which I cannot emphasize enough is highly unusual for me.

The first experience was a dream in a place I had never been before, in a rural town I had never seen, in what I figure was probably around the 1940s or so. I was a kid probably about 8 or 9 years old, and lived in a farmhouse with my mom and dad. I was abused very heavily by both of my parents, physically and mentally, and was often forced to do work on the farm where I lived for long hours. I did go to school, and the kids in the neighborhood and at school heavily bullied me. I had a weird sense of being new to the area, like I knew the person in my dream's entire backstory even though I wasn't them. I could feel her emotions, and how overwhelmed with being hurt by both the kids in her neighborhood and her parents she was. One day, she ended up being kept out late by some kids who took a possession of hers that had some sort of significance (it's foggy in my memory what it was). I remember her overwhelming fear about coming home late and what her father would do to her.

When she got home, all the lights other than a small, candlelit oil lamp on an end table in her living room were off. Her father was sitting in a chair next to it, and he got up and started berating her for coming home after dusk, accusing her of "being sinful". She tried to explain what happened, but he then began hitting her, ultimately picking up a metal shovel, hitting her over the head and killing her. I remember her whispering (what sounded like directly into my ear) "they buried me behind the house" before I woke up.

About a week later, my mom and I went somewhere around two hours away. On our drive home, we went through the town in my dream. I saw the house the girl lived in, now clearly older and also abandoned, with boarded up windows and chipping paint.

Last night, I had another dream. This time I was a young woman in her early 20's, in a time period that I honestly could not figure out (they had cars? Haha), who went to a Halloween party with this guy she was friends with that she had a crush on. It was in a town she didn't know, she lived in Boston (I remember her thinking about that), and as she was leaving she thought "and this is why I don't touch that chemical shiat" and I could feel her mind was clearly altered. She was right behind her friend leaving the party, and she dropped her keys on the cement and couldn't find them. After a few minutes struggle she found them and when she stood up her friend was gone. She began walking around the streets trying to find him then realized she was lost. She thought "this f-in town is creepy as f-" as she was walking the streets trying to find him or her car or a familiar building. I could feel her altered state of whatever she was on the whole time, which strikes me even more as odd because I didn't recognize the feeling at all. She eventually started to feel scared and like someone was watching her. She heard a noise and saw someone was having a bonfire in their backyard through a wooden fence. She looked over at it and watched, then suddenly turned to see someone jumping at her as she fell over. I heard her whisper "help me" to me as I woke up.

I recently moved to a new town, which my partner grew up in, and he took me and our son to his old favorite neighborhood for trick or treating tonight. It was the place in the dream.

I honestly cannot emphasize how graphically real these dreams were, how I felt completely like a different person while still keeping my sense of self, and how I would look in a mirror in these dreams and see another face and know I was the person in the dream and "living their moment". I know it wasn't past life recognition, so I am utterly confused by what these dreams signified and what I'm supposed to do with them.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-10)
Hello Magpie121,
You are not alone. This has happened, never quite to this level, in different forms throughout my life. Normally, I don't perceive things in dreams, but here is my dvice for you.
Can you sense spirits at all? If you can try to meditate after something like this, you might be able to identify whether someone is addressing you directly, or you are being shown these events. Perhaps as Kratos-Atlas says you may be receiving a general cry out or memory.
I would advise you to do a bit of research into each case, if you can. It will help you learn whether these cases have been resolved. If they have not, it may be a good idea to enter the area of your dream, try to find the spot. I would advise against doing it alone. Have you told your partner? If you can, it may help. Also, going with a local psychic might help you orient yourself, and decide whether anyone should be contacted.
This is difficult, but know that this is not your fault. Even if ut cannot be resolved, you did not take those actions, and you cannot prevent them. You will be okay, and if it is any comfort, the fact that you understood their stories may in itself have brought these individuals some comfort, if they knew you were perceiving these things.
Take courage and trust your instincts. Guilt is a terrible sentiment, but try not to let it overtake you. Learn what you can and have faith in yourself.
Wishing you answers,
Kratos-Atlas (12 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)
If they aren't related to past lives, then maybe you can be a "medium" and be able to "live someone's last moments", even if you don't want to, if you can't control your ability.
It isn't uncommon for mediums and others with similar "gifts" to be able to see what happened to someone, or even be in their shoes. When the latter happens, it can be because the spirit is asking for help.

Now, if the plea is sent to anyone in range that is more sensitive, or if it is directed specifically to you, that I can't say.

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