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Punching Night Attack By Long Limbed Entity


My fiancé and I were asleep. My dream was of my deceased mother. Peaceful companionable silence. Nice seeing her again. Such peace.

In an instant (I'm a light sleeper), I opened my eyes because something leaped from the space between the wall and bed. It landed on me. I was on my side facing the wall and couldn't call out. My voice was frozen. I turned my head and glimpsed this Golum-like thing atop me, knees bent, very dark, darker than the room. My first thought is, "it's punching me! Why don't I feel it?"

I didn't feel pain but I felt the blanket pushing into me as it punched. And I saw it!

In an instant when I turned my head it leaped. Just pounced onto my fiancé who was snoring and facing away from me on his side. This thing I saw now with long limbs, very long in proportion to its body. Black. With substance. Knees bent and pummeling my fiancé with fists like one would punch a punching bag. It was about 2:30 am and dark. I saw a head but not distinct features. I did see a glimpse of expression which was angry.

As it pummeled him, sitting atop him with bent knees I thought, "He'll see this! Surely he feels it!"

But I hadn't felt more than impressions on the blankets when it was on me. He was going to sleep through it!

I managed two sounds as corny as it sounds I had to alert him to this. I managed to utter, "Oh!Oh!"

My eyes were open ever since the dream had switched from my mother to the leap on the bed.

He awoke. I couldn't talk right then. It was too fresh. I told him the following day about the weird long limbed dark punching entity. All the next day I kept thinking, "This was not a dream. I keep feeling the words:psychic beating."

Although my fiancé was rather noninterested in my vision-experience-terror, we BOTH missed work following the attack which had lasted no more than five seconds!

We were groggy, fluish, agitated, had sick headache, were dead tired.

What do I make of this? I felt no pain. Not physically. This is my conclusion after two days of thought.

"It" conjured the relaxing lucid happy peaceful dream of my deceased mom to get my body in the proper receptive state so I could be caught off guard and it could leap onto us for a psychic beating which we felt the repercussions of, the following day.

My eyes were open!

They snapped open when my mother's face disappeared and it leapt onto me! Anyone receive visits from this type of terrifying "psychic bully?"

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-30)
As a christian dude, my experience is that when I was having sex before marriage, it attracted demons to me, that's what the priest told me. It's wise to get your relationship with your fiancé blessed through marriage. Good luck+.
Demey (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-29)
Hi AliciaMarie,

Your description of the entity that is attacking you and it's modus operandi is very akin to that of an Incubus.
An incubus is a demon that attacks people during their sleep. Despite the myth, a psychic attack from an incubus does not always mean dreaming about sexual intercourse or rape. Being disrupted in the middle of pleasant dream is also a form of dream rape.
Don't worry, an incubus or entities of the same category is not very powerful and they are usually easy to get rid of.

Just like hecate0 says, a sage cleansing may be very helpful in getting rid of this negative entity and energies. A cinnamon cleansing is also quite effective. You just need to burn a cinnamon stick and walk around your house, politely inviting the entity to leave in peace (do not aggro the entity, and if youu get angry while asking the entity to leave, your aura gets darker, making you more vulnerable to psychic attacks)

However, for immediate and daily protection, I would like to suggest you to get yourself one of this 3 (or even all of them) protective stones to wear as jewelry or to carry when you sleep:
-amethyst (blocks psychic attack)
-black tourmaline (absorbs negativity)
-lapis lazuli (block AND reflect psychic attack back to it's sender)
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
Have you tried cleansing your home with a sage cleansing ritual? Here is a basic one that I googled. I do this regularly at my house. You can use sage, sweetgrass and even palo santo (holy wood). The important thing is the intent, though. You are essentially telling all negative energy that it is unwelcome in your home. I hope it helps. I keep sage and sweetgrass around just for this.
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
Hello AliciaMarie,
I have not encountered or heard of this before. I have seen figures when I was younger. Only once did I truly feel threatened by one, which I couldn't really see.
This could be a poltergeist. Try to research the history of your home. Perhaps that will give you clues. Your dream may be unrelated but I do not know. Ghosts aren't always attached to a place so you may find noclues.
Have you ever experienced anything else that would make you think you or your fiance have psychic abilities? Sometimes spirits are drawn to us.
If this happens again, it may mean this poltergeist is hanging around. If you have psychic abilities you may be able to send thoughts his or her way to drive him or her away, or even contact other ghosts to ask for help or advice. Most of them mean you no harm. If not I am unsure of what to do. I am not very experienced with expulsion of illmeaning spirits by other means.
I would recommend that you read through past stories and their comments on here to see if you can find anything helpful to you. Definitely do some research on poltergeists and pay attention to new movement within your home. Meditation can help you be calm, and possibly learn to set up mental blocks, which may aid you in fighting back in the event of another attack.
Be careful,

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