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Long Lost Connection Twin Flame


I was on my way home walking from school one day and a stranger walked up beside me and then blank! I wake up on the sidewalk with a cut on my head and no idea of what had just happened. Apparently I was hit on the head several times by a gang member which caused me to lose consciousness. The whole rest of the walk home I felt like every moment, every step of the way I had this overwhelming sense of Déjà vu. Before that I remember having dreams of events before they happened, i.e. I lived them. After the incident I could see into the future in the present moment on demand. For example, I can sometimes see objects in the present time in space that are not there until the next time I'm in that same exact spot in time and space no matter how long it will be the next time I'm there, could be days, weeks, months, some even years.

I feel really overwhelmed by all this and would appreciate any advice from anyone with knowledge of what this ability might be and how I can be able to control it. Whatever this ability is, it has been driving me crazy lately as I have been wronged by some of my relatives while I was asleep which has caused me to lose my mind emotionally. I also seem to have this connection with this girl. In Jr. High I decided that Jacqueline is my favorite name. I didn't know why, but I had a feeling like the girl I would love one day had the name Jacqueline. In high school I was asked out by a girl and I thought she was just making fun of me as I had never met her before nor had I ever noticed her and of course because of my limiting beliefs at the time. The strangest thing is that when I rejected her she started crying and her friend walked up to me and said I was an a**hole and that I should go talk to her friend. I asked her what her friend's name was and she said "Her name is Jackie" and I said "Jackie as in Jacqueline" and she replied yes. I told her that was my favorite name. I didn't get with the girl and I quickly forgot about the incident, but it turns out that this girl and I had a stronger connection than I thought as if she was what you in the community would call a "Twin Flame" I'm not sure what to think about this any feedback and your opinions on my story would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Lioness (8 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-20)
My advice is to be cool about it, maybe tell it to someone in a light way as to make it ok for people to doubt you. Not because they don't believe you, but because they don't really believe in powers. Quite common to do so if you haven't experienced anything yourself. I think that being able to talk easily about it would make it easier for you to develop and get control of them.

It might be that your lack of control is the fight between your persona and yourself, as you seem like an honest fellow you might not be comfortable in lying about who you are. The best way to gain control is to set it out in the open. Although I recommend being cool about it, works much better than trying to be too serious.
WhiteLeopard (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-19)
I'm not sure I could give you much insight or advice on Twin Flames but I might be able to give you some direction on your deja vu experiences!
Some people have the psychic abilities of premonition when dreams, thoughts or daydreams that they've had then come true or aspects of them. Sometimes its hard to decipher because it might be more symbolic and hidden. Also with the deja vu maybe you did have a precognition about that moment but you might have forgotten and only subconsciously remembered. Then when it occurred it sort of rose to the surface again, but not enough for you to remember the exact time! 😊
Some people can also have precognition where they get a feeling before something happens.
I have had these experiences before. A random one that just popped into my head was before I was about to eat a piece of food I thought 'hmmm what if this made me ill?' The food tasted fine and I ate it. Then I was really I'll afterward and had severe food poisoning 😭
Anyways, I have read multiple people's experiences where something has triggered there psychic abilities to arise which might be the case for you. As for controlling it, in my case and in many others I've seen this ability can't be controlled. However I think you may be able to make yourself more prone to it if that's what you want...
I think if you start practicing meditation as often as possible this may make you more receptive to these occurrences. I think meditation helps quiet the mind and clears it so that you are able to focus more on what your subconscious tries to show you.
I don't know any fancy techniques for meditation but I think that even just sitting in a quiet, comfortable, calm environment and allowing your mind to quiet is a good way to start. I like to just close my eyes and focus on the darkness my eyelids bring. I just focus on the silence and the color black. If any thoughts come into my mind I try not to get frustrated, just stay calm and allow them to enter and exit freely.
I hope this helps! 😳
If you have any other questions or just want to talk that's fine and I'll try to reply as soon as I see it!:D

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