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My Shadow


It started so long ago. I'm not really sure what's real, and what's fiction! I started with the same reoccurring dream, which has been a constant for me since early childhood. I started astral projection. Without encouraging it myself. At a very young age as well. I have always seen colors, people's dark sides. A flash from the corner of the room. My eyes playing tricks on me? Perhaps.

I get teased for seeing ghosts. Or hearing strange and unusual sounds, so, I keep things to myself. This last year has been different, more intense. And as much as I have researched it, I find no logical answer. It started one day while I was out on my run. Everything seemed the same. Same street. Same route. But had this feeling someone was behind me. It was dreary outside. So I assumed it was cars behind me. But this presence was close! I turned around. And all I could see was my shadow.

This continued each time I Ran. But not only behind me. It would get in front of me. Under my feet. Tripping me up, literally. As time went on. My shadow would be on my shoulder. A few times on my back. It was enough to scare me. So I briefly started running in the gym. It seemed ok. Until I started seeing my shadow, in the dark. On my drive home. In the seat next to me! I see it in my bed sometimes. I feel it really. Before I see it in the dark but it's there. And I want to know why! I know there is an explanation for everything, and I will take whatever explanation I can get, I'm just needing clarity. I am open to constructive criticism, skepticism. I just need something!

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calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-02)
That shadow being is a jinn. You can't see him clearly so you only can see his shadow. If you can see jinn clearly, you will see him very clear (has colors and shape). In your story, the jinn is in a form of human you just can't see his real body. You only saw his shadow which located exactly on where their body is (Not behind an object like in human realm).

Anyway do you want to stop seeing the jinns? If your heart is holy you will never see those beings anymore. The jinn (ghost) can only show themselves to you if the human had forgotten their God or the human can really see them. Just simply say "hallelujah" with intention for many many times. The next day, you will found out no more naughty jinn will get near you. Your aura will become fire-hot! And your face will shine either a bright golden light or a bright white light (God's light).

I can feel your situation Sheasha: (Can you do me a favor? Please try to pray to your God to solve your problems. It's fine if you don't believe the existence of God right now. I used to be atheist too but since the moment I witnessed my aura shine a bright white light when I say holy words, I prayed to God to pradon me. The rest human words doesn't make your aura like this one! Only holy words will do. Just give a try. Pleaseeeee...:) I just want to help you with a solution to your every problems.

Don't worry about thinking "that's bullsheet if God can hear and see you". To make long explanation short, I will tell you that God is like the server of this world. God monitors everyone in every realm (human realm, jinn realm, angel realm).

Say hallelujah and check your aura color it is freaking bright golden light! Every creature in this world have one God but they just can't see God because the realm is already different. You use 5 physical senses to experience the human realm. You use your 5 metaphysical senses to experience the world that normal human should not experience.
Sheasha (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01) may be onto something there! I almost's been almost two years... Got divorced, lost a business... And everything I own! Stress has been a major factor in my life!
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
Well, forgive me I don't mean to offend, but have you considered other parts of your life? Are you generally happy? Do you feel content? Are you nervous? Do you have a lot of stress in your life? How is your health or the health of those around you? I ask because all of these things, and more, can cause a sense of paranoia, which could lead to feeling like your own shadow is working against you. Have you had any confrontations with people you regret or feel bad about? You could simply have a very strong conscience and that is making you feel bad. You need to clear the air you live in, for a start. Think about everything going on in your life. If there is something that is bothering you, maybe you need to fix it. Is there something you're ignoring that needs attention? Somebody, a pet, a chore, a task? Even visiting a passed loved one at a cemetary? Visiting elderly grandparents or family? There could be many things that you haven't thought of that could subconsiously be bothering you, to make you feel this way.
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
I used to see shadows all the time and had a fear associated with them. I used to be scared of the dark for some unknown reasons. When I started working with angels it stopped. I've never been hurt by them before, they were just there. My dad is a shaman and when he's in his trance, I see shadows in the corner of my eyes, I know they're his guides. I also see shadows when ghost/spirits visits me at night to give me messages.

You could be inviting them into your life by thought. When you think about them, you are inviting them into your space. So if you're thinking what if they show up, or is it going to happened, just the slightest suggestion of their presence, is an invitation. And because it's happened often enough, you've already developed that reactive thought. Your running routine could be the trigger, so when you run, you think about it, and it appears, soon you begin to think about it outside of your routine and invite it more into your life.

If you can find out about clearing methods and call upon higher beings to help you. I work with angels and I call upon them to surround me with their light. Whatever you believe in asked them for help, then change your thought patterns. And if you invite them in again, just call upon your support team again to help you. This will probably happened several times before you are able to change your thought patterns. Believe that you are protected will help. Concentrate on what you want. The law of attraction. It really works this way. Good luck, if you need more don't hesitate to message me, you can contact me at gnavycart at hotmail dot com. You might have to identify yourself.
De-Mo (1 stories) (25 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
Damn I've never come across such a problem before. Who in the world would try to frighten you with such a thing. 😕

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