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I've read about the things called psychic battles, which involve people performing telepathy on each other and blocking each other's telepathic messages. Well, I have quite an interesting life and I have to live with telepathy and more sinister things performed on me every day. I meant to put this up a long time ago, and ask for help, but I was confused, because for a few of those practices I really cannot find any hope of resisting. But I had this idea, this inspiration on this date that I am preparing this article that even if I could block out their telepathy, it would be a major help.

I recently had another set of small events (small and great at the same time) in my life that I can only compare to my first spiritual awakening, and I try everyday to be more aware of my angels, and succeeded a few times (a few times because of the things that are done on me) to fill my heart completely with love. I am quite sure that if I got a foolproof method of blocking telepathy, then I will surely master it, with help and inspiration from my angels.

I will also put up about those practices in this article.

What I want is to learn how to make shields against telepathy. But I haven't been quite good with shields. In articles on the internet teaching how to make psi balls, there is always an instruction on covering the energy with a solid covering to make it stay without anymore effort. I can't make this solid covering, not with psi balls and not with shields. But I know it is possible, those people do it well, and at times I catch myself unconsciously trying to move around them when I have to pass them. Has anyone any idea on making solid energy fields, any additional help?

These people who do these things on me are sadly my own family members. When I look back now, they have shown signs of performing telepathy way back in the past, but they only came down on me hard with worse things about three years ago, the same year as my spiritual awakening in this life. They perform telepathy regularly on me, and I guess fill my head with specific instructions of behavior every night, because I have grown more sensitive to energies and at night have a persistent feeling in the area of my third eye and I guess that is them forcing information on me. They do not go a single day without physical contact with me, which I guess could be said normal but I cannot see any of their behavior straight and believe has to do with strengthening the telepathic bond between us. Why do they have to come and clasp me on my right shoulder every night?

Another thing is they seem to have made it a rule to keep me in a negative mood, trying to keep me emitting negative energies. If I am already in a negative mood while going to bed, I can be assured to be uninterrupted for the rest of the night. If not, one of them surely comes to my room and finds something to make a nasty remark about me. This is the pattern of their behavior.

They do special meditations, and I can identify some of them because of this book I had, called Practical Hypnotism. The author is Dr. Narayan Dutta Shrimali, he is a PhD and has written some other books, one on palmistry, one on mantras and I think there's more. I do not think there is any chance at all that these books can be found in the internet, because the information seem too precious, but I googled it and its there. All of those books have information and names in the typical Indian style - I mean the names of meditations and the methods of all that. In the one particular book, there are a series of meditations which involve staring at something continuously to imbibe some characteristics and increase our cultivated energy, called Tratak. You can find the book on Google books, and see the illustrations and everything. Very powerful. Well, some of them include staring at a mirror and candle flame. They do that. The purpose is their energy level is supposed to rise and the power with which they can perform telepathy is magnified. The power in their astral body.

The strongest of their abilities and the worst of their behavior is - and I have to stress this - every two or three days, they let out a mass of energies when I am near. These energies are heavier than anything I have ever known, and I can feel them - hot and prickly - these go up my spine to my cerebrum. Then they can program this mass of energy from outside and they can make me forget certain range of my vocabulary, diminish my imagination to certain extent, and which is disturbing to an unimaginable extent because the first thing is it proves that the freedom of thought can be encroached upon and so it screws that Jew who survived Hitler's concentration camp and later on spoke of his strength as the unassailable freedom of thought, and the second think is that I am aspiring and studying to be a writer and want to make my own music as well - it maddens me every time they ask how much poetry am I writing these days! I am not joking about this final ability.

I think most of the other things they do cumulate to develop this heavy energy: making me feel bad and feeding on those energies to make it - which is energy vampirism; making it a point to touch me; and the flame Tratak was supposed to raise the level of vibration, and when I look at them I can tell how much negative energy they have stored - not affected by the low vibration, but rather taming it. It even reminds me of the "manifested evil" that Paulo Coelho talked about in his experience with dark magic - because he had to keep in the shower for hours to get rid of the thing, and I can't sit in the shower so long and I have tried cleansing it, grounding it - nothing has worked until now.

I do not know how many will understand these symptoms, and come up with assumptions, but I thank all of them, beforehand. But if there is someone from my culture out there who recognizes these, then I scream for help. Help me, at least teach me how to form a correct shield against telepathy.

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diffuse-rp_owl (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-08)
donwiththewind: amazing, I had a fantasy in the back of my head too, to do with gemstones... A black stone that absorbs the heavy energies. But the way I live (no control of economy, and I guess gemstones are not that cheap) I guess it could be hard for me to find some stones but I'll do some research and see if I can get my hands at them... And have you any familiarity with the heavy energies I talked about?
DonWithTheWind (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-04)
Hi,'Owl. I'm sorry for your familial circumstances. I grew up with a very similar family, too. It was always 3 against one. Like you, I'm an empath, too. You know you're an empath, right? That's part of the reason you're having so much trouble with them. Until we finally know better, we're "open books", and a feast for emotional/psychic bullies. But I didn't know about any of that when I was young. You do, and you're very wise to seek shields. It's funny, a few months ago I was looking for the same thing: something to block telepaths. I have some defenses now, but I'm not as "inscrutable" as I want to be. I'm 95% sure there's a gemstone that helps block telepaths. I read a lot of books/online articles on the metaphysical powers of gemstones/minerals/metals, etc. I would have sworn I read somewhere of one that helped with that. When I find that info, I'll let you know. I'm bad with setting up shields too, that's why gem pendants are always so helpful for lots of things.
I always wear a red garnet against my skin. It really helps with protection & energy. Any black stone: (hematite, spinel, onyx, could help you block them a bit. I boil spring (clean) water, pour it over rosemary & rosemary essential oil, put a little alcohol in it as a preservative, put it in a spray bottle, and spray myself with it. It makes a very strong spiritual cleanser/protection, because you can only shower so many times a day. When you know they'll be coming to your room, position your body on your bed so that it would be hard for them to touch you without them looking obvious. Spray yourself with the rosemary before they come, then after they leave. It will negate any negativity they leave. Can you get your hands on some kyanite? I bought a beautiful blue cabochon of Nepalese kyanite a few months ago. I bought it just because it's beautiful, but it's a very powerful, spiritual stone, too. I found that everytime I wore it when I do my errands, that strangers are extra nice to me! And the usually crabby clerks are unusually polite & helpful about 90% of the time! Anyway, get some kind of protective gemstone, cleanse it (under running water, pass it through incense smoke, throw it in the freezer for 24hrs) then tell it what you need from it. Those things will really help you I'm sure. Keep me updated, and good luck!;p
Dataguy (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-03)
Terve, toinen suomalainen täällä. Suurpiirteisesti sun pitää olla tietonen itsestäs ja löytää keskukses. Aistia itses ja torjuttava ihminen ja muodostaa jonkin sortin este tietoisuudessas siihen väliin. Ite oon huomannu et kävellessä kadul avaan automaattisesti kanavaa vastaantuleviin ihmisiin ja olo täyttyy muiden energioilla, ja oon huomannu et toi toimii. Kuvitteleminen on ehkä paras sana suomen kielessä sille miten sä sen muodostat, mutta psyykikon mielikuvitus on suora yhteys ja työkalu erilaisten energioiden ja tietoisuuksien muokkaukseen itsessäs ja ympärilläs. Se suoja jonka sä luot voi olla vaikka energiaa, masssaa, tai mitä vaan mitä sä keksit/aistit. Jos tää ei auta nii voit yrittää ihan vaan intuitiivessti löytää keinoja ja tapoja puollustaa itseäs, koska niitä todennäkösesti on jo jossain sun alitajunnassa kehittyny valmiiks käyttämiseen. Mul oli omassa perheessä vähän samankaltasia juttuja. Koeta pärjätä, ja toivottavasti näist neuvoist on apua.
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-02)
why don't you picture white light surround you realy hot for haters andrealy warm for friends
Hope it works with you good luck
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
First off, decide who and what you want to be. This is you establishing your center. Hypnotism is a suggestion, if you are susceptible to it, it means that you are on an unconscious level allowing the suggestion. When they touch you on the shoulder, it's a trigger. It's a way to get you to react and follow the suggestions. The fact that you've noticed some of these things means that you are catching onto their methods. It may change.

I've never tried this on telepathy, but to shield think of a mirror that surrounds your whole body, this mirror will reflect and energy that is attempting to come into your space. You have an aura and that's your energy field, imagine your aura in a bright light and affirm to yourself that only the highest vibrations can enter your sacred space.

You've also started associating "negative" feelings with your family and as such, it can lead to paranoia. I know, I used to get psychic attacks and didn't know why it happened so often, it was because I was constantly thinking about it. When I thought about it, I left myself opened to these energies, You see when you think about it, you're inviting it into your space. You've got it right when you said that you fill yourself with love. Find a trigger for this, like a charm or something you really love. Use self hypnosis to trigger yourself. Think of a wonderful memory, a loving one, then touch the object, and tell yourself that whenever you touch this object, you will be filled with this same feeling of love, Feel that love, feel the emotion. The next time you get attacked, touch this object and you should be able to feel love again.

Also, tell yourself, that you and only you are in control of your destiny, you are the only one who can make decisions for you and that you are aware of outside influences and you will take them into consideration but will not heed them needlessly. (Do this for a month or two)

Shielding is not as important as finding your centered. Being able to clear the energy and finding that center (who you are) is the most important thing because shields can be taken down really quick and most of the time, we don't even know it and you have to keep doing it. Whatever spiritual entity you believe in, call upon them to help you. Ask them to surround you with their loving energy and tell them to only allow the highest energy into your space. Hope this helps.
diffuse-rp_owl (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
Thatguy: yes, my only working weapon in my arsenal is what I call unconditional high. Occasionally I find myself coming down, helpless when they let out that energy, but try to mend it by doing meditations to try fill myself with love.

Sleeping: thank you for the psychological insight, I think acceptance can better help me work on keeping high.
Sleeping (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-31)
everything you are trying isn't working for you so try something different. Some easier methods that might help yo when you want to clear off negativity just brush it off like you would dirt it's it's dense heavy energy right so brush out your hair with your hands then wipe your face and neck then brush off your shoulders, your shirt, your back, your arms once your top is all clean brush down you legs and let the energy all fall of in clumps to the floor then brush it out or let it sink into the ground once you are feeling clean and light take all yourself and energy and dissolve it into smoke weightless and in no way solid leaving nothing for their attacks to cling to or impact. Then when anyone tries to upset you and make you negative accept it as normal you know this is going to happen it's not an actual attack on you it's you family behaving as they always do. It's not about you it's just what they do and you know this is what they do. Right now you are trying to impose your will on them you want them to be different from how they are this is the same thing you are complaining about it will not work for either of you. You must let them be them selves and accept and deal with that and be yourself understand the frustration they feel not being able to control you just the same as you felt when you wanted them to be different. Think about how unhappy it made you and realize they are choosing to be that unhappy themselves trying to control you. They don't understand where this frustartion is coming from and will continue to blame you for it. There is no way for you to change this trying to will make you unhappy. Desire causes suffering always has always will.
thatguy (7 stories) (43 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-31)
if you need to block telepathy, there is no better way than your own way. If you think you have to build a shell around your shield for it to be usable, then your only limiting yourself. However, it seems preposterous that your family members are forcing negative energy and behaviors on you. Maybe there's something else doing it. Or maybe your just misinterpreting it. Try to have positive thoughts more often. When you feel like negativity is trying to take over like that, just retaliate it with pure love and happiness.

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