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World War 3 Dreams Continued


It was a hot spring night. I had just got home from work. I put on the air conditioner on. Oden my dog panted. Oden started to whine to go outside. The poor dog had been locked up for 10 hours. I looked at the thermometer it said 76 degrees. I put my black German Sheppard Oden outside to cool him off. I took off my dirty orange tennis shoes and threw my car keys on my bedroom dresser in the dark. The bedroom was messy. Bags of things were piled up. The bed had a hole in it where the spring was coming out. I threw a blanket over the protruding spring that popped up slightly. The room was cool now. I had an air conditioner setting by my bed. I could not put it in until I figured out how to take out the screen. It was a cheap window from the Menard store. So the screen would not come out. I gave up on it until I could talk to a friend about how to take it out. In the meantime the room was stifling and unbearable to sleep. I turned on the box fan. I went to the door, and opened the door. "Oden come in the house." I pleaded with the dog for a few minutes and the dog refused to come inside. The heat indeed was unbearable. I could smell sweat on my blankets. I lay down on the bed and the room was pitch black. I heard the buzzing of the fan noise. The fan noise Humming put me to sleep. I was propelled into a dream state. In this dream I was in a motel with Christina my youngest child. We were watching a great fire coming from up north. I could see woods and a pine forest. The motel we was in was in Wisconsin. The great fire was in Canada I thought. The fire was so enormous it let up the entire northern ski. Me and Christina leaned out the motel window and saw the great fire light up the north. There was silence in the United States. The people all seemed to be up north to battle this big fire. Me and Christina looked at each other. No there was hardly any people outside to notice this fire. This fire started late into the night.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-29)
Hello carri,
This seems like an awful dreamfor sure. Has I been recrecurring?
This could be a literal premonition if so, but it is also possible that it represents something abstract.
Hoping all is well,

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