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Little bit of background, I am psychic to a certain extent. I have been ever since I turned 16, and I am currently 22. The types of visions I've had, have almost always been something bad. I tend to have them while I'm awake, and so far, they have not been wrong.

However, lately my "gift" has been changing. I haven't had any visions in a while, and I was beginning to think that maybe nothing bad was going to happen. Last night though, I felt really strange. Almost as if I wasn't entirely in control of myself. I decided to take a nap to try and feel better, but the second I fell asleep I entered a trance like state. Now, I've never been in one, so this is new to me. Anyways, the vision I had while in this trance was unlike any other I've ever had. Normally, when I see something, its just that. Seeing something. This specific vision though, I felt everything. All my senses kicked in and it was like I was there. The vision itself was very disturbing, what's worse is that I felt strongly that it was going to/happening to someone I was close to. It was a female, possibly one of my friends, and she had been drugged. Everything felt blurry and intensified. I was very hysteric myself after this vision ended. I called up everyone to make sure they were okay. Only a few people know about my abilities, so I had to call under the guise of catching up. My question is if anyone else has visions like these. I've never had something this intense and had it effect me in normal day to day life. I'm still slightly freaking out because I can't figure out who it was.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-27)
I was speaking to a good friend.
We both get images and feelings before things occur.
Both myself and my friend have experienced events before it occurred.

Yes that has happened to me and my friend.
To me it is like we are attached to the other person, like mistletoe which lives vicarious through a host.

Yes we can experience all of the Claire's (clairvoyance etc).
In open vision while awake and when asleep.
Claire's per Wikipedia define: see hear feel taste sense etc.

It takes a lot of practice and will lower to become proficient.
But there are wonderful things we can see and view.

Thanks for posting

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