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Romantic Trance


I'm a medium, plain and simple. I may not be known, or spreading it around, but I do know that I communicate with the dead. And at times the dead come to me as a way of communication or as a way to pass on. This time I want to talk about a few trance states I've experienced recently.

I haven't had much contact with spirits recently, mainly because I've shown that I don't want to be contacted. I find when I'm constantly contacted by spirits; my regular life tends to suffer. I wanted to focus on college and actually get something out of my life. I tend to lose sleep when I focus on my abilities.

But now that I have time off and I'm curious about maybe pursuing something towards my abilities, the spirits are starting to feel like it's okay to contact me now.

It started a few nights ago as I was getting ready for bed. I was starting to fall into a light trance when I noticed a hovering ball outside of my bedroom door. The more I stared at it, the more I felt like I was losing touch with my reality of time and space. I felt like I was slowly transitioning to a different plane of being as the orb became more visible. When I realized what was happening, I popped out of the trance. I still have a fear of losing myself in a different plane and not being able to find my way back. So I distracted myself with reading before going to bed.

Skip ahead a day to the next morning. I'm just waking up, but I don't want to fully, I want to fall back asleep. I'm in a deep trance when I start to hear whispers of a song playing. It's a Spanish song, romantic, with a guitar playing in the background. I feel like I should be swaying to the song as a voice serenades me in Spanish. I feel like I'm falling into a memory of a time in someone's life, when they had gone to a concert. There was just this feeling of love all throughout the memory. I felt like there should be people around me, but I was only aware of myself and wanting to fall further into that song.

The more I fell into that memory, the more the words started to transition to English, or was it that I was starting to understand the words in Spanish. Maybe the meaning of the song came to me regardless of the language. All I remember now is a serenade of "Consuela, Consuela~", the rest of the words have long since left me.

It was when I was trying to fall further into that romantic memory when my name was whispered in my ear, "Ana...", and I woke up automatically. I've experienced hearing spirits call my name before, and ever since my old apartment where ghosts constantly haunted it, it's always scared me.

But of course, as I'm writing this, I'm getting that ringing in my third eye, like someone is protesting to what I was about to write. Even though I was called in a dark way with my name before, I have a feeling this time I was called by someone much nicer. Like it knew that I shouldn't try to fall deeper into that memory and had to shake me awake.

I'll most likely have an update later on. When this spirit gets what it came to visit me for. Maybe next time I'll share the experience of what a sending feels like for me.

Peace out.

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