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Psychic Dreams: Constant Contact


In usual cases I would have classified this experience as just a ghost sighting, but with the consistency of the dreams that I'm having it's impossible to call it just that. It doesn't feel like I'm simply a witness. I have lived in the apartment I live in for about 14 years now. Throughout my time here I've known a few people who have died. It was after they died that I started having dreams about a certain room in my apartment.

The room in question used to be my bedroom. It was one night when I was probably 13 years old or around that age that the first of my dreams started. I had two dreams in the same night. The first dream I was sleeping in the same room until I was woken up by laughing. I was terrified to find that along my walls were skulls laughing at me. I am then paralyzed - I cannot move at all. My mother then walks in looking at me as if to say "What's wrong?" I then roll off the bed still paralyzed. When I wake up, it's with the feeling that I'm not alone.

After falling asleep again, it's as if I'm falling, soaring, or flying of some sort through darkness. This continues for a long time until out of nowhere a face pops out glaring at me. I can tell by his glare that he hates me. He wants to hurt me. I wake up sitting up and every time I close my eyes all I can see is an eerie blue. I've never slept in that room again. I can still feel a suppressing pressure whenever I go back there.

Over the years, I have dreams about the room, but I can only remember some of them.

One such dream happened when I was 17. I'm with my mom in the kitchen talking to her. Then in the corner of my eye I see a figure mopping the floor in the hallway bathroom. I go to it and when it turns around, I find that it's another copy of my mom, except when I look in her eyes, she's not really there. She looks like a corpse walking. Then it looks me in the eye, points at my mom, does a slicing motion along her neck with its hand, and points to the back room. I knew right away that it was threatening to take my mom from me. I then scream at it telling it that I won't let it. It would have to go through me first. I wake up scared for her.

Another dream that really scared me was as if I was being possessed. I was sitting in the living room holding a heater when it's being pushed towards me. I put it down and run to the kitchen where my mom is. I reach the kitchen and then I start to get dizzy. Black spots are appearing in front of my sight and my body is shaking uncontrollably. I frantically ask my mom for a cross and start praying to it. Everything then goes away. Once I gain my senses I can hear a high pitched, screeching laughter coming from the back room. I then wake up.

A recent reoccurring dream I've had convinced me it wasn't simply a dream. I'm standing in the back bedroom that has haunted me to find a group of people trapped in a corner. There were at least four of them. They're crying out for help and are completely terrified of something. I don't know what exactly, but I know it's keeping them there. I wake up and then continue to have that dream 3 different times in that same night.

I'm not completely sure that something is there keeping others there, I'm new to the thought of being labeled as "psychic", but I thought that this warranted notice. It may also be helpful to state that I always feel like something is watching me and I always feel a certain pressure when going near the back room.

I've recently been meditating and exploring the theory of the chakra points in the body and was surprised to notice that I could feel the energy when I focused on it. I was wondering if I should delve further into this to see if I could develop this ability.

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leighmillage95 (2 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-18)
I know how it feels to be scared of something in a certin room, and I know what it feels like to be scared for loved ones who go in or near that one room. I've also have had reaccuring dreams about spirits saying they are going to hurt my loved ones, and so on. At the end, when you asked for advice on if you should keep meditating, and doing all this other stuff, My opnion is keep doing that, and try to keep in contact with this spirit, and find out what it wants. But, I warn you. Don't go into that back room if you think it is going to cause you harm or anyone else harm. If you want to get that spirit out of your home, then I suggest getting a profesional medium to help you. I hope this advice works for you.
Best hopes!,
P.S. Be careful...

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