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A Psychic That Would Like To Learn


I'm Ola and I'm 13 years old.

I have many odd experiences. I guess I should start from the beginning. The first experience I had was when I was 8 and I kept "making things happen". I would want something to happen and the next day it would happen but there would always be a backfire. The consequence always matched the thing I wanted. I stopped after I had a very bad backfire.

Now I have restarted and I get feelings of the future. For instance I would have a feeling that I would help someone and a few hours later I was helping the new girl do trampoline. Some times I would just stare into space for no good reason and remember something like a word or a picture. I also saw the plane crash in the Atlantic before it happened. I also feel presences like spirits and get some glimpses of them. Some times I can communicate with them. I think I have some form of telekinesis and a bit of empathy. All of this is on top of what I could do before.

I am fine with my abilities and I have been trying to do some things like meditate and contact my spirit guide but I am afraid of bad spirits. Only my mum knows about my abilities and she makes fun of them. Lately I have also had some horrid headaches whenever I try to relax or use my abilities. I need some help with handling my abilities, meditating, taking away evil spirits and finding my spirit guide. Please help me because it I would like to control it more.

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xxivaxx (3 stories) (40 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-26)
SEEing your visions mean you have complete control over your ability. Your mind going blank and remembering only bits of the vision mean you don't have enough control over it.

Note: From what I see, 'your powers' are no doubt compatiable with your body. The reason why you can't control it is because you are still growing and it is therefore unstable.
Psychic abilities that occur on Earth depend, solely, on the INNER spiritual density. Meaning, the energy vary depending on how you harvest it. My advice is that you should find the flaws that you may have done to your spirit and fix it.
The following advise can be discriminative, but I don't mean any offense whatsoever. So... Before you read on... Accept my apology!
Sozzy! <3

1. Don't FEEL frightened or emotionally unstable in any way. This activates unnecessary adrenaline that accelerates the powers.
2. You are not trying to dominate your powers. 'Dominating' is not 'Controlling', that is what I call abuse. Control is like shaping your powers to your specifications, but not demanding a lot out of it. You demanding that you want to SEE your visions is not helping. Notice how every time you start a vision your mind goes blank and the consciousness not working.
3. Work with it. On my last post, I sought that you should try to understand your powers. Your relationship with it is very important because what you do to it bounces back a percentage more to you.
4. Everybody have their own individual space, personality, life etc. Find out what condition is the best for your powers, not for yourself.

If all goes well for you, your powers will no doubt start to respond to you.
Get ready for the challenge!
X. Alyona. Iva
aloxela (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-25)
thanks for the advice. Often when I think I have my vision I stare of into space and my mind goes empty and I don't have any control over my mind. The thing I want improve is that I want to see my visions. When I regain control I sometimes find I remember words or pictures from when I stare off into space. Do you have any info on how SEE my visions. If so that would be great. Thank you. And don't worry about it being too long. Thanks xxivaxx for the fantastic advice. 😁
xxivaxx (3 stories) (40 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-23)
Do you mean, you want to be able to control your clairvoyant ability?

From my experience, when you see a vision, the image or clip usually occurs at the back of your head or behind your eyes. Atleast that's how I use my abilities.
If you want to control WHEN you see the vision, as a beginner, you've got to conduct the right emotions or evoke the conditions you were in when you usually see the visions.
Eg. If you feel a clenching in your chest when your visions start then try to evoke that feeling again.
The above is for anyone who have NO experience whatsoever in handling this.

While if you tried the above and you feel you would like to furthur initiate a tactic that would make it easier for you...
You have to understand how and why these visions occur. [and the answer is not because "you are meant to protect this world", or "god blessed me with them"]. There is usually a pattern that follows these visions; this is not due to the similarity the events have, and not the timing either. When I mean understand I mean there is some sort of formation that occurs in your mind when you have the vision. This creates affects either your visions are monotone or coloured, the scene change et cetera.

- and my note is getting too long again =.=
- if you've read the above, then you probably need to perfect it. Find a method that is most suitable and use it.
I close my eyes, concentrate on a matter and flick my attention to the back of my eyes to see the vision.
Good luck!
aloxela (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-23)
Im sorry but I think I didn't explain too well. I have learnt to control my powers to an extent. There are no more backfires and my abilities don't run as wild as they used to but I would like to try see my visions. Also wondering if anyone else has what I have or could teach me to see my visions. Thank you so much for your comments you guys! 😁 you've helped ALOT.
xxivaxx (3 stories) (40 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-20)
Assuming you have never conducted any control training, I would say if you continue to let your powers run free, you're going to feel... Uncomfortable about it. (I do not intent to insult or offend you) Trust me, I have the first-handed experience - My spiritual density is quite high, and so because of this I can get isolated by others, controlled by my powers, disturbed in sleep, and/or be paranoid at times. Mind, I'm not going crazy yet! So about around 2 years ago I started my control training by suppressing my powers, doing crystal/stone healing methods and basically taking over it, everything is now pretty cool
(excluding the December and January incident - see my story Isolation).

Right, enough about me.
I assumed that you have never done control training is because of your headaches, the backfires, strains that you go through when you use your abilities.
So... Here are some points and advices:
- Don't count on meditation unless you know how to use it as breathing in and out or "relaxing" your mind... Don't work.
- Ditch the idea of relaxing and/or using your powers according to your will. When something shouldn't be done, it would hurt you badly. I'm not saying you should ignore your powers, but you should take the time off of concentrating on your powers; I'm not saying you shouldn't relax either. Just don't think about your powers no matter how much you want to. That way, your body would be able to relax.
- * Good and Evil is only your perception. It doesn't exist.
- If possible, close off your third eye - the one that sees spirits. The only reason why they would bother you is due to the spiritual density or that you disturb them. If you ignore them, they won't bother you.
- To use your abilities safely (which is major if you don't want to get hurt or turn psycho), you have to learn how to conceal your powers. The easiest way to do it is to create mind barriers and seals; but since most don't know how to do this, you should do the opposite - free your mind.
Hahaha, soz about the cliche! But like what FrozenInnocence suggested, you have to accept your... Gift. Not the way you are doing at the moment since this is wrong. You are not trying to accept this mentally and continue to misuse your abilities, but you gotta accept this physically.
And you're going to ask me how...
- Take a moment and stop restraining. Find the heart of your power and release it by simply letting it shine. I don't know if this would hurt or not for you, it did so for me when I tried it though this is probably due to the aftermath of closing in too much. By doing this, you would be able to:
1. Know how much power you can contain
2. Understand it
Besides, this is the first steps to control your power! And I do hope you'll succeed
- Another way is to suppress it without using charms, spells, seals, barriers etc things by using ONLY your mental strength. Which is hard. I think you know what I mean so I won't elaborate as this comment is getting too long.

But in case you need extra help, email:
Ivaliu99 [at]
bubbaoh10 (5 stories) (19 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-18)
the whole thing about making things happen is really awesome... I can sorta do that... But only increase/decrease the chance of rain...

If you want to better handle it, find what makes things are more likely to happen the next day, and try to change it... Or concentrate on something really specfic... Like think of a symbol you don't see everyday... Like the infinity symbol (figure 8 on its side) and have the universe show you the symbol... Itll help yuou gain confidence/strength in your ability
FrozenInnocence (guest)
15 years ago (2009-06-18)
Wow. I'm nearly thirteen... I know how it feels to want to learn.
Try to meditate? Everyone always tells me to do it, I see no improvment. BUT, try it because it may work for someone with your abilities.
You are defiately psychic - Google or Yahoo! It and see what relates.
Try 'Types of Pyschic Abilites'... And look up what ones relate to you. It helped me quite a bit. I still have trouble accepting what I am, saying I'm a... Psychic.

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