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Trying To Grasp And Learn About My Gift


Im clairaudient and I've been my whole life, but I've just started excepting that it's a part of my life and that I can really help people with this. I mediate in many ways, and try to do lot of research trying to find answers on how to help improve this gift and what I can do to make it so that I'm better with this gift but as I read and try to follow the instructions, the noise gets louder and louder. I really am not sure where to go from here and I would really appreciate some guildance.

When I tell them I'm ready to learn more do I need to mediate on it or so I just simply tell them bc I have have two strong spirits that I find it easy to communicate back; with all the other I can just acknowledge they're there and tell if there male or female. Sometimes I can't even tell what their intentions are which makes me feel uneasy.

And how do I know which ones are my spirit guides. The only two people that are very very dominant are my boyfriends ex girlfriend and grandma. I encountered his ex girlfriend way before I met him actually & she is actually who drew me to him. And his grandma came through after I started dating. I also see a spirit that comes around him sometimes that's male but he doesn't speak and kind of wants me to mind my own business in a way like he has been doing his job for a while and he doesn't need any help. I'm not sure who he is or what his purpose is but I don't really get a bad feelimg off of him, I just feel weird that he comes off like he wants nothing to do with me.

I want to get the spirits attention so I can work on this more but I don't know how to do it the right way without doing something I'm going to regret later. I want to expand my levels of communication but I'm not sure where to start or how even. At this point I can receive their thoughts and feelings and not physically see them but sometimes inside I can tell bits and pieces of they're appearance and see places in some of they're memories.

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Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-04)

You don't really want to contact lower vibrational beings because that will just cause you trouble. So the first step on establishing communication is to have a proper protection so only being of the Light are allowed to get close to you. So if I were you I would call for your guide of the highest vibration to contact you. I have never heard about a recent deceased person being a spirit guide.

I hope this helps a little.

vergil117 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-27)
I'm learning new things about mine every day. Though sometimes I don't have as much control over my Empathy as I thought. Its difficult for me:/ I'm also a teen with these gifts.

As far as where to go from here, hmmm... You said you wanted to expand your communication? You have meditation down it looks like.

As far as knowing which ones are your spirit guides? Well, does your boyfriends ex and his grandma spend a lot of time with you? If so they might, though its possible since you're with your boyfriend she could be your spirit guide because of the previous connection. Are there any other spirits that you've seen around you personally?

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