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Akashic Records Meditation


Akashic Records Meditation.

As with all these meditations,

First find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit, where you won't be disturbed or interrupted, if you wish to burn incense (which focuses your intention to meditate) do so and if you have some ambient, tranquil music to play then I find this aids visualization. I use birdsong.

Turn off your telephones and close your eyes. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Concentrate on your breathing as much as possible.

You need to dedicate yourself in your imagination a "safe place" a place where you have always felt comfortable and one which you know very well. This can either be a comfy armchair in your lounge, a beach that you adore or a bench in the park. You need to have this place in your head to begin and end the meditation, this helps with your grounding at the start and upon your return from the journey.

This is detailed for reading out into a recorder so you can guide yourself, should you not be able to memorize the meditation.

(Start reading out here;)

Father Great Spirit, Help (us) me here to attain your assistance and guiding light as (we) I endeavor to still (our) my mind (s) and embark upon a journey of discovery of the light within me. I wish for your guiding hand and your strength to be able to step away from my everyday thoughts and discover that which I already know, with your ultimate patience and help. Thank you. (or amen)

Now relax... Take a deep breath in and feel it reach to the very tip of your head and the very soles of your feet, exhale slowly, concentrate on the imaginary breath emitting from your nose or mouth.

Breathe in again for the count of four, exhale to the count of eight...

Breathe in, count of four

Exhale, count of eight.

Feel your toes in your shoes relax, feel the heels of your feet and the soles of your feet relax.

Your calves, your knees and your thighs relax and go heavy.

Feel your hips sink into your chair and feel every vertebrae of your back go loose and unknotted.

Feel your shoulders ease from the pressures of the day and your neck muscles loosen... Relax.

Feel your arms, wrists and hands relax and breathe slowly. If any thoughts from your normal world creep into your brain set them aside gently but firmly telling them they will be dealt with later... As your head, brain and every follicle on your head relax.

Now, picture yourself in your safe place. What is there, who is there, is there anybody with you? From this your safe place you are going to rise now and walk across a gravel expanse...

Before you is a bridge, what does it look like, what is it made from, what colour is it, how big is it?

Step onto the bridge and watch as the crystal clear water tumbles past beneath you smell the earth being washed as the water forces through. The sky is blue above you and the sun is high in a cloudless sky. See below how the pebbles and stones are washed and shiny from the constant gushing of this effervescent river.

Climb the steps onto the bridge and pause. While you stand here on your bridge I want you to picture the roots of a tree appearing from the base of your spine and growing downward into the earth below. Now at your genital area, picture a bright red poppy blooming into flower. At your stomach a sunflower opens widely, then, in your chest feel a beautiful huge pink rose flourish and become perfect. A cornflower tickles your throat as it erupts into life.

And there is an iris between your eyes, indigo in colour and almost searching with its delicate display of petals. At the top of your head a white lotus flower opens proudly.

Now from your bridge you are going to walk to the left, along a path which you have never followed before. The river meanders along beside you and then the path bears inland to the right and starts to gradually climb. A wall begins to your right hand side and increases in size from one stone high as it begins, to as high as your head and wide enough on top to walk on. You recognize rough steps hewn into the stones just ahead of you, and you carefully climb up onto the top of this wide wall.

The wall is so wide that a grassy strip has grown down the centre of the structure, and it is along this that you now walk. The stones which make up the rest of the walls width are weathered, smooth and white and moss grows tightly sheltering between the crevices of each stone. There are tiny, beautiful coloured flowers growing amongst the moss, and butterflies are alighting softly on these.

The wall stretches on for some way ahead and at intervals a large step appears before you on the path as the wall increases its height. You maneuver these easily as you also climb steadily upwards. Another big step up and ten more strides, another big step up and walk on again noticing the fields spreading out now way beneath you. Here comes another step up, and another. You have the feeling of being at one with the sky now as you seem so high up, yet safe because of the width of the path and the wall.

Your wall path is coming to an end now and the stones remain underfoot but plateau out into a round expanse of what appears to be a courtyard. It is a huge area and the stones are laid as if in spokes radiating out from the centre of the courtyard and from beneath the huge tower which you can see there.

In the centre of this stone radial is a very, very tall tower, built of the same white, weathered stone as the wall upon which you came, but sparkling in the sunlight and with no traces of moss, fauna or impurities upon it at all. The tower rises seemingly never ending high up into the blue sky and you can't actually make out the top of it, indeed you cannot see its roof!

Walking around the tower you let your hands run gently across the stones and feel the smoothness of the stone which has been made this way by the infinite number of people who have done this exact same thing before you. Expecting cold hard motionless stone you are a little surprised when it feels different beneath your touch. Can you feel the vibration from the rock from which the tower is built, can you feel the motion it holds? Almost like the tower is alive, breathing, living somehow?

As you allow your hand to trail behind you along the wall of the tower feeling the life within this building through its stone you happen upon two great doors. You push both doors open easily, in fact it feels as though someone is opening them for you, and you walk in. You are stood within a vast chamber, look around you and remember how this looks. Are there doors, pictures on the walls, is it modern, hi tech or of an old fashioned, past world? The only thing that is the same in everybody's chamber is the giant see through bubble situated at the back of the room. This is the elevator and this is going to take you now up to the very, very top of this extraordinarily high tower.

Walk over to the bubble and through the waiting open door, step in. You close the door behind you and Sit down on a blue cushion upon an invisible seat indicated only by the apparently floating blue cushion. The elevator around you is a solid structure and made with what seems like reinforced glass, so you are quite safe and securely seated as the bubble smartly begins its ascent.

Sit and breath deeply now as you anticipate the arrival at the summit. The elevator is rising swiftly but don't be alarmed as you are protected by the entire cosmos into which you are speeding and are perfectly safe within your bubble. It is rising so quickly that whatever you are passing which is outside your bubble, is merely a blur.

When the bubble stops the door swings automatically open for you and you step out into what looks like the inside of a sphere. The walls are made of the same white stone as the tower and there are lots of other things to see here.

There is a tall table in the middle of the sphere and a wooden step in front of it, you climb up the step and find before you on the table, an open book. It is very large and heavy in appearance, but you don't need to lift this book or even turn its pages, because this book has been left open at this page especially for you.

In front of you on the pages of this open book is a story about a person and their whole life's events. Names, important dates, scenes and lessons which they learned are illustrated before you in every type of medium on these open pages. Here I will leave you whilst you discover all of this important data. Try and remember all the information which you feel is important and simply watch the story unfold before your eyes, as this book can and will tell an important story for you.

(Make a pause in the recording here)

NOTE from Lynne;

I won't type the retrace steps as I am sure at this stage you are able to visualize, or if you are still recording these meditations, remember the route back of which to speak. Remember to cross back over your bridge, closing your chakras down, and putting your cloak, blue on the outside and gold on the inside on tightly, tying the string around the waist and at the throat and locking the love and the light from above well in.


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Mich1 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-04)
I want to visit the Akashic Records but have absolutely zero experience in this sort of thing. Any advice on where to start?
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-03)
lost999- that's an interesting story of the mythology regarding the akashic records. Small particles of energy and matter store every action in the universe. For humankind this involves the recording of every thought, word and deed energy. So there is indeed a record it's just not in book form. My experiences have taught me that there is no satan or hell. After our consciousness (spirit) leaves our body we undergo a negative energy cleansing in the astral world (the one in between the physical realm and the spirit realm). We review the decisions we made in life and learn of their impact on other lives whether good or bad. We then perform works of atonement to neutralise the negative energy we created and once cleansed we pass on into the realm of the Divine Spirit. It is here that our spirit purification process continues and our spirits can evolve into perfected form (or angels if you wish). To gain access to the akashic storage one needs to study astral projection because it frees the consciousness from the physical body so it can mingle with the akashic recorded energies. It is a powerful tool and not for a beginner without the proper training.
My understanding of lightworkers is that they open channels to receive the healing energy of the Divine Spirit. This can include akashic/consciousness blending.

Love and Light
Imogena (1 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)

Thank you for this:) It should be a fun one to explore.

People, please remember that we are all in this together, and exploring something that is not an exact "science". If something doesn't ring true to your being, then leave it. But making digs at each other helps no one, it actually contributes to the collective negative energy.

In Service,
lost999 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)
revsilverson I love how you explain everything.

I want to ask one question about this akashic record and not about the meditation... I keep hearing for years about a book that is in heaven and this book is called the adashic record with the names of every one and very things that GOD created... And it contain information of there pass and future.

I also heard Satan name was in this book and one of the Angels was going true this book and the Angel see what Satan will turn out to be... All this time Satan was a hight ranking Angle so this lower ranking Angel called some more angels and told them what He or She just saw about Satan in the akashic records,

Then all these Angles went to Satan to ask him if this is true and Satan told them it's all a lie by Gabriel... Because Gabriel and the higher Angels have them worshiping a GOD they never saw.

Then these Angels depart and they keep very far from Satan.

OK! Is this the akashic record that the LIGHT WORKERS have?

I don't think anyone will tell me if they do.

revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)
relax. How funny. You attach arthurian legend to a living person using this "akashic meditatation." previous posts. Booklearning and experimation do NOT make you a power. Become usefull: if, indeed, you can.

Love and Light
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-27)
my meditation is different. But it is a little familiar with your meditation but I think we can also picture out other images symbols or things into our meditation. I am doing this because I want to have a relaxation and to wash away negative energies all over my body. Good day 😁
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-27)
Hi Rev,
Relax, you don't think I'd put anyone that high do you. It's a great practise for a lot of people in visualisation with an intent to increase a clairvoyant (clear seeing) ability.

I am personally not hung up on discovering about my past lives, purely on healing.

revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)
this is not akashic record meditation. This is guided meditation with a fun whorl. Who even told you this was guided meditation? I am relieved now because I thought you were being irresponsible to psychics at a lesser level. It worries what kind of damage you could do to someone if they actually had the Akashic record meditaion. It is not for the uninitiated. Please don't do this again without knowing what you are doing! Yikes!

Love and light
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)

Love and smiles, enjoy... Lynne (Linx) ❤ 😆

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