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Trance - Figuration 4


The morning after Trance - Figuration part 3 was posted on here, I had a very intriguing e mail... This e mail made me think and I realized I knew the answers all along!

The e mail read;

I know you don't know me, but I need to know you. In a way that I can't explain.

I came to psychic and medium experiences to try and gain some perspective on something that has been occurring for quite some time now and while reading "Trance-Figuration Part 3" my soul began screaming. I can't explain it any better, but the beginning of this post absolutely blew my mind.

I am nervous to post my stories on this site as of yet, and hoped that you may be able to give me some perspective. For as long as I can remember, I have just known. Something. After years of shaking things off as coincidence, I know that it is time that I gain control of myself and this is the first step on my journey.

Now, my question is in reference to this part in your post:

"I was in a house, in bed, and my five year old son was crying loudly some distance away. When I first tried to get out of bed to go to him - I couldn't move - This was because, I realized, I was physically trying to get up and out of my own bed, not the dream one.

Apart from the fact that I was too asleep to manage it, the amount of duvets we have on our bed in the winter was making the exercise too heavy, they seemed to be pinning me down!

I tried to call out to Casey (my son) and can remember my voice coming out distant and slow, "Ca...sey" With a concerted effort, I woke myself up.

I was back at that same stage of sleep again; There was what sounded like a ringing alarm going off somewhere, continuous ringing, I did manage to lift my head physically to check in reality whether it was a smoke alarm.

It wasn't, it was definitely in my ears!"

This exact thing is what brought me to this site today. This was the first post I looked at. This happens about every two or three weeks. I have been studying dream interpretation for some time and understand the literal and metaphorical aspects of most of the dream but what I can not get over is the paralyzing fear (this is different than the physical paralysis that occurs in sleep, I am fully awake in my dream, and know that I need to wake up, or that I'm terrified of something and that if I don't wake up, I literally feel like I might die) I scream for help, and I beg please. In some strange way (Is this even possible?) I can hear myself and feel myself trying to form the words. There is great pressure, on my body, but mainly on my chest, and I am awake in one complete sense, and I do mean, completely aware that I need to wake myself up somehow, but my body can't do it. I feel evil, a presence of something that I can not even begin to describe. Then there is the ringing, I can only describe it as a shrill scream, what I imagine a dog's whistle would sound like, and this sound is infectious, throughout my entire soul. I feel it pulsing still. In the midst of this shrill ringing, I am usually able to wake myself up, but the pressure in my chest is still so intense. I am also aware, that during the dream, I feel that I need to get to my five year old daughter, that she needs me. The weirdest thing is that usually, within a few hours of this dream I wake up to find her standing by my bed because of nightmares. My dream is more than a nightmare, I am physically threatened by something, or I am trying to understand something.

I come to you because I have obviously not studied this as I should, and the similarities of this experience have me reeling. It has begun to happen more and more often since I have begun paying attention to what I have always known (but shunned) to be some sort of psychic ability. I look forward to posting on the site, as I learn more about myself, but I really need help understanding this. I hope you may be able to shed some light.

I really need your help, for some reason, it's your help that I need. I don't know why.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I have changed names to respect anonymity.

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dashana07 (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-10)
first and most of all I will like to acknowledge god... It call out of body experience, you have them alot, I feel you are a christian woman or if not now you will soon, surround yourself with light in your mind before you go to sleep, and pray write be careful whom you be around to... Learn to ground yourself, don't be afriad no more worrying and stress make you dream too, I know I do the same thing that why I write this to you I ask you to find yourself I don't know why I say that but be happy and your children they will be okay as long as you are okay, you are a great mother but get yourself together so this gift can benefit you and your family god bless. Anymore question email me I would like to help

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