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Trance - Figuration 3


This occurred on Tuesday night after the Monday Trance session; see Trance - Figuration part 2. There are always lessons to be learned!

Going off to sleep took ages! I had been physically whacked and out of sorts all day.

Eventually I was at the stage where I had virtually entered sleep.

Still kind of half and half.

I have been practicing Edgar Cayce's methods of lucid dreaming, but was so tired that I didn't want to dream or remember them that night, so I had closed down my chakras (except my heart) and had blanketed myself in subconscious protection.


I was in a house, in bed, and my five year old son was crying loudly some distance away. When I first tried to get out of bed to go to him - I couldn't move - This was because, I realised, I was physically trying to get up and out of my own bed, not the dream one.

Apart from the fact that I was too asleep to manage it, the amount of duvets we have on our bed in the winter was making the exercise too heavy, they seemed to be pinning me down!

I tried to call out to Casey (my son) and can remember my voice coming out distant and slooow, "Ca...sey" With a concerted effort, I woke myself up.

I was back at that same stage of sleep again; There was what sounded like a ringing alarm going off somewhere, continuous ringing, I did manage to lift my head physically to check in reality whether it was a smoke alarm.

It wasn't, it was definitely in my ears!

That done. And I was upstairs in a big house. My physical mind was still aware enough to tell me that it wasn't mine.

The landing was white, open and clean. I tried to look over the banister rail and again realised (physically and in the dream) that there were too many duvets in the way!

I remember going down the stairs and I could hear a party going on behind me.

Ahead of me, where I was looking was a dark corridor leading to what I felt to be the front door.

Someone was coming along the passage way from the door towards me. The figure was coming out of the dark and for a moment I felt vulnerable and nervous.

I picked up my attitude (the, "yeah yeah - you don't scare me", one) and started to approach the advancing figure... It was my daughter and she was hustling past me to get to the exciting party going on within the other rooms of the house.

I continued on to the front door.

It was night time when I stepped out side. I crossed the road and with a wooded area on my left began to walk up the path. From behind me - (and again, physically at the same time.- You know when you experience an electrical storm, and after the flash the air around you is empty but charged and your face is hot... Well that!) but in the dream, as I said, behind me at the bottom of the road came three straight lines of blue lightning.

I remember consciously and sub consciously thinking and saying, "oh no, not again!" (as my lucid dreaming experiences have left me with a storm memory before,) anyway, at that exact moment an old beige Renault 18 drove up past me on the road, turned 180 degrees and parked outside some shops with its lights off and exhaust fumes pluming into the night air.

I was on the same side of the street as the car now, (I had apparently crossed the road again but have no recollection of this) and decided that, what with the lightning and the menacing approach of the vehicle that it probably best that I get out of there.

I turned around and tried to run. The hill that should now have been going down for me was going up! And I say "tried" to run, because I was not getting anywhere fast!

My legs felt like lead and I couldn't seem to be able to co ordinate any limbs properly.

As I was running away (slowly!), I turned my head to check what was happening behind me. As my head turned my feet kind of skipped round to join my head, so momentarily I was kind of running backwards up the hill, this was infinitely easier than running forwards and for a moment I was surprised by this fact, until...WHOOOOOOSH...

Although there was no pain I can only describe what happened as a feeling of being slammed in the stomach by a medicine ball travelling at the speed of a cannonball right into the middle of my stomach!

My legs splayed out in front of me and so too did my arms, as I was propelled backwards by this invisible force at great speed! I was flying! Albeit in a very strange position!

I managed to get my feet back to the floor and skipped around forwards again and continued to try and run normally. It was like running in quick sand, I was getting nowhere!

I looked behind me again to see if anyone was getting out of the Renault, my feet joined in the turning, skip... Hop...WHOOSH!

There I went again! No matter how fast I was traveling backwards, and when I did manage to get my feet down, facing the right way again, the house was getting no closer.

I didn't look back again, and I physically forced myself awake!

Before I dropped off again into what was a very deep, dreamless and surprisingly refreshing nights sleep, I closed down ALL of my chakras again very firmly and had a harsh word with them all! The following day I bought the BIGGEST piece of hematite I could lay my hands on!

I think I kind of know what happened but would like confirmation from someone experienced in Astral travel/ OBE as I am very green in this subject.

From tuning my clairvoyant ability on Monday night as it appears I did, I believe I have opened another "area" or "energy" within me.

As I was personally surprised by reaching this level of attunement, I had obviously not paid "it" correct heed, therefore had not been aware consciously enough to be able to CLOSE it properly afterwards. This I think would explain being tired all day Tuesday.

And leads me to believe that I think, therefore, "it" was trying to take advantage of me! Not in an evil or menacing way, just a mistake I made, so another learning curve.

I only speak of it as "taking advantage" because I don't WANT to astrally project! Although several of my mentors have urged me that I can, I don't want to! Lol!

Not yet anyway!

Was this the subtle beginnings of an OBE?

Your opinions are valuable.

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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-12)
Edmund, I don't know if you still visit this site, recently my readings have brought me back to investigating obe... Just an observation, the duvets don't indicate an obstacle, not a representation of an obstacle, the duvets are a physical explanation to a "half aware" brain of why my legs aren't moving... This is probably in fact a kind of sleep paralysis which I have learned is indicative of lucid / Obe dreams and experiences.

Just thought I'd drop by
Edmund (578 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)
academylin... Well like I said the books are different and some are way out there but a lot of it makes sense... Its how its done for that particular culture and knowledge is power... The books the girls wrote are awesome in their own right... Enjoy!
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)
And then I was lead to marijuana plants, tee hee hee! I don't do drugs, but have often said who needs to if they meditate?!
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)
Edmund, thankyou,
Ironically Casteneda died on my birthday!
Am reading as we speak.
Edmund (578 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)
academylin... The duvets are an obvious expression of an obstacle in your way... I got the feeling of a lack of energy to properly astral project and entering a lower dimension. Have you ever read any of Castaneda's works? There is a lot of tips in his writings on how to save and get energy to do what you want to do... Might be worth a look a lot of it is free on the net... Also some of his followers have books that are free on the net and are full of good tips also!

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