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Trance - Figuration 2


Hopefully you are familiar with the other story in this series, where we energised one of the women in our circle to heights inaccessible alone. This week is was everybody else's turn.

If you are familiar with meditation then you my be aware of the "states" which are achievable, beta, alpha, theta etc... If you don't know what I'm talking about, I will try and simplify it!

If you are in a deep meditation already, and you are able to refocus and concentrate again on your breathing, well every concentrated breath in can take you deeper, further into your altered state of consciousness. Let's call this going higher, rather than deeper, so when I use the terms "height, higher, up" in this story you will understand that I am not talking physically about going up a ladder, although this is remarkably how it feels!

Patricia sat down in front of us, as Heather had the week before, and she meditated to reach her high plateau, we then energised her up, higher.

Patricias' face began to change. Slowly she "plumped" out, fat almost! Her hair which is long and fair shrunk up into an old lady's style of pageboy and became black.

Since last week I had discovered that focusing my intent to use my third eye instead of physical eyes enhanced the image. So I closed my own eyes, inhaled and pushed up myself.

When I opened my eyes (eye?) to look at her again, I physically exclaimed in shock! And I immediately dropped down about a million stages from emitting the exclamation!


What I had seen had made me exclaim this utterance and, to me, Patricia had disappeared, she was stood out to her body's left and this lady with the black hair

(I heard the name Phyllis) was sitting in Patricias chair! I shouldn't have been alarmed (and I definitely wasn't scared) It is after all what my training will inevitably lead to, but I was just shocked that I had achieved this level of realisation! Needless to say, it took me focus and a lot of time to "get back up" my heart was racing and I could only stop the pounding to achieve meditative state slowly. By the time I could focus fuzzily on this women again Patricia was coming around and Phyllis had gone.

It was my turn. I am used to visualisation techniques when meditating, and this was one of the only times I have used my other posted procedure on "focusing" to achieve an empty head.

My climb was very slow, but at the off set I could feel my face being pulled tight. A bit like when there is a very strong wind. Soon I was as high up as I felt I could get, then a state of up liftment entered my head as the others energies propelled me higher. I could hear the others commenting on the fact that I was a young man, there was something apparently wrong with my nose. I merely had the inclination to smile, but my moth wouldn't work.

After some time my head turned involuntarily until it would appear I was "looking" up and left, in the top right of my black emptiness, which was my empty head was a shaft, a tunnel of white light. A complete cylinder stretching forever upwards, like being inside an illuminated a telescope.

I felt the spirit change as I experienced a huge wedge sensation pushing into the left side of my face, not painful, and a sensation I am used to as I have experienced this soul before. Then I was COMPLETELY over wrought with grief and I heard one of the energisers say that this other man/ spirit who had appeared had only half a face!

My own face seemed to twist into a mass of anguish, I could feel it, but it wasn't me, and my heart raced as I was aware that these weren't MY emotions. I found my breath and gently felt the need to descend I wasn't able to control his emotions terribly well!

As I said, I have encountered this spirit before and he is very well known to me, and he unfortunately passed in a traumatic, but peaceful way. He was quite the martyr and survived much longer than any man I knew could have or indeed should have with the disfiguration he had suffered. He survived albeit in a shadow of his former self for almost a year since his ailment caused the suffering and for that period we all prayed he would one day recover. I think I know this man well enough to say that his anguish which I felt was because he too wished that. But we all knew it was not meant to be.

It wasn't my grief, and I think that his passing was so recent that he is as unpractised as I, at controlling his own emotions as he makes a step through. It will after all be new to him also!

The other young man was my cousin, he died in a car wreck thus the lack of nose, he (or is it me) has only recently started to come in calmly, when I met up with him in the past he would crash into my head like a beat box on full volume. Somebody is getting the hang of this!

I guess we are all learning! And the process is eye opening!

Hope you enjoyed the experience.

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